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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Judgements relating to the Channel Islands Constitutions

This is an index post with links to key sources. The following are a selection of key judgements which would might be used in any future Court challenge to the outcome of electoral reform in Jersey.

Barclay Brothers
High Court Judgement on Sark
Judgement of Court of Appeal on Sark
Supreme Court Judgement on Sark

Role of the Bailiff (Guernsey)
McGonnell v United Kingdom

Some of the specific issues with the conduct of elections in Jersey
Free and Fair Elections in Jersey
Natural Justice

As part of the action to the European Court on Human Rights over the Employment Law, the case could deal with the very basis of how the law was established; if a law is established by a legislature which is not formed in a manner which is compliant with Article 3 of Protocol 1 (the Right to free and fair elections) is the law legitimate?