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Friday, 22 February 2013

Happy birthday to Neil McM and I

Both Neil McMurray and I, will be celebrating our birthdays on the 23rd February, we do every year!

Back in 2007, what seems a life time ago, when I first discovered the oppressive nature of the tyranny we live under.

To have everything stripped from oneself and be left with nothing, to realise how fragile and illusory everything that anyone has ever built from themselves truly is. But anything that doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

To encounter what are essentially the false promises of government; that they will be there for you in times of need, only to discover that in those times of need, even when the need is only created by that very same government, that they simply are not. That is a formative experience, a revelation to the truly despicable and self-serving nature of the society we live in. It is a truth that many would rather not have to see and because the illusion is preferable to the reality, so many choose to believe the illusion.

One cannot blame people for choosing the easy option, but as the easy option is incredibly dull, I will take the road less travelled.

I find myself drawn ever closer to 'God' as the years pass, not that I ever really moved away from Him. I am incredulous when others would seek to deny His existence, and usually in discussing the matter I find that people are not in fact rejecting God but rejecting some human definition of God that they have been taught. But God is a personal thing which cannot be taught or learnt, but has to be experienced and for each who bothers to consider it, there is a personal definition which will not apply to anyone else. As the years go by I guess my focus just improves and things become clearer.

As with all things, no one really knows anything, it is only ever a best guess within the limits placed upon us by our senses and the interpretation of those senses by our brains. We do not know where thoughts come from, and yet I think, therefore I am.

Amidst all that uncertainty it is hardly surprising that some humans seek to exert an illusion of control over the world around them, but I prefer the chaos (which is simply order beyond human comprehension), for within that lack of understanding there is an infinity of possibility where almost anything might be achieved. Those who are truly controlling in nature will always try to stop things from changing, but that is perhaps the one thing that is beyond anyone. To take on such a task is to inevitably fail.

With the attempts to maintain the illusion of control becoming increasingly serious and desperate it is only made clear that the inevitable failure draws ever closer.

One should not take life too seriously because it all has the same ultimate and inevitable conclusion. So whilst journeying to that end there can be only one goal - to enjoy the ride.