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Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Revolution Continues

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It has been a most interesting Republican Nomination Battle and whilst there are still those who want to believe that the dream can become reality at the National Convention in Tampa the focus of the Campaign for Liberty has moved on to ensuring that certain candidates are elected to Congress and the Senate and that some influence is exerted on the policies of  Mitt Romney at the forthcoming campaign.

But with approximately 10% to 20% support across the United States including many registered Democrats and Independents being drawn to the Liberty message these are votes which the Republican Party need to hold onto if they hope to win. With Ron Paul attracting over 50% of the votes of the under 30 age group and amongst Hispanics, the very groups which the Republican Party requires to win the election.

In fact the person who polls best is Ron Paul, he alone would beat Obama in an election but he can only get the support of 17% of Republicans.

For many Libertarians there is no choice in the forthcoming election - the train is headed towards a bridge that's down, whether it travels at 100 mph (Obama) or 85 mph (Romney) the train is still going to crash.

I have been honoured this week with a mention in the comments on Jon Haworth's blog. To answer the question, I am not of the useless left-right spectrum, nor am I particularly concerned with who exactly sits in the States of Jersey in fact I think that I am usually amongst the few and the proud who vote for the candidates who don't get elected, but then I make an informed choice.

I am keen to spread the Libertarian message in Jersey, I believe it is necessary that the entire Western world moves away from the failed Keynsian system of debt and government dependency that is finally approaching its inevitable end.

Libertarianism is both the latest political ideology to emerge and is at the same time one of the oldest, Classical Liberalism. It combines right wing economic freedoms and left wing personal freedoms and as such is opposed to the intervention of the State upon the freedom and liberty of the individual. I have always believed this to be the case but now I have found a politician who is of a like mind, Dr Ron Paul.

Far more important that being President of the United States, he has spread the message of Liberty and the message has spread like wild fire throughout the Western World, with the younger generation (those of us under 60 who will not get a pension) waking up and realising that our parents have left us with all their debts to pay.

When you are ready to begin your education I would recommend that you Google Ron Paul and listen to his speeches on You Tube; he is that most rare of creatures, an honest politician.

Ron Paul on exponential debt growth