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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Just Say No to Politicians

And so after something of a revolution in consciousness, it is now blatantly apparent that something is hidden deeper in the many rites and rituals which are performed on a daily basis, such as the one which the United States is undertaking now; the pretense of holding an election.

Let's look at some of the hidden magic which operates unnoticed in our society, for example -

Abra CaDabra (Aramaic or Hebrew)

Abra meaning "I Create"

Ka- meaning "As"

Dabra meaning "Word" or "Thing"

"I create as a word"

The mere act of a politician speaking creates something; a noticeable effect on our Weltanschauung

(A German word that often is translated as “worldview” or “world outlook”, but it may also be considered a considerable influence in shaping the group consciousness of our Society).

When a politician says "let's build a hospital on the People's Park", which then induces a majority to consider the matter of where a hopsital should be built.

This is of course "leading behaviour" because it overlooks the far more important question of do we need a new hospital at all? A hypothesis which was never expounded on and no case was ever made.

And so the first hurdle has been overcome with no problem because we have been directed to look at a bigger problem and most people have been led down that path.