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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Thinking of joining the Civil Service? What you should know.

I have been imagining what I would do in the position that many of those who are employed by the States of Jersey find themselves:

  • Limited intellect and ability
  • Poorly educated by the States of Jersey
  • Narrow minded without worldly experience of life
  • Frightened of hard work
  • Offered a 'job' which pays a ridiculous amount of money whilst requiring no actual effort
  • No opportunity to fail whilst having no opportunity to succeed either
  • Content to let my life slip away without making any recognisable contribution to humanity
  • The opportunity to abuse the little authority granted to them and make others lives a misery whilst compensating for their own sense of self-worthlessness
I can see that these small people who have lived there entire lives in fear of the truth about them being discovered might find such an opportunity appealing.

The saddest part is that it is people like these who make up the majority of the Western world.

For the collective self-delusion to continue it is imperative that anyone who would dare to think or act differently be removed from sight lest they awaken some of the sheeple to the reality in which they exist.

I can accept that it is a logical decision to make for those with no ambition greater than to live, expend precious resources pointlessly and then die. Unfortunately some Civil Servants it seems want more than this, they actually want to 'do' something and this is when the problems occur.

Unfortunately they want their cake and to eat it, and what does it matter the taxpayer is footing the bill?

I have no problem with Civil Servants as long as they recognise that they are simply on better 'benefits' than the people who don't even want to have to turn up to an office and throw paper planes at each other.

If you want to succeed however, you must succeed in spite of government, no one has ever succeeded because of it.