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Sunday, 13 September 2015

The Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

Based on the hypothesis that everything that happen's in one's own existence is simply an outward reflection of one's internal soul, that everything happens for a reason and that everything is interconnected has proven over time to be a sound basis upon which to work. So what has the nine months since my last blog post taught me?

Recently I have been conducting some experiments on the process, which is occurring either by design or organically as a result of the concious actions of the bureaucracy, of controlling the community conciousness. Or just why do you think, what you think and how does the government try and perhaps succeed in affecting this.

Where did the idea come from?

I recently went to the Magic: The Gathering London Grand Prix, this is a game which developed as a result of some Dungeons & Dragons players wanting to have a better way to play out wizard battles which uses cards which represent spells, the aim being to kill your opponent before they kill you. It has developed to be very competitive and there are many people who enjoy it greatly and many people who think it is weird or more likely have no interest in it whatsoever.
However one of the players from Guernsey asked that no one post pictures of him on Facebook because he did not want to be bullied at school for playing the game.
So my reaction to this was of course to post lots of photos of me playing the game. My decision to play the game is based on the contentment I gain by playing it. That you may think this is weird is to me totally irrelevant. If you ask me where I have been I will quite happily tell you, it is no way something to be ashamed of but if you don't want to talk about it, then that doesn't concern me either it is not something that everyone is interested in.
However, I am not unaware of the pressure that can be exerted towards a "normalisation" of the individual, this is of course important if a group of individuals are to work together towards a common goal. An agile corporation will still always require individuals to provide innovation and adjustment. This is the process of Knowledge Maturation.

The Universe does it Work

As usual if God/Universe is trying to tell you something and at first you don't pick up on it then it provides something else to prod you until you learn the lesson it is trying to teach you, the message being passed in a louder and louder way until you can no longer ignore it unless you spend all day, every day in a state of intoxication blocking out what you are being told.

So what else is going on?
  • The global political and financial system is breaking down around us one would expect during a transit of Pluto through Capricorn. Most people are either not aware of it or are ignoring it or are labouring under a massive cognative dissonance. Yes, some people are simply incapable of accepting things which challenge their most sacred beliefs; one of which being that there is an all-powerful government who will look after you from cradle to grave and will never fail. I provide the information, the proof, but there is no more I could do, I cannot force people into awareness
  • My own interests have strayed into an examination of the hypothesis that what most people believe is God [or the God of the Old Testament], is in fact Satan and that Jesus arrived to deliver us from the Law of the Old Testament of obeyance to an entity and to a new freedom based on individual correct action in accordance with a simple rule that love should dictate one's actions.
  • The similarities between the way in which government portrays itself and the way in which God has been portrayed are striking and I do not believe are coincidental. Whilst many choose to be distracted by the image of a "man in the sky" which is used simply to introduce perhaps the most complex abstraction that exists in the human condition demonstrates the difficulty that many people have in grasping such concepts and why such simplicity is required. That many would choose to use this as a means to denigrate those who have come to the realistion that God exists demonstrates only that their own spiritual awareness has been stifled by deliberate machinations... yes deliberate machinations because it is not in the interest of the governments of this world to have too many people who are too aware.

Jersey Pride

Interestingly a number of individuals felt the need to express their individuality and uniqueness in Jersey recently, not in a quiet unobtrusive way such as by posting a blog which people are then free to read or not to read but by a public demonstration of their individuality but by all gathering in the same place and all dressing the same.

My concerns were exactly the same as they are for any event of this nature that no public money be wasted on the event and that yet another event had been organised for a Saturday which ignores the large number of people who are required to work on a Saturday.

To me these concerns are far more important than any other concerns because they affect me directly.

However their was a small reaction that seems to indicate that they had concluded I was opposed to the march. Nothing of course could be further from the truth, I am totally indifferent to the march; I neither support nor oppose it, it has nothing to do with me.

They were in effect seeking to make me judge them, not place, nor anyone else's. You can only judge yourself.

The fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil

So going back to the idea that the "God" of this world is Satan and idea which has developed from a re-translation of the book of Genesis [one of three books from the old testament which has survived with relatively little editing if one compares the earliest and most recent versions]. I have been helped in this endeavour by several people and it makes for interesting reading when one learns to use the online translation assistance.

For example the Hebrew word ADAM, which in modern translations is translated as "the first man" is actually a plural and is not gender specific, it refers to all humans.

The word Elhoyim which is translated as "God" is also plural and only appears in one book of Genesis, but could equally be translated as "the beings who terraformed the earth".

Yahweh Elhoyim which is translated as "Lord God" could equally be translated as simply a division within the Elhoyim and it is clear that the instructions of the Elhoyim are different from the instructions of the Yahweh Elhoyim. It is the Yahweh Elhoyim who found the Garden of Eden and it could also be translated that "Eve" or Ishawh (literally "the Hybrid") are a seperate group of beings created by the Yahweh Elohiym through artifical genetic means so that the Elhoyim and the Humans could pro-create.

When we get to the tree though we have a problem, because the word translated as "Evil" is also the word for "Shepherd". Since there is nothing intrinsically evil about a shepherd this is probably not a very good translation.

The Tree of Knowledge could also be translated as "the Tree of Harmful Prosperity" or "the Tree of Judgement".

This, of course, whilst newly discovered knowledge to me, is a recurring theme throughout human history and was central to the development of political philosophy during the renaissance particularly in the works of Rousseau.

In Tolkein's work the theme of "the free people's" and "the one ring" is core. The individual actions of a few overcome the monstrous many in the bureaucracy of Sauron.

The Problem of Judgement

What "is", cannot be right or wrong, it simply "is". Any judgement must be based upon personal bias or "what is right or wrong for me".

In the Civil Service what is judged to be right or wrong must also be based upon a bias or "what is right or wrong for the civil service".

Bureaucracy is an international corporation, an organisation in which the process of Knowledge Maturation has been ongoing for millenia, in China Confucaism is more than the normal operation of bureacucracy it is a religion and from there it has overtaken almost the whole world. There is little room for individual action left in such a mature process which is why the whole system is failing, it can no longer adapt or react to the changing circumstances around it. In removing all individuality it has ensured its own doom.

Like a shepherd it sees itself as responsible for the sheep, it makes decisions for them and guides their actions; but we know that this behaviour is "evil" and thus "good" must lie in not making decisions for individuals. In allowing them to take their own actions and to live or die as a consequence of those actions.

Life versus Entropy

Entropy in physics is a measure of the propensity of a substance to return to the least complex pattern it can. It is reckoned that in the end the universe shall be no more than a sea of particles with no energy.

Life by contrast is something of ever increasing complexity, of infinite variety, something which runs contrary to the principle of Entropy, which breaks the laws of the physical universe.

The efforts of the bureaucracy to tightly control and limit "life", to deny free will and individual action, "to shepherd", are therefore evil.

Making Civil Service Values Individual Values

The problem is magnified when the Civil Service tries to enforce its organisational values on the wider community. These values expressed as Statutes which govern and limit the actions that individual civil servants may take are designed only to affect those working within the organisation.

However it is noticeable that many individuals are now seeking re-inforcement of their views from the Civil Service. This may or may not be as a result of the number of people who live out their lives in service. I do not know what proportion of individuals in the Roman Empire were forced to sell themselves into slavery in order to survive, but I suspect that the proportion who now "enter into contracts of employment" as they euphemistically term selling yourself into slavery, has increased significantly.

Corporations who bureaucratise non-government processes have replaced free tradesmen and merchants, further reducing the proportion of the globe who are free to live their lives without being subservient to a master.

To conclude,

I love playing Magic: The Gathering, a system of rules which are fairly complex, without being overwhelming, if the people who played the game did not work within a standard set of rules then it would not be the game that it is. But most of the fun lies in finding ways to legally break the rules, to find a small margin of benefit which will give you a slightly better chance of success than others. The rules are constantly being innovated, the challenge is never the same. If the game were to become fixed for too long it would grow dull and stale and eventually die.

The makers of the game provide the game for the players, just as once the civil service provided their service for the people they serve, it is a shame that unlike the game they no longer wish to provide the freedom for individuals and now want the game played along the lines which best suit them.

It is a shame that people feel the need to seek approval from the government for something that it is not the place of the government to approve or disapprove of. It is a shame that people cannot simply accept what is and cannot take personal responsibility for who they are and what they have done but as long as the government is there pretending to offer an easy option and to avoid people having to take care of themselves, many people will take that option.

Of course the government cannot solve any of your problems and they will let you down and then what will you do? Having avoided for so long taking any responsibility for yourselves how do you think you will manage when you have no other choice? Me I think I will be fine.