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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Taking the auspices - Rand Paul 2016 and Option A

Regular readers will by now know that I quite happily walk not quite in step with the rest of the world; to question quite literally every assumption that most people are happy not to consider at all and to accept some things as true which most would reject without any consideration whatsoever.

My working hypothesis on astrology is that as we all exist in a gravity plane and as that gravity plane is distorted by the motion of major masses it is entirely possible that the orbits of the planets by acting on the gravitational plane on which we reside can have definite but as yet undetermined consequences for our daily lives. Now this may or may not be true, but as a hypothesis it will remain my working theory, until such time as it is proven to be incorrect. (And yes I did read some astrophysics at university and none of the 'science' contradicts the hypothesis).

This reading for the forthcoming month particularly piqued my curiosity so I am posting so I can come back and look at it in a month's time and see how accurate it is or isn't.

What intrigues me is of course that it portends the rise of Libertarianism and the break down of the Organised State (or at least acceptance by its high priests that business cannot proceed as normal). We have already seen this this month. Not least the 13 hour filibuster by Rand Paul and a general change in the coverage of Libertarianism by the US mainstream media, whilst they were talking about Ron Paul as a kook and an extremist, they have lavished glowing accolades upon his son and the official Rand Paul 2016 presidential exploration committee has now started rolling.

With the firm base of his father's fanatical following who managed to pull crowds as large as 23,000 people to a political meeting and a network of supporters and activists many of whom would have walked through fire to get their man elected (and many of whom will never fly on an aeroplane in the US again).

And right here in Jersey we get to see this played out in the form of the forthcoming referendum on Electoral reform; will this be the moment when the States of Jersey learn that the people of Jersey are not simply sheep to be herded into the right pen, but free thinking individuals capable of reaching their own conclusions no matter how much effort is put in to persuade us to vote against out conscience?

Will matters such as the suspension of the Dean and the Committee of Inquiry finally make people realise that if you place your trust in an organisation where individuals can avoid personal responsibility by hiding behind the institution then you are just asking for that trust to be abused?

Will people finally remember that government is best which does the least?