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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Uruguay to sell marijuana to its citizens

The Daily Mail duly reports that Uruguay will become the first national government to sell cannabis to its citizens, now whether Uruguay is just becoming to first government to overtly and openly sell drugs to its citizens is another question.

Of course the trade will be strictly regulated and all profits will flow directly into the coffers of the government rather than as happens in California where individuals are allowed to grow and sell marijuana to those people who have permission of a registered medical doctor to use it.

Possession of marijuana for personal use has never been criminalized in the South American country and a 1974 law gives judges discretion to determine if the amount of marijuana found on a suspect is for legal personal use or for illegal dealing.

Will our government ever become so enlightened? As Jerry Dorey's report for shadow scrutiny many years ago reported over 60% of the prison service bill is directly related to drug use. That is money that could be better used in the local economy by remaining in taxpayer's pockets.