Friday, 23 August 2019

Making Magic: Casting a Spell

So my experiment with the power of each of our consciousness' individual creativity has reached bizarre heights; I am going to manifest everything I set out to manifest, but the process through which the universe will manifest my intentions is crazier than I could ever have imagined.

The universe will never give you more than you can handle, and apparently I can handle an awful lot.

I now appear to be living in a reality far divorced from the reality which other people perceive; I made an appearance in the Magistrate's Court and witnessed the Magistrate aiding a Centenier to write a charge correctly, it was fascinating because the Magistrate was ensuring my innocence of the charge as laid as she went along. This is not something I have experienced before. As the Centenier left he was muttering that he could not understand how I could plead "Not Guilty"; when there was actually no other honest answer to the charge as it was laid.

I perceived the exercise of a will to power; government acting like a pack of hyenas to capture and bring down their prey.

Advising the Centenier that hyenas may kill prey animals but they run from lions, which is of course sage advice, appears to have caused some form of cognative dissonance. Were it my intent to do so, then it would have been cruel of me to so ensorcel him. But he is now so eager to prove me wrong, that I have elicited a succession of errors which I am now able to pounce upon.

Hyenas may run from lions, they may well lose their life should it come to blows, but that is not to say that hyenas cannot cause harm to lions, wounds which may take some time to heal.

There is nothing so terrifying to a government official as the question "Which Article of which Law gives you the authority to do this?" They generally act on presumption and they are generally wrong, they generally do not recognise the limits to their authority, because they generally have not bothered to find out what those limits are and thus inevitably they exceed those limits. There is something in the government mentality which makes them believe themselves to be infallible, which of course is the illusion governments like to portray and the Courts seek to reinforce. There is very little effort by comparison to prevent mistakes from occurring in the first place.

It was at this point that my focus started to shift to see the soul of the Magistrate, represented to me as a lion, and her words seemed emphasised at just the right point to be able to speak only to me, even amidst the discussions with the Centeniers as to how exactly the charge should be written. Communication on a soul level, on a level of perception beyond the mundane.

Now clearly I have no idea whether this was the Magistrate's intent, but that is how the information was communicated to me - on an irrational level. Information provided through irrational means is of course the highest form of communication. Information which I will therefore accept and work on the basis of, because in my experience this is the information which proves to be correct, no matter what your mind tells you.

Being aware to this extent; I know fully the consequences of my actions, places upon me a duty not to misuse this ability to cause harm, but it is so frustrating that others simply are not able to forsee the consequences of their actions (when those consequences are entirely forseeable to me). But fortunately this too is also very simple. One simply must base each decision in love. Love does not seek to assert authority, to reprimand or chastise. Love seeks to lead by example, to show compassion and acceptance.

I am of course aware than men of superior consciousness will inevitably become a target; I was struck as I sat in a Court filled with Scribes and Pharisees that the men we consider to have attained true enlightenment such as Jesus Christ and Socrates and even in more recent times Gandhi, all shared a similar end, which ultimately simply ensured their memory.