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Monday, 22 April 2013

Is Government a Trust or a Company?

For those of you who have been following this blog the one remaining point of contention in an otherwise worryingly free of litigation life that I lead is to do with whether or not the States of Jersey can charge GST on the rents in the Central Market.

The main law regarding the public markets is a very old one (written in 1885) and the 'style' of laws from that time is markedly different from today. Back then laws were written to minimise government and particularly the cost of government sadly in the modern age there has been a reversal of this and now most laws aim to generate the maximum amount of money and work for the bureaucracy (it's the only way to ensure continued 'economic growth' as the real economy is not and has not been growing in Jersey for a considerable period of time).

The matter has passed through all the various departments and today I have received confirmation from the Law Officer's Department that the matter will have to be adjudicated by the Court.

Someone has to ask the questions which no one wants to answer and so in the not too distant future we should hopefully have the Court's answer to the question... is the Government a Company or is it a Trust?