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Thursday, 3 January 2013

The Jersey Libertarian Party

The time has come to officially register a political party under the Jersey regulations and I am thinking that in the spirit of revolution the documents should be submitted on Jersey Reform Day this year, which leaves until the 28th September 2013 to formulate everything, ten months may seem a long time, but I am sure that there will still be things not yet completed by that date.

I was particularly struck by one comment on the JEP site
"You have to feel for the young generation growing up in a world where 50% youth unemployment is now the norm, where the prospect of ever getting a pension is almost zero, where the standard of living is, for the first time since the war, expected to decline over their lifetime. And Jersey just does not look like a good long term bet."
Whilst at the same time the site is flooded with unionised adults throwing little tizzies about not getting the same amount of overtime or only getting a 1% pay rise, clearly they believe that non-union members should be further impoverished for the benefit of union members. Now that's solidarity, brother.

It is said that the 'right wing' is all about the individual but it seems to me that increasingly it is the unions who are all about the individual; long gone are the original motives for the collective betterment of the downtrodden which gave the union movement its popular support back in the 1860's.

The unions are so conservative, so much part of the establishment, and the world has changed so much in the intervening period that they appear out of date and out of touch to a younger generation who will never be members because there just aren't any jobs to be had.

The government is now so corrupt, so out of touch with the people of Jersey, so entirely focused only on its own plans and survival without any regard for the consequences of its actions on those it is supposed to serve and in whose name it acts, that it is time to put pressure on those who are desperately clinging to power to take their ill-gotten gains and flee and take their civil service cronies with them.

The States of Jersey is now so bloated and ineffective that it needs to be taken behind the barn and shot, its the kindest thing to do, rather than let it suffer the long protracted death which now inevitably awaits it.

Once the government is gone then the people will find a way to re-build and it will be all the more swift for the absence of interference by the incompetent.

Once the old is swept away we can start anew and remember the wisdom of the founding fathers who produced a constitution which contained and constrained the growth of government and endured for almost  200 years until it was finally overcome in 1971. After then the government no longer feared the people, the people began to fear the government.