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Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Candy Man Can

OK I admit I do not have the patience for Photoshop and probably lack the requisite talents too.

The fact is that at the last election all manner of promises, good intentions and assurances were trotted out by the usual suspects. Now I am not going to say that they had any intention of lying, deceiving, manipulating or otherwise trying to gain an unfair advantage and in any case the problem is that those who vote simply are not interested in hearing anything other than that which they most want to hear.
That some one has told them that everything is going to be all right and if he does not deliver on that promise then there is always the opportunity to vote him out at the next election. But of course everything that is said is true and you need not waste time looking to your own ends, the government has it all in hand.

There has been more good news recently, it has been confirmed that:

Doctors have found a cure for death, all it will take is the expenditure of a few more million pounds and as if by magic the laws of entropy will be overcome, and if you spend a few million more we can give you a brand shiny new hospital in which you will never have to set foot.

Lawyers are NOT just interested in fleecing you of all your money whilst listening to you whine and whinge about whatever travesty has crossed your path, of course you should seek justice. When that bill lands on the mat it will all have been worthwhile and NOT just for the lawyers.

Banksters are reputable and trustworthy, they will look after your money much better than you can. They would never lie, cheat or steal. They would never sell you something that you did not need.

The government does not make the rules just so that these industries can legally steal from every man, woman and child, after all they deserve to earn more than you because they are putting your interests ahead of their own.