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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Libertarianism in Law

There is a fundamental principle of Law which is also at the heart of Libertarianism, that of Subsidiarity.
Subsidiarity is an organizing principle that matters ought to be handled by the smallest, lowest or least centralized competent authority. Subsidiarity is, ideally or in principle, one of the features of federalism, where it asserts the rights of the parts over the whole.
We have seen the difficulties that result when responsibilities are moved from a lower level of Government (in our case the parishes), to a higher lever (in our case the ministerial departments), the disaster that is income support replaced the parish welfare system. We the people have suffered the additional cost and the quality of the service has declined substantially.

Our subsidiarity is protected under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The principle of subsidiarity was first formally developed in the encyclical Rerum Novarum of 1891 by Pope Leo XIII, as an attempt to articulate a middle course between laissez-faire capitalism on the one hand and the various forms of communism, which subordinate the individual to the state, on the other. The principle was further developed in Pope Pius XI's encyclical Quadragesimo Anno of 1931, and Economic Justice for All by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.
"It is a fundamental principle of social philosophy, fixed and unchangeable, that one should not withdraw from individuals and commit to the community what they can accomplish by their own enterprise and industry." (Pope Pius XI, Quadragesimo Anno, 79)
Subsidiarity is perhaps presently best known as a general principle of European Union law. According to this principle, the EU may only act (i.e. make laws) where action of individual countries is insufficient. The principle was established in the 1992 Treaty of Maastricht. However, at the local level it was already a key element of the European Charter of Local Self-Government, an instrument of the Council of Europe promulgated in 1985 (see Article 4, Paragraph 3 of the Charter) (which states that the exercise of public responsibilities should be de-centralised).

Subsidiarity was established in EU law by the Treaty of Maastricht, which was signed on 7 February 1992 and entered into force on 1 November 1993. The present formulation is contained in Article 5(3) of the Treaty on European Union (consolidated version following the Treaty of Lisbon, which entered into force on 1 December 2009):

Under the principle of subsidiarity, in areas which do not fall within its exclusive competence, the Union shall act only if and in so far as the objectives of the proposed action cannot be sufficiently achieved by the Member States, either at central level or at regional and local level, but can rather, by reason of the scale or effects of the proposed action, be better achieved at Union level.

It is therefore fitting that the Euro currency which is an attempt to move economic matters out of the hands of individual nations is now failing, as the EU decided to ignore this principle.

The Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution which asserts States rights and further, the rights of the people extends the principle of subsidiarity to the USA. In the United States the failure of the federalisation of education is currently a hot topic in political debates again higher costs and deteriorating standards have marked the shift in responsibility to the higher level of authority.

In Jersey we should be served well by any move to give the parishes more responsibility. Parishes are controlled by direct democracy and the finances can be voted on line by line at the annual Rates Assembly.

Monday, 27 February 2012

A Free Man's first outing

I trust everyone has been following the efforts of Cyril and Ian on the matter of the Straw Man. As they advise there you have to be very careful when using it and make sure you do not fall for any of their tricks (as I did, but I shall go into that later).

I thought I would try putting the free man ideas in practice in a manner which allowed for me to make mistakes with no risk to myself and a parking fine is relatively harmless.

So I duly turned up for Court, that was my first mistake. It became abundantly apparent over the course of the hearing that the best way to deal with these parking fines is simply to return the 'Summons' and forget about it, at various stages when people did not turn up the Magistrate always asked if the Summons was returned. I shall remember this for the future.

When my name was called I stood up and said 'I appear as the authorised representative of Mr Pearce', to which the Magistrate replied, 'well we need Mr Pearce, himself'.

I then pointed out that Mr Pearce did not exist and was simply a legal fiction and that I was the only authorised representative of Mr. Pearce. The Magistrate decided to enter a not guilty plea and convene a trial. A brief discussion as to whether a plea could be entered prior to full disclosure ensued, which it cannot. I then turned to walk out of the Court at which point the Magistrate said 'Mr. Pearce do you have any recording devices?' Foolishly I answered, 'No' instead of simply leaving.

This is where I divert from Cyril and Ian, my main concern was to ensure that any judgement would be written. Until they write something down it cannot be called into question.

I will be found Not Guilty, although I shall not disclose the undeniable defense here, but in the interim a Court file will now need to be opened into which I can add an Affidavit. Everything that went on in Court today will not be recorded for the trial, unless I add this Affidavit to the file.

The Magistrate in failing to follow due process has contravened my Human Rights and those of Mr. Pearce and has contravened Natural Justice.

The game is afoot.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

New Study Analyses The World's Water Consumption

In view of Jersey's ongoing water shortages it was interesting to read an article on the ongoing problem of water shortages around the globe.

The study, by Dutch researchers was published this week in the journal "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences". The study calculates the water footprint of each country from the perspective of consumption and production, based on information collected between 1996 and 2005.

The study, from the University of Twente, analyzes the water footprint of all countries from the perspective of consumption and production.

This research is one of the first papers that analyzes the availability and use of water resources from a global perspective and international levels. So far these issues have been studied from a local or national view and may help better manage our limited water resources. This study calculates the water footprint of each nation, a measure that estimates the total volume of water consumed by man to produce goods and services.

Just three countries consume 38% of available water resources on the planet between them; China, India and the U.S. Consumption by these three countries amounts to 38% of total global water resources.

The authors conclude that the water footprint of a country is determined mainly by the different types of products consumed and the water footprint of those products.  92% of water goes to agriculture, with cereals, meat and milk production requiring the largest share of water. 27% ​​of the total water used in the cultivation of food was used to cultivate cereals, 22% in meat production and 7% to produce milk. 
They also measured the water footprint per capita. Although China and India are countries with a high total water footprint, spending per capita is lower than some other countries. In the case of Spain, each person uses an average of 2,461 cubic meters per year. In the U.S., a country with 289 million every citizen consumes each year 2,842 cubic meters. In India per capita consumption is 1,089 cubic meters while a Chinese citizen uses just cubic 1,071 meters.
The study identifies three components in the water footprint: blue, green and grey. The blue component refers to the consumption of water available on Earth's surface. The green, the consumption of water from the rain, which is particularly relevant in the production of crops. Finally, the grey trace is an indicator of water pollution. According to this study, China generates the most contaminated water.

The study also notes that during the period 1996-2005, approximately one fifth of the total water footprint is not related to domestic consumption but for export, which shows the importance of addressing the management of water resources from a global perspective .
Although at present the water footprint of China is largely domestic, rapid development and increased water consumption, suggest that it is likely that more and more dependent on external water resources.

The authors of this study say it is crucial that countries where water is scarce recognize the dependence on external sources and make their plans accordingly.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Western financial and monetary system cannot be fixed

Listen to the empty words of the last bailout for Greece. Credibility was lost back on the third bailout, well over a year ago, out of the six bailouts in total. Perhaps it is seven comprehensive final bailouts. The pattern is clear. 
The price of gold and silver is set to rise
Expect Price inflation as the realisation dawns
The Western monetary and financial systems are broken

The politicians, without popular support, forge agreements on debt coverage with the Greek officials, but without critical banker support. The political leaders in France (Sarkozy) and Germany (Merkel) are due to lose their offices, yet they continue to attend summits and cut vacant deals. The people are not willing in Germany to hand over any more than the $3 trillion in savings to date, from the start of the common Euro currency experiment.

What is unfolding is a comprehensive Greek Govt debt default from the inability to contain the situation, the impracticality of the austerity budgets put in place, the wreckage that has come to the Greek Economy, and the intractable solution. Almost every bailout has been of bank assets in some sort of redemption, not budget assistance.

The owners of the US Federal Reserve and European Central Bank must be very angry to accumulate such a mountain of toxic paper. The bailouts would end when the riots amplify. They have amplified. Conclusion: prepare for debt default in Greece.

A great comment came out of the World Economic Forum in Davos. Economics Nobel Winner Joseph Stiglitz declared that the entire gathering was filled with platitudes on growth without any sense of what needs to be done, no sense of who owes what to whom, no concept of the risks of a Greek default.

No solution exists for Greece without liquidation of their debt, its restructure with huge writedowns if not total wipeout loss, a return to the Drachma currency, recapitalization of their banks, and a hands off to carpetbaggers. Almost none of these measures will be done, except blockage of the foreigners intending to exploit.

Talk is clear about a 70% bond haircut, which does not seem enough even though of brutal magnitude. The biggest practical impediments to the Greek Economy are the austerity plan and the absent ability to devalue the currency.

Every single austerity plan to date has been a failure, in every nation attempted. They result in worse economic slowdowns, greater job loss, broad cancelation of projects, reduced pension security, and much wider deficits. Yet they continue in a grand procession of ruin. One must wonder if ruin is the goal, even confiscation of assets including central bank gold, so that another technocrat can be put in power.

BIG BANK LOSSES: The big banks in Europe face staggering losses. Reality has entered the room, as a 70% write-down figure has been proposed on current bailout deals. The big banks are already reeling from credit portfolios damaged by property like home mortgage and commercial mortgage. They are hurt by sovereign debt generally, not just from Greece. The Italian and Spanish Govt debt losses will much bigger next. The Greek losses will strain the system to the hilt.

CONTAGION TO BANKS OUTSIDE EUROPE: The interwoven nature of Western banking does not add to its strength, but rather exposes its weakness. The London banks and New York banks are exposed. The big banks outside Europe are at great risk, just like those throughout the Continent. The Greek losses will strain the system to the hilt.

EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK: Like the US Federal Reserve, these two central banks have served as the buyer of last resort for toxic bonds that both nobody wants and have nearly worthless value. The stability returned in the bond market after the Draghi ECB reluctantly bought a truck load of Italian and Spanish bonds, but at the high cost of further wrecking the EuroCB balance sheet. The Greek losses will strain the system to the hilt.

CREDIT DEFAULT SWAPS: The unregulated bond insurance market is even more corrupt than the mortgage market. Some fine analysts like Chris Whalen stated two and three years ago that without the derivative trade, the US banks would have keeled over dead long ago. They took in huge fees on contracts whose legitimacy and effectiveness are unclear. The ISDA has issued rulings on bond debt default that seem subservient to the current power structure, blocking insurance payouts. Like the SEC and CFTC, the ISDA is loaded with bankers from the everpresent Wall Street revolving door. The interwoven nature of Western bank exposure to CDSwaps does not add to its strength, but rather exposes its weakness. The Greek losses will strain the system to the hilt.

EXPOSURE OF PROFOUND FRAUD: The strain from any imposed default skein will expose the derivative market. The cast of counter-parties is too diverse. The obligations are too unclear. The nature of the contracts is too untested. The enforcement by the ISDA rulings are too flawed. Like with the mortgage sector, liquidations would reveal more fraud than the power center wishes. The system's foundation of integrity is burning. The Greek losses will strain the system to the hilt.

RECAPITALISE DOMESTIC BANKING: The banking system has operated in the Western nations amidst deep insolvency for three years or more. It will grow an order of magnitude worse. The need to rebuild the banking system will be an obvious and very painful realization, but the volume will result in shock. The sputtering big banks serve as the core for the domestic credit engines, the machinery to pump credit into the many businesses. Several $trillion will be needed to recapitalize the banking systems, not just a few banks. The Greek losses will strain the system to the hilt.

ECONOMICS SUFFER FROM AUSTERITY: The impact of every austerity plan is to put in place what appears to be a more rigid spending process. But the dependence of the domestic economies is so great upon the public sector for jobs and projects and grants and subsidies, that the damage is instant and deep. No austerity budget plan has resulted in improved finances in the first two years of emplacement. None! The economists seem blind to the effect. The Greek losses will strain the system to the hilt.

AMPLIFIED INFLATION RISK: All solutions proposed involve the disposition of new money, either from outright printing without backing or from grander fiscal deficits. The austerity plans result in worse deficits, thus worse pressure on inflation. Any banking system recapitalization would be the crown jewel of monetary inflation. Imagine the effect of $1 trillion or $2 trillion in recapped banks, only to find they require a third $trillion several months later. The inflation impact has been prevented, as the staggering hyper monetary inflation has yet to spill over into Main Streets across the nation. Look for the bank recapitalization project, if it occurs, to force a profound price inflation impact on the USEconomy in force. The Greek losses will strain the system to the hilt.

INTEREST RATE SWAP RISK: If price inflation rises in unexpected fashion, the pressure put on the USTreasury Bond market will be greater than any time in the last ten years. So far, the abuse of the Interest Rate Swap contract has provided outsized leverage in keeping down the USTBond yields generally, by creating artificial bond demand. Hardly has it been a flight to safety within the confines of a USTBond asset bubble supported by inflation machinery. However, the Greek Govt debt unraveling could place tremendous strain on the IRSwap device, even to expose it during a time of increased foreign creditor isolation. The Greek losses will strain the system to the hilt.

UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE RISK: The last risk to cite is the risk of the unknown, the unexpected, that which cannot be properly planned. The potential unintended outcomes and pressures emanating from a comprehensive planned Greek Govt debt default defy description. In my view, it is like herding 100 cats freed from bondage on a truck in an open field. The attempt at solution via controlled demolition will be subject to unforeseen consequences.

The battle has been waged in the 1750 to 1800 price corridor for almost a full month. It is critically important. As a solution is worked out in Greece, or the absence of one with another in a series of grand missteps, watch the Gold price cast a vote. The zinger is the recapitalization of the banking system, an urgent need and requirement. For over three years, the monetary inflation leakover has been contained, to but the levies and barriers could easily be overrun. The anticipation of systemic price inflation could be seen this week in the Gold price, or else a brotherly response in sympathy to the rising crude oil price. Expect a strange favorable cloud to hover over the Gold market, as recognition that the Western financial and monetary system cannot be fixed. The Gold price could explode past $2000 per ounce very soon, the painful consequence to the illusion of solution, or realization that no solution exists at all.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Lessons for Jersey from the US electoral process

With apologies to Tom Gruchy, but it has taken a while to condense the lessons from the US political process into a legitimate idea for the future of Jersey politics.

On the 280th anniversary of George Washington's birth the final four met to debate the issues. A lot of speculation has arisen as to whether Mitt Romney will have Ron Paul as VP (or perhaps his son Kentucky Senator Rand Paul).

Even the Guardian which has ignored Paul's presence to date is now looking at the candidate with fresh eyes and recognising that his campaign may be delivering results whilst not always getting headlines.

But what was more interesting for me was the way that all four candidates were drawing together on policy and it seems to me that behind the scenes the Republican Party is drawing up its manifesto: (converted into Jersey English)
  • Return welfare from the federal government to the States (return welfare from the States to the Parishes)
  • Balance the budget and work to pay down the debt (this is a foreign concept to Jersey)
  • Ensure that government workers do not get paid more than private sector employees (this is a foreign concept to Jersey)
  • Repeal all the civil service laws and introduce modern management techniques (this is treason in Jersey)
  • Return as much responsibility from the federal government to the individual states as possible and from them to the people (this is treason in Jersey)
The Full Debate (1hr 45mins)

I would be voting Republican based on this debate. You have to say that that is pretty much Paul's platform, even if they are still dead set on war in the Middle East.

A significant proportion of this debate was focused on attacking the stance of Barack Obama. As we close in on Super Tuesday with 14 states voting in a ten day period starting on Tuesday with Michigan and Arizona, the race is starting to sharpen in focus.

There is something to be said for an election to decide the opposition, not just the people but the policies, and it is something that those who would seek to change the direction of Government in Jersey might do well to consider in 2014.

If a series of Parish caucuses, took place in advance of the nominations, all those who would seek to change the direction of the Government could come together. Through the process, a unified message could be derived, which could then be extolled by the candidates selected by that process. A proper election could then ensue with a legitimate choice between the agents of government (Bailhache, Ozouf etc.) and the agents of the people, selected by the people. 
  • It would provide valuable public speaking opportunities to potential candidates
  • Give additional exposure to those who are not widely known, particularly if we received the support of the BBC, etc.
  • It would set an agenda for the election which was chosen by the people and not by the government.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Constitution (of the States) ignites Libertarianism in Jersey

A little bit of Libertarianism in action?
Will the people of Jersey take the power back?
Will their representatives represent them?
When I was approached and asked to add my name to a request to raise a raquet, requesting the Constable of St Helier call a parish assembly to debate the latest twist in the desperate attempts of the government to continue to rule in the absence of any tangible consent I felt it was important to offer the chance for those people who wish to be heard to speak.

There has already been a St Clement debate on the matter which has heaped pressure on the Constable and his Deputies to represent their parishioners' voice.

St Helier has always been under-represented in the States, but as a voting block there are eleven votes out of the total of 51.

The assembly will take place on Wednesday the 29th February at 7.30pm at the Town Hall and will be open to all registered voters and all ratepayers of the Parish.

I would be delighted if it were to become a common practice for the parishioners to call the Constable and Deputies to a meeting and decide how they should vote, in an open and democratic matter, seems preferable to leaving it up to the conscience of the individual States Members, who are unlikely to have put much effort into gaining the feelings of the people they are dependent on for re-election. In fact if I recall correctly, someone suggested that process, or something very similar, whilst standing as a candidate at the last election.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Does ANYONE believe anything the Government says anymore?

After reading Stuart Syvret's blog 'Jersey Government Willing To Lie' I felt compelled to ask the question does anyone believe anything that the government tells them?
The Ron Paul of Jersey

Let's start with Stuart himself, a politician of many years who conducted himself with absolute honesty and integrity, a politician for whom being ideologically consistent was more important than playing the game, a politician who in 2011 took the risk of running for Senator, when he could have walked into any Deputy's seat in any district in St Helier and probably some districts in St Brelade, St Saviour or St Clement. He still could and I expect that he will in 2014.

Over the course of my blogging I would hope that my admiration for politicians of Stuart's calibre is crystal clear. He fits into the Ron Paul and Nigel Farage mould and comparisons to Mandela and Gandhi are NOT erroneous, he has shown what Durkheim extolled as the ideal virtues of a politician. One for whom making a stand on important issues outweighs the personal consequences. Too many of our politicians are solely concerned with their own re-election or in ensuring that the 'right' deals are allowed to proceed for their friends and business partners.

On the 22nd February by comparison Philip Ozouf announced that there would be no tax increases for the next three years. Do you believe him? Well read into what he says -

They will be 'introducing user-pays charges for some services', now I cannot see what the difference is between a user pays charge and a tax. For example, the planning process applies fees to applications by the applicant, but it is not the applicant that uses the process. It is all the people who oppose the application who actually use the service so why do they not have to pay a charge? This user pays idea is dangerous because it is also counted as a 'decrease in expenditure'. The Court service for example 'cut expenditure' by 10% by increasing all the Court fees whilst still spending the same amount of money (and in fact actually spent more).

They will be 'borrowing money to invest in housing projects', now again to me that simply seems to be deferring the cost to the taxpayer with the additional cost of paying interest on the loan. 

What happened to all the proud claims that Jersey does not have any government debt? Well, apparently we are going to have very soon. The government has some very major debts which it obscures, not least my pension. I am 40 now and the pot will be empty in 2030 when I will be only 58.

It is said that only the over 65's vote in Jersey which is largely true, the younger generation need to be made aware of the theft that is going on right now. They are already being bought into the bottom of a pyramid scheme for which the money is already all gone (Social Security) but now there futures are being mortgaged so the government can 'invest'.

The government was supposed to 'invest' the Social Security fund to provide for our future and yet not once have they invested in the only asset worth holding for the past decade GOLD.

There are two things that governments simply cannot do; invest wisely or operate efficiently. Governments are solely concerned with one thing; increasing the size of government whether it is in terms of intruding on the private lives of its citizens, increasing their budgets or increasing their head counts.

Ozouf is left-wing and so is Stuart Syvret, but Stuart will always get my vote because he is honest about what he is trying to achieve and the one thing we are short of is people who can conduct themselves as a politician should, with honesty, integrity and with no thought to the personal consequences of their actions. Only by taking on the wishes of the people as their own can anyone ever effectively represent the people. I would suggest to you that Stuart is a representative you can trust and believe in.

Monday, 20 February 2012

The High Cost of 0% Interest Rates

The interminable extension by the US Federal Reserve on the 0% rate into 2014 represents history in the making. It is the adoption of pure heresy in monetary policy, making it mainstream. Worse, it forces foreign central banks to adopt the same destructive policy in the Competing Currency War.

Once upon a time, the highest priests from the central bank would admit in a guiding tone that accommodation on interest rates must be temporary. Nowadays it is engrained in the market mindset and permanent in monetary policy. The chronic 0% means the entire financial and monetary system is totally irreparably broken. The old pendulum where the tilt was toward bonds during recession, then toward stocks during recovery, that is all gone, shattered by the endless financial crisis. One must incorporate a new thinking, that the entire financial and monetary system is totally irreparably broken, then adapt in fierce defense. 

Larry Fink of Blackrock private equity firm made news today by suggesting that 0% bond yields offer no return on investment. How true! He did not offer any accurate reflection of reality that the financial structures are broken, nor that all attempts at remedy were flimsy and misdirected. He gave the ALL IN signal for buying stocks in 2012, thus putting on the risk trade. The immediate ancillary signal is to back up the truck and load up with GOLD also.

Many are the messages behind the 0%. Other nations have been criticized for its adoption. But when the United States is the adoptive parent custodian, it is supposedly all good. So Orwell lives, and the ghost of Goebbels floats. 

Stimulus is a ruse, as destruction of working capital is the constant refrain in a tragic opera. The unintended consequences abound, but mostly not perceived or comprehended well. Few even in the financial community are aware of the powerful leverage mechanisms that enforce the artificially low interest rate. Introduce the Interest Rate Swap contract, whose devices were deployed to the tune of $8 trillion worth in the early months of 2011. The public was told the USGovt debt downgrade at the hands of Standard & Poors was contradicted. Nonsense!! 

The Interest Rate Swap went to work overtime, and the S&P executives were forced out of their leather chairs and marbled offices for their insolence. While Europe is embroiled in austerity, the United States is besieged by central bank apologies for failure disguised less and less with each passing month and each dismissed speech.

The solution is Gold & Silver investments, as all things paper will lose value either from erosion or theft in fraud. The MFGlobal case is far from finished. We have seen this Madoff movie before, but few recognize its sequel starring Jon Corzine and similar supporting cast. The transfers of money immediately before the MFG bust indicates up to $108 billion of money might have been stolen, not $1.2 billion or even $600 million. The Madoff losses are also triple the official $50 billion figure. 

The crime scene looks like a parallel. The protection is Gold & Silver, and certainly not with futures contracts spewed or tethered from the tainted COMEX arena. The next wave will feature the Gold investors painted as financial terrorists. Refer to the New York Times article with FBI contributors. This is highly disturbing to anyone who holds the Constitution in hallowed terms.

The 0% official Fed Funds rate has been almost three full years in entrenched policy, when originally promised as temporary. No exit strategy here. Greenspan once stated that it should never be held fixed so low for more than six to nine months. He implied the system would be broken otherwise, subjected to pressures that would distort the valuation mechanisms beyond repair. My view is that extending 0% as monetary policy into year 2014, five years of accommodation, is a gross admission of failure. Bernanke constantly apologizes for stimulus having failed, for an economy unable to recover. The main effect of 0% policy is sustenance of the surprising weakness, draining capital from the system, and improperly pricing the debt which is at high risk.

The reality is that the USEconomy is stuck in harsh deep recession of minus 3% to minus 5% GDP. The reality is that the USGovt debt burden is stuck in fast escalation at well over $1 trillion annually, while demand for the debt securities is vanishing. What remains is the Quantitative Easing, a bizarre term to give respect to abject monetary hyper inflation by any other name. The heavy hidden reliance upon monetary inflation devices has become a fixture in the financial landscape. Its marquee banner reads failure.

United States is vulnerable to much worse criticism than Japan. For many years, the cracks and criticism, laced with disrespect, have been lodged at Japan for their lost decade. The US on the other hand, had a Stolen Decade of Prosperity in 1990. Harken back to the pilfered Fort Knox gold treasure, the absent inspections from independent audits, the vacating of the fort and its replacement with nerve gas, long after the futures contracts and 0% gold lease rate was installed that enabled a few $trillion in illicit Wall Street profits, tucked away in untouchable offshore accounts. 

The Japanese demonstrated how the 0% rate is permanent, the Zero Interest Rate Policy fixed once installed. They still have it. The little powerhouse in Asia cannot move out of the zero percent corner. They have advantages like trade export surplus, a vast industrial sector, and nationalist mindset that abhors outsourcing. Ironically, the 0% rate was enforced in Japan by mandatory postal union pension support of government bonds, and other pension systems directed toward government bonds. In the United States, the dependence has been on hidden usage of the printing press, secretive QE programs with deceptive cloud cover like Operation Twist. The USGovt will soon resort to forcible investment of pension funds and possibly bank certificates of deposit.

So the Japanese resorted to political pressure offset by industrial strength. The US resorted to the machinery of the monetary press exclusively, during endless empty chatter about job growth and business creation, with little knowledge of how to accomplish either. While Japan had 0% stuck as policy with trade surplus, the US has 0% stuck with QE hyper monetary inflation dependence under the dark specter of monstrous annual deficits that tack on an extra $1.3 to $1.5 trillion each year. 

The American powerhouse, exaggerated in size due to hedonics, imputations, and debt paper shuffling, overridden by numerous $trillion frauds committed with impunity, also cannot move of the zero percent corner. Japan had no added weight from war costs. So the US debt burden is much greater, owing to the export of freedom and Orwellian principles on truth, coupled with fascist principles on aggression.

That 0% rate called stimulus is like calling bank aid a grand assist to the homeowners. It is like calling mortgage contracts protective of individual rights. It is like calling the Fannie Mae nationalization an exercise to continue the American Homeowner dream. It is like calling NAFTA the bond in worker alliances. It is like calling the Chinese low cost solution good for the cost structure and American consumer. It is like more of the parade of propaganda deceptions and lies, like Green Shoots of USEconomic expansion, Exit Strategy from 0%, and delayed QE3.

The constant in US political economics is unspeakable deception and colossal ruin amidst chapters of mammoth frauds. The only stimulus from 0% is the continued leaning toward more Wall Street jobs and not factory jobs. Businesses struggle with oppressive federal regulations, poor domestic demand, rising costs, and a pool of unqualified potential workers. They borrow less and less as the months and quarters pass. 

Despite the favored leaning toward speculation in the financial sector, even investment banks are shedding jobs by the thousands. The nation has lost the concept of capitalism, business formation, capital creation, during a grotesque economic deterioration process in full bore swing. Laws are more directed toward confiscating wealth and forcibly sharing it than creating it, that is when not focused on efforts to censor information.

The fixture of 0% as monetary policy carries with it an admission that money is worthless. No directive by the flailing discredited US central bank could say it better. Money has no cost because it is not worth anything, being paper in basis and backed by no collateral. The deep storage gold does not count on the USDept Treasury balance sheets, a thin fig leaf to cover the absent genitalia of the once sturdy Uncle Sam. The 0% policy serves as a monkey wrench in the machinery. See the bank owned housing that cannot exit inventory status, encouraged by sub-4% mortgage rates. Imagine ultra-low mortgage rates that cannot bring about either clearance of inventory or a market recovery. 

The latest travesty is the upcoming dissolution of Fannie Mae itself. What miracle they might conjure up to make its rotten ramparts and acidic paper and corrupt core go away. Fannie will be buried at sea (of liquidity).

The cast of economists cannot comprehend the heavy cost of 0% in the widespread systematic destruction of capital. Take the small company whose costs are rising. It must close down the marginal elements of the business, and turn off the equipment, lay off the workers. The costs rise from the rising price of commodities, from metals to energy to lumber to cement, even executive lunches. The material costs rise from basic hyper monetary inflation, the ugly side to the unilateral USFed paper factory output. Business equipment, from computers to communications to widget makers to packaging devices, they are slowly turned off and retired. 

The essence of retired capital and its broad capital destruction is a foreign concept to economists. They still believe the USEconomy will enjoy the benefits of continued 0% stimulus. How wrong, how backwards, how tragic!! The 0% policy destroys capital and furthers the deterioration process. The gains to US exports are a drop in the bucket. The outsourcing continues apace, even with the dynamos Cisco Systems and General Electric.

A repeated message since so important. Focus on suppressed long-term interest rates and their damaging consequences. The US leaders boast of benefits from ultra-low interest rates. They believe that Americans are better off than the Europeans who are in shock from rising rates, a flash of reality during a debt crisis. 

Take the time to review some powerful consequences of interest rates kept low for years, in violation of permission to rise at least to the prevailing price inflation rate. Suppressing the 10-year bond yield has dire consequences. Some but not all of them appear unintended. The power centers want unlimited easy money for sure. But in doing so, they permit some horrendous developments like feeding a cancer.
Savers are given nothing in interest yield, slowing the economy with asset erosion
Banks are encouraged to continue holding their home inventory, which makes impossible any housing market clearance and recovery
Big banks will continue their USTreasury Bond carry trade schemes to replenish capital instead of business capital formation in partnership with the business sector
Investment banks are encouraged to continue their speculation and machinations, rather than to invest in factories, plant and equipment which would produce jobs
The USFed further expansion of its balance sheet to buy toxic assets instead of serving as a foster agent to the banking intermediary system
The USGovt is not discouraged from deficit reduction, since it believes it has unlimited time for remedy, thus assuring massive inflation, debt default, and systemic failure
The free money helps to conceal in vast turnover the toxic paper held under the USGovt roof, as in Fannie Mae, and other fraudulent mills such as MFGlobal lookalikes in the sovereign debt securities and their related derivatives.

The Europeans are dealing with austerity measures in government budgets. The sovereign debt securities remain a constant problem, although in recent weeks the bond yields have come down to manageable levels, like below 6% in Italy and Spain. Few economists and bank analysts seems to realize that austerity plans put in place result in lower economic activity, more job cuts, fewer large scale projects, and thus higher deficits down the road. The austerity plans are Poison Pills, one and all, designed perhaps to enable installation of unelected Goldman Sachs technocrats in prime minister posts. The Greek situation is testimony, as budget cuts and massive amputations have resulted in worse fiscal deficits. So bring on more of the same!!

The plague in the United States is of an opposite type. The budgets are unrestrained, notwithstanding the endless chatter in the USCongress and White House. War cost cuts will be resisted, my ongoing call. The Super Committee was a gross failure in full view, an aborted maneuver to install a Politburo but with a cleaner nameplate. The US financial theater does not urgently call on budget reduction, or eradication of waste, or fewer foreign embassies and air bases, or related prudence and discipline, in order to win creditor approval and to maintain integrity. The integrity is all lost while foreign creditors have jumped ship.

Instead, the urgent calls within the hollowed (not hallowed) Untied States are for continued 0% policy in order to make the mammoth gargantuan debts and fraudulent toxic paper coverup more cost-free. What incredible opposites exist in Europe and the North America!! The US controls the global reserve currency, having turned its printing press into a well-oiled national shrine.

Back in 2003, the gold community made it well-known that the negative real rate of interest was the underlying jet asset kick starter ignition system for the Gold bull market. Take the baseline interest rate, subtract the baseline price inflation rate, and arrive a the real rate of interest. At 2% or 3% for long-term interest rates, at 8% or 10% for accurate honestly measured price inflation, the real rate of interest is calculated in the minus 5% to minus 7% range. Money is not only free for Wall Street speculators, it has negative cost to smart investors who devote their valuable funds to gold, silver, oil, metals, and other commodity resources, realizing full well that these hard assets will rise in value fast from the negative real cost of money.

The USEconomy is mired in quicksand, not just mud. The mis-calculation of inflation in the adjustment to the Gross Domestic Product is also a travesty in sixth grade arithmetic. Take the nominal GDP to measure the economic size, subtract the true CPI as measured by the superb Shadow Govt Statistics gurus, and arrive at a chronic recession of minus 3% to minus 5% for four years running. That explains the absent job growth. Take the payroll tax withholding series to see the steady decline in national income, not easily masked.

Check out the obvious reversal pattern on the Gold chart in full view. It has a 200-point potential rise, which would take the Gold price to 1950. All solutions discussed are bogus and founded in funny money output, new debt, toxic bond redemption, and cost-free recapitalization of banks. No more liberated gold bullion like from Libya via mercenary wars on the horizon. Its 144 metric gold tonnes proved useful to the London and Wall Street Boyz. Syria aint got no gold to release. When the 1750 defended flank is overrun, the rise in the Gold price will be rapid. It will capture global attention again, enough to dismiss once more the vacuous shill self-serving nitwit calls for Gold's demise.

Check out the obvious reversal pattern on the Silver chart in full view. It has a 7-point potential rise, which would take the Silver price to 42 per ounce. The large gap between 32 and 40 has been filled halfway, the next half to be filled in the following several weeks, possibly very quickly. When the 35 defended flank is overrun, the rise in the Silver price will be rapid, more rapid than Gold since the gap will offer little resistance. The rise will capture global attention again, enough to dismiss once more the vacuous shill self-serving nitwit calls for Silver's demise and relegation to an industrial metal.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Nigel Farage MEP, the UK's Ron Paul

'When the people fear the government there is tyranny, but when the government fear the people there is liberty.' 
Thomas Jefferson
The United Kingdom has its very own Libertarian Party, the UK Independence Party. The UK is not a federation but a union which differs from the model used to federate Germany and the European Union.

Nigel Farage, A Ron Paul Admirer 

But the hot topic for the EU Libertarian's is Greece which once more erupted into violence as economic disaster and quarter after quarter of deflation caused by the inability of the Greeks to devalue their currency (i.e. the wages that are paid to their civil servants) and never ending tax rises leads to violence.


Police officers are the subject of violent attacks and petrol bombs from their own people. Their families, their friends, their neighbours. You have to wonder how long they will continue to turn up to work knowing what they face when their own pay being severely reduced and they are paid later and later, some estimates put them a month behind on pay.

Police are people too and they have no wish to attack people protesting when they themselves would like to protest. How long can the government continue to ride roughshod over their own people before even the Police, who have left their hungry families at home to be attacked, turn against them?

The EU and the Greek government ignore the suffering of the people of Greece for the sake of saving their bureaucracy (rather like the Jersey government) the difference is that Greece is further down this road than us.

Where will it all end? Well Nigel Farage puts his thoughts to the European Parliament.

What happens in a Free Market when a government goes bust? Well it disappears and the debt disappears. Has the time not come to put the Greek government out of its misery, write off all debt and start again. They have already stolen their self-determination, their democracy, their benefits and privileges so why are these people still paying their taxes? Oh, they are not!

Like Ron Paul, Mr Farage is not afraid to speak his mind, to point out the failing of government, any government, it can never see its own failings.

At some point soon the government of Greece may learn to fear the people.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

The ECHR and Parking Fines

The natural Person Alan Simon Crowcroft,
the legal Person Alan Simon Crowcroft OR
the legal Person the Constable of St Helier
Which is he at this snapshot in time?
I was speaking to the Constable of St Helier the other day, who felt my terms and conditions were a bit anarchic, I disagree, they are completely lawful, so for his benefit I shall go through the steps that would be required to successfully prosecute me for a parking ticket and hopefully demonstrate why it is imperative that both the Government and I understand in which persona, I am acting at any given time. If you ain't paying me then I am acting in my Natural Private Person, not my Legal Public Person.

This time I am going to use the proper legal terms which are bold in italics.

Note that none of what I have reproduced below has ever been admitted to, accepted or confirmed by any Law Officer, Advocate or Solicitor in Jersey, but neither has it been denied. The Law is deliberately complicated to make sure that you do not understand it (and ultimately it comes down to one person's opinion, and no Jersey lawyer or judge is an expert in Human Rights). Do not take my word for any of the below, go out and do your own research.

For a parking penalty to be enforceable in a Court, against you the following needs to be proven:
  1. That you were the driver of the car.
  2. That you contravened the relevant section of the Road Traffic Act
  3. That the potential for vicarious liability to the government has been caused, and that as a result the penalties set out in statute apply.
  4. That due process has been followed
Under the current system only #2 is usually proven, however if you simply show up to a Parish Hall enquiry or the Magistrate's Court, both those tribunals will act upon the presumption that all four are proven, it is for you to challenge that presumption of law ask for proof of claim.

This is relatively simple just e-mail the Constable and ask him to provide proof of his claims.

The most difficult for the Constable to prove is 3.
vicarious liability can be defined as the liability created by an action or non action by a person, working on behalf of him when he is responsible for all the action or inaction of such person within the limits of their association. So when an employee or worker cause a loss to somebody in the normal course of his duty then the employer will be responsible for such loss. (Reference)
Once Vicarious Liability is established with the Government as the employer, you are then liable to abide by the statutes which are the rules concerning the conduct of Agents of the Government. Essentially you are asking the Constable to prove that you were working for the government at the time. It is only through vicarious liability that statute can apply to legal persons.

So I guess you are now going to ask me why the government has to be able to show that they have vicarious liability for your actions?

All of this is tied into Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, the right to a Private Life.

Article 8 is a qualified right and as such the right to a private and family life and respect for the home and correspondence may be limited. So while the right to privacy is engaged in a wide number of situations, the right may be lawfully limited. Any limitation must have regard to the fair balance that has to be struck between the competing interests of the individual and of the community as a whole.

In particular any limitation must be: in accordance with law; necessary and proportionate; and for one or more of the following legitimate aims:
  • the interests of national security;
  • the interests of public safety or the economic well-being of the country;
  • the prevention of disorder or crime;
  • the protection of health or morals; or
  • the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.
The important thing to remember is that the ECHR is based exclusively on UK Common Law - your Private Life is every part of your life which is not Public (i.e. is not the execution of government duties).

Now can anyone explain which of the legitimate aims above would allow the government to dictate when you or I, as private individuals, can park, for how long or where we can park as long as it is not in a place which is likely to cause an accident (such as at the corner of a junction)?

Article 8 may as well say 'And it harm none do as you will'.

The Natural Person is you in your Private Life, the Legal Person is you in your Public Life or when acting as an Agent of the Government.

Ever wondered why the only Statute on the book which does not use the term 'person' is the Human Rights (Jersey) Law 2000?

The ECHR is specifically designed to prevent the intrusion of Government into our lives, to prevent over-regulation and ensure our freedom and liberty.

The Case Law is there, finding it is your task and will depend on the specifics of the case you are dealing with. The Right to smoke cannabis has been tested for example, but at the moment the Courts have not been minded to allow this, but this is not a unanimous judicial opinion.

On the other hand if the government has a choice between foregoing a £30 fine or facing years of ruinously expensive litigation to argue the point, maybe the cases are just dropped by the government for sound financial and/or business reasons and I'm sure that that is the excuse they will always make to avoid having to answer the pertinent question.

It is easier whilst 95% of people receiving parking tickets pay them, not to make too much fuss about those that don't.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Bailhache heads the 'I'm in De-Nile' party

Dead Men Do Vote
It seems that America may need to pay a little more attention to ensuring democracy in its own nation rather than trying to force it upon other nations... the 'irregularities' grow more pronounced with each contest.

In Iowa - Romney won, then, tied then lost and now we hear that 18 precincts votes were lost. In South Carolina it was dead people voting, in Florida it was non-US citizens, in Nevada the single live televised vote (representing 53% of the population) showed Ron Paul at 60% of the vote, whilst the official results held that Paul came in third with 18.8%. The official result shows that Paul increased his vote by just 1.5% whilst his votes have increased by 200% to 300% in the every other State. By the time the Maine results were FINALISED with just 85% of the counties reporting and many precincts reporting no votes cast at all, the US public was no longer buying that anything reported was the truth or that Ron Paul had not won, the second place by 190 votes just seemed to have been the point at which they stopped counting. Three State GOP chairmen have now resigned over the conduct of the elections and we are not yet 10 States in.

Doug Wead, senior adviser to Ron Paul explains the gap between what is being reported by the US media as 'wins' for Romney or Santorum will actually turn out to be wins for Paul at the end of the process.

Not everyone understands how Caucuses work. It is not just numbers, but strength of support, that counts, you have to do more than just show up and pick the nicest sounding name from the list.

It would be like giving everyone in Jersey their four votes and saying 'well you can pick four or you can give four votes to one person'.

So just what are the media reporting? Go to any website and they will confidently proclaim that Romney is winning (even though if Maine really did go to Paul he has not won since Florida), Santorum is second (even though he is the most frightening man in the race who gleefully praised the US for 'assassinating' one of its own citizens without trial), Gingrich in third (although he only won South Carolina) and Ron Paul stubbornly refusing to bow out.

This is just an attempt to convince you that what they say is true.

Money is at stake, big corporations which are given a competitive edge through government manipulation of the market (such as banks, the motor industry etc.) are pouring millions of freshly created government dollars back into ensuring that the that the machine which is printing these dollars is not turned off. These decaying giants who themselves are dead men walking have no choice, without the government they are lost. The only people losing out are the people themselves as their choice of candidate is written off at every turn by the media who report results that have not even occurred in an attempt to undermine credibility...

Let's look to Jersey - the JEP, an anachronism which totally depends on government 'advertising' to continue made it's election reports so biased that the people who ensure its funding, remain in government. The Construction industry which we actually have no need for will now receive funding to enable it to continue. More and more small trust companies are sent to the wall to allow the mega-trust companies to continue to grow because Jersey just cannot attract new business because it is over-regulated. Tourism continues to wilt on the vine because GST raises prices removing the last incentives for people to come to Jersey (such as VAT free jewellery). Retail collapses because taxes are so high that no one has any money to spend.

So what is the common root of all these problems? GOVERNMENT

It is simply not plausible to hold onto the past, things change or they die, there can be no sacred cows, no tradition than cannot be done away with, no business that cannot be allowed to fail, no government regulation that cannot be repealed, no person that cannot lose their job. That is REALITY.

There is a battle going on right now with Bailhache (£250,000 per year Civil Service pension plus £50,000 States salary and expenses) at the head of the I'M IN DE-NILE or I'M IN SEINE party and I guess I would be to if my £300,000 salary just for being 'important' was at stake.

So how do we bring the revolution to Jersey? I know I risk offending Stuart Syvret, Neil McMurray and Rico here but - It is not I fear by constantly harping on about 'corruption', 'child abuse', 'a coup against the ex-police chief'. We in Jersey are used to government failure, used to being lied to at elections, ignored when it is time to make decisions, treated like an ATM machine to pay for the latest passing fancy of some egotistical idiot. These ABUSES arise because people CHOOSE to be dependent on the government instead of assuming responsibility for themselves.

What Ron Paul has done is to provide a message that people believe in, from a person they can believe in and hope, that it does not have to be this way. We all know that the current regime is incompetent, we need to to have something we can make a positive choice for. I make no apology in stating that there is no preferable altenative available - many of the 'opposition' are offering me something far worse.

I don't want more benefits and privileges, fines and stautes (to be more greatly controlled) I want lower taxes and less regulation (more freedom and self-determination). Since no one is minded to give me that, I will have to go and reclaim it for myself.

The struggle is to enlighten the people of Jersey and make sure they know that they do have a CHOICE, because the government is not going to tell them this, they are doing very well out of the current deal. The choice is not whether to vote Gorst or Bailhache, that is a distraction, the choice is do I let someone else take responsibility for me or do I stand on my own two feet?

If you allow someone else to take responsibility for you, do not be surprised if they are more concerned with their own well being than yours. The current shenanigans in the US are just proof that the government is desperate to stop you realising that you have made the wrong choice in trusting the government.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Agent of the Government

This card (or the Jersey version) is one means of
identifying  yourself as an Agent of the Government.
Because you submit this card to your employer
you are liable to pay tax and social security on your earnings
Well despite having the highest ever hits in one day on a blog post there was only one comment (c'mon how am I supposed to have anything to write about!)
"So, in a nutshell what does this mean? You'll be refusing to pay (by virtue of being a "free man") tax, parking fines, licensing fees, social security etc. etc.? Or refusing to be bound by the rule of law in general? I find it interesting that you invoke religion as a specific hinge upon which to hang your "freeman-ism" because the basic sentiment appears to share a lot in common with Zen Buddhism"
It is definitely not refusing to be bound by law, no one is above the law. Law though does not include statute which only applies when a person is acting as an agent of the government. Only the government agent is entitled to receive the benefits and privileges of statute and only the government agent is liable to pay taxes, fines and statutory penalties. You cannot forego one without foregoing the other. Freedom simply means greater responsibility.

Confusingly the government agent has the same title (name) as the unincorporated person and the man. A Court will ALWAYS presume that you are acting as a government agent unless you challenge that assumption and ask them to prove it.

So in answer to your first question I am simply embracing the law - now that I more fully understand it. Find out more here (when you have an hour to spare)

The reason it is based upon religion is because all Law is based on religion, the Court motto is 'Dieu et Mon Droit' or God is my right. It is based on Christianity because this is a Christian island. In one post, Enlightenment I did look at it from a Buddhist perspective.

If you choose to go down the 'cradle to grave' abrogation of responsibility to the government then that is your choice and I respect your right to make that choice you have an inalienable right to do so. However I believe that true enlightenment can only be achieved by taking up personal responsibility and personal freedom. Libertarianism is the more enlightened form of political philosophy.

Make your own choice both sides are argued by different candidates for the Republican Nomination below who make a case against and for Libertarianism, personally Santorum scares me:

Rick Santorum Anti-Libertarian
Ron Paul Libertarian

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A Free Man on the Island of Jersey

After due research, study and understanding I am now ready to set forth the terms and conditions upon which I will act on behalf of the unincorporated person DARIUS JAMES PEARCE and that the unincorporated person DARIUS JAMES PEARCE will contract with the States of Jersey. I also issue the policy for the trustees/employees of the unincorporated person which includes all executives, employees and agents of the States of Jersey, its subsidiaries or associated persons, incorporated or otherwise.


I hereby state the presumptions under which I operate in the context of the Civil Society in which I live. I have notified the government (THE STATES OF JERSEY) of these and they have not been responded to. That in the absence of any proven claim to the contrary, they stand as fact.

That I, the man commonly known as Darius/James(Pearce (and derivations thereof), was endowed by my Creator with certain inalienable rights, that the testament of my Creator as given by his son or prophet, Jesus, provides that I have complete freedom of thought and action so long as I respect the inalienable rights of my fellow man.

That the freedoms given to me and my fellow men by our Creator are codified within the Common Law - And it harm none do as you will. That in order to protect our inalienable rights, my fellow man has caused governments to be formed.

That as a free man, I am unable to enter into any contract with any thing other than a fellow free man, and thus in order to allow the government to act upon my behalf, a 'person' was created shortly after my birth by agreement between the persons of my parents and the government. The record of the formation of this person and the contract with the government is found in my birth certificate. Such contract being formed at a time when I was too young to enter into contractual obligations knowingly or willingly, no obligation to me whatsoever, can extend from it.

That I am the sole beneficiary of this unincorporated person, that as sole beneficiary I appoint myself as sole executive officer of this unincorporated person and that any minister, employee or agent of the government is also a trustee and/or employee of this unincorporated person and has a duty to work within the policy, rules and regulations dictated by the executive officer in matters relating to the unincorporated person.

It is the policy of this unincorporated person that no contract shall be entered into with any party except through the express written consent of the executive officer, such consent shall apply only to the specific action at a specific time and shall at no point be construed as implying consent for any other matter.

On the application of Statute to the unincorporated person

The Interpretation Law (Jersey) 1954 (relevant extracts re-produced below) holds that statute can only apply to persons
“person” shall include any body of persons corporate or unincorporated;
It shall therefore be incumbent on any other person wishing to bring a claim against the unincorporated person to prove that, I, the man, was acting in my capacity as the executive officer of the unincorporated person, and not simply as the man.

It shall further be incumbent on any person wishing to bring a claim to prove that the unincorporated person had freely and willingly entered into a contract which had given rise to the claim.

Policies applying to the Trustees of the Unincorporated Person
  • As the sole executive officer of the unincorporated person that any attempt to enter the unincorporated person into a contract without the express written permission of the executive officer shall be deemed a BREACH OF TRUST, such actions shall include but are not limited to: affixing a 'parking ticket' to any vehicle bearing the number plates registered to the unincorporated person; communicating with the executive officer in a form which does not recognise the executive officer as such and/or the trustee as such. Such actions shall be deemed as accepting that a consideration of two troy ounces of fine gold is payable on demand to the executive officer.
  • That the executive officer should not be made to suffer any indignity including but not limited to arrest  and/or incarcertation in respect of the unincorporated person. Any and each indignity suffered shall give rise to an immediate consideration, payable on demand, in the sum of ten troy ounces of fine gold. That the executive officer alone, and exclusively, determines which actions constitute an indignity.
  • Should any trustee request that the executive officer complete any work on behalf of the unincorporated person then such work shall be in return for a consideration of one quarter of a troy ounce of fine gold per hour or part thereof. Such work shall include but is not limited to: the filling in of any form supplied by the trustee, replying to correspondence, or making or receiving telephone calls. Such considerations shall be payable on demand and in advance of the completion of the requested task(s).
Such fees shall NOT apply to any work arising from the orders of the executive officer of the unincorporated person.

Power to vary

As the sole executive officer I retain the power to alter, amend, delete or add to any part of this statement at any time.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Republican Party Nomination Contest after Maine

Something strange is occurring in the US republican nominee elections, the results are badly mismatched, their is no consistency between the results and the opinion polls. Dead people are voting in their thousands and millions upon millions of dollars are being spent on advertising.

This week saw some 'encouraging' employment statistics as the number of people who are 'actively seeking work' declined... the key phrase is 'actively seeking' this simply means that more people have given up on what has become a fruitless search and the short lived rise in Obama's popularity lasted as long as it took for people to un-spin the announcement.

The philosophies of the TEA (taxed enough already) party is gradually being drawn into the mainstream of the Republican Party with the fear that the Ron Paul supporters (which is the vast majority of young voters who know that their future is already mortgaged to the hilt and do not wish any further burden to be imposed upon them) will not support any other candidate in the election against Obama. It is difficult as a number of people are clearly well supported by the status quo, and the drive to change is not felt as keenly. But the 15% to 30% of each State's voters who identify themselves as Ron Paul supporters are voters whom the Republican party need to win the election.

The Caucus process seems to me to be preferable to the primary - the mere fact that people have to be willing to attend and listen to a debate in their neighbourhood, if they want to cast their vote seems infinitely preferable to simply allowing people to mark a cross on a piece of paper without knowing the issues, facts and thoughts that are driving other people's voting intentions. Through the Caucus process the ideas and how well those ideas have been circulated and the strength of a person's commitment to those ideas becomes paramount.

Results so far - Iowa (Santorum), New Hampshire (Romney), South Carolina (Gingrich), Florida (Romney),   Nevada (Romney), Colorado (Santorum), Minnesota (Santorum), Maine (still counting but Romney or Paul)

So what's next? Well Arizona and Michigan vote on the 28th Feb, Washington State on the 3rd March and then Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Massachusets, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermont and Virginia on the 6th March.

At this point about one quarter of the elections will have been completed.

What is clear is just how different the States are... Romney is doing badly in the South, the Republican Party cannot afford to have Ron Paul pull out as he alone is bringing new voters into the Party. Virginia will see a two man race between Romney and Paul and is a good chance for the right result to finally arrive. Gingrich does well in the South and Santorum does not show but the latest polls show that the writing may be on the wall for Gingrich's campaign come March the 7th. Santorum may just win by default in the end.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Dieu et MON droit as a Free Man

Enter into any Court in the UK and you will see the Crown underneath which is the phrase 'Dieu et Mon Droit' or God is my right. Well this is a cruel parody for God is the basis of all rights of the Free Man in any civil society and not the purview of the Court. For the purposes of this posting you will need to set aside such questions as 'Does God exist?' as it deals with the basis upon which all Civil Society is based and whether you agree or not in any Christian society (or Muslim or Jewish etc.) the answer to that question is most emphatically yes! You will also need to suspend your disbelief in Astrology.

The bible is the Testament of God, it is his will by which all our inalienable rights are bestowed upon us.

The Old Testament contains ten laws given to us by Moses. Moses is the prophet of the Arien age. The New Testament given to us by Jesus, the prophet of the Piscean Age simplifies these laws to just two - Love thy God above all else and Love thy Neighbour as thyself.

The first of these is interesting in that hundreds of thousands of people have fought and died over the simple question of whether a Man can speak directly to God (Protestantism) or whether it requires the intercession of a Priest (Catholicism). Now I am a Catholic by choice but my personal beliefs are very Protestant on this point.

It is the second of Jesus' rules which is the basis of the Common Law - and it harm none do as you will.

Let's go back to the Declaration of Independence and one of the first points is 'All men are created equal' which logically extends to 'no man has the right to tell another what to do' there is no master/slave relationship. This again is tied to the Common Law - and it harm none do as you will.

'And are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights' These are the rights which have been provided to all men equally by God and which no Man can take from us.

'to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men' The sole role of government is to defend and protect our God-given rights.

You may have heard of 'the straw man', or 'the legal fiction' this is the body which is created by your parents and the government at your birth. It is a trust created for you the proof of this agreement is your birth certificate. Into this trust all your inalienable rights are placed by your parents, with you as the beneficiary and the government as the trustee of those rights.

The trick that government plays upon you is to assume the role of Beneficiary and/or Executor to a trust which in actual fact you are the Beneficiary of.

The beneficiary of a Trust is analagous to the shareholders of a company. The shareholders of a company are those which have made an investment (bought shares). It is the shareholders who appoint the directors and it is the directors who decide policy.

Courts operate on presumptions and when you first set foot in a Court the presumption is that the 'Crown' is the beneficiary and the 'Justice' is the executor. Should you fail to rebut this presumption then the presumption is allowed to stand. As the role of Beneficiary and Executor has been filled that only leaves you with the role of Trustee (or Employee) and as the employee you are liable to statutory law.

In actual fact the Trustees are the Government and their agents if you choose to rebut the presumption and assert this in the Court.

Just as the Catholic Church once sought to interpose themselves between you and God, the Court seeks to interpose itself between you and your God-given, inalienable rights.

The Servants (the clue is in the name Civil Servants) seek to become the master and should you fail to insist upon your rights then they will so become.

The sign on the Court wall 'Dieu et Mon Droit' should be considered an offer to contract to assume your God-given rights. The Court works on the presumption that you accept this offer. It is for you to refuse this offer and assert that God is YOUR right. For God alone has the right to judge us.

As we await the prophet of the Aquarian age it is interesting to note that Aquarius is astrological sign for the individual. Is it any coincidence that Libertarianism is on the rise in modern civil society?

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Holding politicians accountable

Pierre Horsfall,
the man who began the destruction of Jersey
There has been a great deal spoken about the problems with giving bankers bonuses before any problems come to light, recently Fred Goodwin has been stripped of his knighthood and pressure has been bought to bare, successfully, on a number of senior bank executives to forego their bonuses.

The problem is that people expect to see results immediately, bonuses are paid at the year end based on the paper profits realised in that year. This has I believe quite rightly been linked to the problem of risk-taking by banks, although governments were quite happy to squander their portion of these profits which they took in taxation and to partner the banks perhaps even encouraging their actions so that the 'favourable economic situation' could be used to support their own re-election.

Many years later we can see that the actions of our own politicians have led Jersey to the precipice of economic disaster, and I would suggest we are beyond the point of no return.

The architects of our failure - Horsfall, Walker, Ozouf and Bailhache are of course not entirely to blame. The ideas sprang originally from the Civil Servants; the nameless, faceless enemies of the people who exploited the egotistical nature of these men to have their damaging big government, high tax policies pushed through against the will of the people, time and time again.

These were small men promoted beyond their ability who once lost in situations beyond them relied on the advice of those same civil servants.

As representatives of the people they are clearly failures, their place in history is assured, but it has taken many years for the poisons released during their reigns to become apparent, and many people in Jersey are still not willing to accept the truth. The bliss which accompanies ignorance is not a driver for independent thought.

The same problem that drove the bankers drives politicians also, they have nothing to gain or lose by the long term consequences of their actions other than to blacken their names and those of their families for generations, they are solely concerned with the immediate need for re-election and that requires that the electorate are bribed time and time again, not only with their own money but with the future earnings of their children and grandchildren.

Whilst bankers can have their pensions and their titles stripped from them, what sanction can we bring to bear against people such as these?

Saturday, 11 February 2012

People die, businesses go under, governments don't have magic wands

St Helier's main shopping street, there was a time when
the street was too full of people to walk down every night until 9pm.
Look at it now during the day, empty.
It's less than two weeks to my fortieth birthday but I am going to get ahead of myself and reminisce about the good old days slightly earlier than I am entitled to.

Come back Fred Clarke, Jersey needs YOU!

Fred Clarke, visionary, ultra successful businessman and a Constable who understood that the ONLY thing that matters is keeping the rates down and was much beloved by his parishioners as a result. It is hard to imagine what he would think of the shambles that has followed him.

We have been treated over the past few weeks to a succession of hard up stories by our over-spending, grossly bloated, inefficient spend thrift, utterly clueless government.

I just want to set the record straight... nothing the government does is free, WE pay for it through taxation. There is no 'free sewerage'.

The BIG ISSUE is who should run the sham electoral commission to reform the 'States of Jersey' but of course they will not look at the fundamental issue of whether there should be a States of Jersey at all and if there is how we can limit it.

If Christmas is a time for parents to buy things for their children, the other 364 days of the year (365 this year) is for children to buy things for their parents through the monstrosity that is SOCIAL SECURITY. We know the pot will be empty in 30 years why do they think we object to paying it?

As long as Doctors get paid then the system will be open to abuse, why do you think people on HIE see the doctor more often than normal working people? Because the state (that is WE the taxpayer) pays for their visits.

The real reason that Doctors want an end to charging is because they know the number of people they see will increase and thus their incomes will too. Of course YOU may wish to subscribe to the belief that Doctors like Lawyers always act solely in the interests of their clients and that they are above such trivialities as considering what will best serve their own ends, but I don't think I will be joining you.

Everyone dies, deal with it, Doctors can prolong the agony but death is not a preventable disease. Sometimes I think they forget this.

I am incredulous with the attitude of too many people in Jersey... everyone seems to think that they are entitled to something for nothing - free healthcare, 30 years of pension after only 40 years of work, a nice cushy overpaid job with the government that does not actually involve doing anything productive.

And yet in the real world - three more trust companies are being sent to the wall through JFSC 'investigations', probably for no better reason that they have 'the authority' and so want to use it like some playground bully- that's around 80 more jobs, real productive jobs, that have been lost. You wonder why the finance industry does not complain about the level of regulation? Well it is simply because that is a sure fire way to see yourself referred to PWC for an investigation which costs you £400 per hour (or per hour claimed) and there is no way you can complain about it because that is the 'price' of doing business in Jersey. It has hardly any wonder that no one is doing business in Jersey these days.

The disconnect between the government and the people of Jersey continues to widen and will as long as the government refuses to confront the obvious - it is not the solution, it is the problem.

Unfortunately some people seem to have actually believed the unfulfilled and unfulfillable promises of the government and our politicians are so egotistical that they glory in the false praise and their own self importance that they are unwilling to confront the harsh reality, they are only making things worse.

Being elected by a very small minority of people (no one has the support of more than 1 in 4 people), they forget that the majority of people want nothing to do with them or their abuses. The end of the Welfare State, like death, is not preventable the toxic debts of the excesses of the previous generations are piled too high, are too burdensome for us - the choice is simple, how long do we want to suffer before we accept the reality that is slapping us round the face?