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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tyrannical Government or Out of Control Protection Racket?

Well what a week for news it has been,

Let me put this as carefully as I can, Senator Breckon has been charged with an assault, charged not tried, not convicted but charged. Senator Breckon is at this stage innocent and will remain innocent until convicted in a Court.

We know that for some reason the Jersey Courts are out to show that they do protect women from domestic abuse and as usual 'meeting the target' has blinded them to the methods they employ. It is a standard tactic from divorce lawyers to encourage women to make groundless allegations against men as a means of securing sole occupancy of shared properties.

It was developed by Rose Colley's practise and whilst I have no evidence that Rose Colley herself employed this strategy, I do have evidence that other lawyers in her practise have used it on multiple occasions. Of course Rose Colley wrote the very law upon which this is all based, so no conflict of interest there then.

Yes I can and do say this openly having successfully bought the matters concerned to the attention of the Royal Court and received an out of court settlement because of it and the subsequent actions of the States departments.

Why therefore does the JEP dedicate its front page to gossip-mongering? When it is a story then I might be interested, otherwise find me some actual news to report.

But I did notice the extraordinary lengths that the JEP took to prevent any hint of defamation or libel, the headline showed the phrase 'serious assault', in quotation marks meaning that they are merely quoting what someone else said, what someone else said in a Court, therefore a statement which cannot be held to be defamatory.

Then the news that Nurse M is suing the States of Jersey for not protecting him from allegedly defamatory statements made by Stuart Syvret. Senator Syvret of course as head of a department and a man of integrity who sought to protect the people of Jersey from an apparent danger, of course he bullied that poor nurse and made him feel that he, at best, might not be very good at his job and should probably find employment elsewhere.

Finally Philip Ozouf should resign because he 'bullied' a civil servant. Now if by bully they mean he directed him to act in a certain manner, then I am afraid that it is just pathetic. There are many reasons why Ozouf might be asked to resign but actually doing his job and taking charge of his department is not one of them.

The Government of Jersey is clearly out of control, it has been for a long time, obsessively slaving to targets for growth. Growth of course they could not achieve except by taking short cuts, such as allowing unlimited immigration consistently against the will of the people they are supposed to obey.

But it is not simply that they are not able to hit their own targets except by cheating, it is the way they reward themselves for their failure. The Bailiff is paid more than the Lord Chief Justice and the Speaker of the House of Commons, combined when he is less of a man than either.

They hit their expenditure savings targets not by spending less but by charging us again for services we have already paid for, planning fees, prescription charges, these in government parlance are all included in the savings that the government makes.

The States of Jersey is a failure, it should be allowed to go bankrupt and the people of Jersey start again with a fresh government.