Monday, 13 February 2012

Dieu et MON droit as a Free Man

Enter into any Court in the UK and you will see the Crown underneath which is the phrase 'Dieu et Mon Droit' or God is my right. Well this is a cruel parody for God is the basis of all rights of the Free Man in any civil society and not the purview of the Court. For the purposes of this posting you will need to set aside such questions as 'Does God exist?' as it deals with the basis upon which all Civil Society is based and whether you agree or not in any Christian society (or Muslim or Jewish etc.) the answer to that question is most emphatically yes! You will also need to suspend your disbelief in Astrology.

The bible is the Testament of God, it is his will by which all our inalienable rights are bestowed upon us.

The Old Testament contains ten laws given to us by Moses. Moses is the prophet of the Arien age. The New Testament given to us by Jesus, the prophet of the Piscean Age simplifies these laws to just two - Love thy God above all else and Love thy Neighbour as thyself.

The first of these is interesting in that hundreds of thousands of people have fought and died over the simple question of whether a Man can speak directly to God (Protestantism) or whether it requires the intercession of a Priest (Catholicism). Now I am a Catholic by choice but my personal beliefs are very Protestant on this point.

It is the second of Jesus' rules which is the basis of the Common Law - and it harm none do as you will.

Let's go back to the Declaration of Independence and one of the first points is 'All men are created equal' which logically extends to 'no man has the right to tell another what to do' there is no master/slave relationship. This again is tied to the Common Law - and it harm none do as you will.

'And are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights' These are the rights which have been provided to all men equally by God and which no Man can take from us.

'to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men' The sole role of government is to defend and protect our God-given rights.

You may have heard of 'the straw man', or 'the legal fiction' this is the body which is created by your parents and the government at your birth. It is a trust created for you the proof of this agreement is your birth certificate. Into this trust all your inalienable rights are placed by your parents, with you as the beneficiary and the government as the trustee of those rights.

The trick that government plays upon you is to assume the role of Beneficiary and/or Executor to a trust which in actual fact you are the Beneficiary of.

The beneficiary of a Trust is analagous to the shareholders of a company. The shareholders of a company are those which have made an investment (bought shares). It is the shareholders who appoint the directors and it is the directors who decide policy.

Courts operate on presumptions and when you first set foot in a Court the presumption is that the 'Crown' is the beneficiary and the 'Justice' is the executor. Should you fail to rebut this presumption then the presumption is allowed to stand. As the role of Beneficiary and Executor has been filled that only leaves you with the role of Trustee (or Employee) and as the employee you are liable to statutory law.

In actual fact the Trustees are the Government and their agents if you choose to rebut the presumption and assert this in the Court.

Just as the Catholic Church once sought to interpose themselves between you and God, the Court seeks to interpose itself between you and your God-given, inalienable rights.

The Servants (the clue is in the name Civil Servants) seek to become the master and should you fail to insist upon your rights then they will so become.

The sign on the Court wall 'Dieu et Mon Droit' should be considered an offer to contract to assume your God-given rights. The Court works on the presumption that you accept this offer. It is for you to refuse this offer and assert that God is YOUR right. For God alone has the right to judge us.

As we await the prophet of the Aquarian age it is interesting to note that Aquarius is astrological sign for the individual. Is it any coincidence that Libertarianism is on the rise in modern civil society?

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