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Monday, 17 March 2014

Jersey government costs 15% more than the UK

I have just been switched onto fibre broadband and I am greatly enjoying the increase speed of browsing, kudos to Mr Ozouf however he may not enjoy the results of that particular innovation.

Recently the JCRA produced their report on the relative price of retail goods in Jersey compared to the UK and concluded (in the papers at least) that Jersey was 20% more expensive, except for clothing, shoes and accessories (my business) which is 8% cheaper.

That got me thinking... I wonder how competitive our government is and I wonder if that has any effect on retail prices in Jersey?

We shall be referring to the UK government expenditure figures HERE
And the Jersey GROSS government figures HERE on page 4

So first let's calculate the headline figure... £11,236.31 per head in the UK and £8,340.00 in Jersey but that's a little unfair as they are not like for like figures.

So from out of the UK (who kindly provide Defence, Foreign Affairs free of charge for us) we will strip out the following:

Interest £779.34 per person
Defence £729.26 per person
Pensions £2,253.52 per person (these are not included in States of Jersey expenditure as they come from the SchutzStaffel Fund)

And we are down to £7,474.18 per person for the UK

We need to add something on for our local government (our parishes) I could only find two figures - St Saviour spent £1.5 million in 2013 and St Helier spent £7.6 million in 2008 so using some not so certain mathematics we arrive at a figure of £253.33 per person

And we are up to £8,593.33 per person in Jersey.

So Jersey's government is 15% more expensive than the UK's.

Compared on a departmental basis there are some even more shocking comparisons

Health spending in Jersey is 1,111% of the UK's spending per head
Education spending in Jersey is 229% of the UK's spending per head
Welfare & Housing is 86% of the UK's spending per head