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Saturday, 15 March 2014

A Liberty Manifesto

  • I wish the freedom to live my life in any peaceful way I choose, and to honour and respect the peaceful choices you make.
  • I believe you should be free to do as you choose with your own life and property, as long as you don’t harm the person or property of others.
  • I want a caring, people-centred approach to politics.
  • I want to break the chains of poverty, to enable the disabled, to live in a content community.
  • I want a system which encourages us all to discover the best within ourselves, and to make the most of it, to unleash the positive creative powers of each individual and to create a peaceful, prosperous world. 
  • I want to solve community issues with community solutions, not with government.
  • Politicians too frequently forget that their laws and regulations affect real human beings. They should never lose sight of the fact that each individual is unique and has great potential. 
  • A ‘safety net’ is essential if individuals are to be encouraged to grow, but it should not be a cage from which escape is impossible.
  • As government spending has risen, so has poverty. The bureaucracy has no incentive to lift people from dependency and every incentive to increase their budgets and power.
  • By allowing people to keep what they earn, wealth goes directly into the private sector, businesses create more jobs and charitable giving increases.
  • The rich collude with government to take your property through eminent domain and taxation. 
  • A strong government always becomes an instrument of privilege. 
  • The rich can exploit their resources to influence the government to squash competition and receive special favours making it nearly impossible for us to lift ourselves up by our bootstraps.
  • Static, monolithic bureaucracies generally serve to enrich the privileged and damage individuals with unintended consequences. They fail to live up to their grand promises more often than not.
  • History has shown that governments ultimately result in suffering and poverty for the majority and privilege for the few.
  • Stronger property rights and a weaker government would weaken the privileged and benefit all individuals and the whole community.
  • I want to empower individuals to take control over their own lives, not simply because it is the moral thing to do, but because it results in the most dynamic, prosperous, content and peaceful community possible.