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Friday, 17 February 2012

Bailhache heads the 'I'm in De-Nile' party

Dead Men Do Vote
It seems that America may need to pay a little more attention to ensuring democracy in its own nation rather than trying to force it upon other nations... the 'irregularities' grow more pronounced with each contest.

In Iowa - Romney won, then, tied then lost and now we hear that 18 precincts votes were lost. In South Carolina it was dead people voting, in Florida it was non-US citizens, in Nevada the single live televised vote (representing 53% of the population) showed Ron Paul at 60% of the vote, whilst the official results held that Paul came in third with 18.8%. The official result shows that Paul increased his vote by just 1.5% whilst his votes have increased by 200% to 300% in the every other State. By the time the Maine results were FINALISED with just 85% of the counties reporting and many precincts reporting no votes cast at all, the US public was no longer buying that anything reported was the truth or that Ron Paul had not won, the second place by 190 votes just seemed to have been the point at which they stopped counting. Three State GOP chairmen have now resigned over the conduct of the elections and we are not yet 10 States in.

Doug Wead, senior adviser to Ron Paul explains the gap between what is being reported by the US media as 'wins' for Romney or Santorum will actually turn out to be wins for Paul at the end of the process.

Not everyone understands how Caucuses work. It is not just numbers, but strength of support, that counts, you have to do more than just show up and pick the nicest sounding name from the list.

It would be like giving everyone in Jersey their four votes and saying 'well you can pick four or you can give four votes to one person'.

So just what are the media reporting? Go to any website and they will confidently proclaim that Romney is winning (even though if Maine really did go to Paul he has not won since Florida), Santorum is second (even though he is the most frightening man in the race who gleefully praised the US for 'assassinating' one of its own citizens without trial), Gingrich in third (although he only won South Carolina) and Ron Paul stubbornly refusing to bow out.

This is just an attempt to convince you that what they say is true.

Money is at stake, big corporations which are given a competitive edge through government manipulation of the market (such as banks, the motor industry etc.) are pouring millions of freshly created government dollars back into ensuring that the that the machine which is printing these dollars is not turned off. These decaying giants who themselves are dead men walking have no choice, without the government they are lost. The only people losing out are the people themselves as their choice of candidate is written off at every turn by the media who report results that have not even occurred in an attempt to undermine credibility...

Let's look to Jersey - the JEP, an anachronism which totally depends on government 'advertising' to continue made it's election reports so biased that the people who ensure its funding, remain in government. The Construction industry which we actually have no need for will now receive funding to enable it to continue. More and more small trust companies are sent to the wall to allow the mega-trust companies to continue to grow because Jersey just cannot attract new business because it is over-regulated. Tourism continues to wilt on the vine because GST raises prices removing the last incentives for people to come to Jersey (such as VAT free jewellery). Retail collapses because taxes are so high that no one has any money to spend.

So what is the common root of all these problems? GOVERNMENT

It is simply not plausible to hold onto the past, things change or they die, there can be no sacred cows, no tradition than cannot be done away with, no business that cannot be allowed to fail, no government regulation that cannot be repealed, no person that cannot lose their job. That is REALITY.

There is a battle going on right now with Bailhache (£250,000 per year Civil Service pension plus £50,000 States salary and expenses) at the head of the I'M IN DE-NILE or I'M IN SEINE party and I guess I would be to if my £300,000 salary just for being 'important' was at stake.

So how do we bring the revolution to Jersey? I know I risk offending Stuart Syvret, Neil McMurray and Rico here but - It is not I fear by constantly harping on about 'corruption', 'child abuse', 'a coup against the ex-police chief'. We in Jersey are used to government failure, used to being lied to at elections, ignored when it is time to make decisions, treated like an ATM machine to pay for the latest passing fancy of some egotistical idiot. These ABUSES arise because people CHOOSE to be dependent on the government instead of assuming responsibility for themselves.

What Ron Paul has done is to provide a message that people believe in, from a person they can believe in and hope, that it does not have to be this way. We all know that the current regime is incompetent, we need to to have something we can make a positive choice for. I make no apology in stating that there is no preferable altenative available - many of the 'opposition' are offering me something far worse.

I don't want more benefits and privileges, fines and stautes (to be more greatly controlled) I want lower taxes and less regulation (more freedom and self-determination). Since no one is minded to give me that, I will have to go and reclaim it for myself.

The struggle is to enlighten the people of Jersey and make sure they know that they do have a CHOICE, because the government is not going to tell them this, they are doing very well out of the current deal. The choice is not whether to vote Gorst or Bailhache, that is a distraction, the choice is do I let someone else take responsibility for me or do I stand on my own two feet?

If you allow someone else to take responsibility for you, do not be surprised if they are more concerned with their own well being than yours. The current shenanigans in the US are just proof that the government is desperate to stop you realising that you have made the wrong choice in trusting the government.