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Monday, 11 February 2013

McScandal plays a blinder

A masterpiece from Harry McRandle in tonight's newspaper; who would have thought that they could take an event that happened six months ago and managed to fill half a page under the caption 'news'.

I should give warning to all that like me, you are just four ifs away from a two year prison sentence.

1) If someone makes allegations against you (true or false)
2) If the Attorney General decides to prosecute
3) If you are found (or plead) guilty
4) If you are sentenced to it.

Of course not everyone has this pointed out by the Jersey Evening Post, and no I have no idea why I have earnt this honour.

Still Harry has said he will cover my eventual win and actually has provided me with significant assistance in achieving this aim - I should point out that this was not as a result of collusion between Harry and myself, just a fortunate coincidence.

I'm glad I can help the JEP sell some papers, love em or loathe em they do keep us bloggers going!