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Monday, 30 April 2012

Why We Need To Put An End To The Monetary System Immediately

Money = Debt and Slavery

I don't know about you, but I've always hated money. Statistics reveal that the majority of our problems are caused because of money alone. Thanks to money, we are forced to deal with greed, corruption, debt, and many other issues.

We all need money to live though, right? That's what the banks want us to believe, but you see, where there is money, there will inevitably be debt. We have debt because we have money.

Where does this money come from?

The Central Banks create our money, and then loan it out to other banks on interest. So, technically any money that is "created" needs to eventually be paid back to the banks plus interest. In actuality, there was never any money in the first place, and there also wasn't money within the system to cover the interest the banks require.

The monetary system ensures that people will always be in debt because our money is created through debt. As if that wasn't bad enough, we also must deal with inflation because more money is always being "created", raising our debt, and devaluing the money that we already use.

To stop this from happening, President Andrew Jackson, shut down the Central Bank in 1835 that preceded the Federal Reserve. This was the last time that America was debt free. 

President Jackson said, "The bold efforts the present bank has made to control the Government... are but premonitions of the fate that awaits the American people should they be deluded into a perpetuation of this Institution, or the establishment of another like it."

Unfortunately, the Federal Reserve came into existence in 1913, and has ensured that perpetual debt continues to thrive. In this system, we will ALWAYS have debt, inflation, foreclosures, and people that can't pay off their debts. True wealth, as we have let it become, only belongs to the banks and not the people.

Money was created out of nothing, people, and we have let it become everything. 3% of our entire money supply is just some paper, while the rest is merely a bunch of numbers, to which only we give value. It ensures that we are constantly in debt, and are slaves to the system.

What is slavery?
  • Slavery: Bondage; the state of being under the control of something.
  • Slavery: Being entirely dominated by some influence or person.
  • Slavery: A social-economic system under which people are deprived of personal freedom.

We are all in debt, and what do people do when they are in debt? They submit to work for someone to pay off the debt that is owed. For the most part, we go to work for someone that we don't want to work for, and we do something that we probably don't want to do. Why? This is how the system was set up to operate. Is this not modern slavery? The wage slave is kept in line by this system, powering the empire that was set up. The debt that was created can never be paid off, and this is exactly how the system was set up.

Debt is being used to conquer and enslave nations.

More Problems Caused by Money

Many of us believe that we are a free people, but not only does money keep us from being free, it actually is the root cause of many of our daily problems. We know all about greed and corruption. Just think; if we had no monetary system, there would be no reason for people to steal, and to try and fight their way to the top of the pyramid. Over half of the whole world lives on less than $2 a day, while the greedy, corrupt people at the top of our financial system benefit from each and every one of us, and all of the bad things that happen thanks to this system. So many problems would instantly vanish if we ditched the system that has made us into modern day slaves.

Profit controls the motives of the people in our economy. Businesses are not concerned about your well being because that would be bad for business. Businesses are concerned about making a profit first and foremost. That is also the reason why we have products that do not last, and remain scarce. If we could get products that lasted and were readily available, this would also be bad for business. With a monetary system intact, businesses will never be concerned with ethics, morals, and the benefit of the consumer. If they did so, businesses would not last and the system would not work as it was designed.

War, crime, and poverty will always persist within this system as well. We tend to think these are things that simply happen because we fail to understand how this system was set up, and why it continues to operate. There is strong evidence suggesting that war, crime, and poverty are a direct result of the monetary system that we have in place, and would be greatly reduced if we became resource based, instead of monetary based. However, many people throughout the world have nothing right now. Many people are dying right now. People have been historically concerned about themselves, overall, and have not loved each other. This is sad, sick, and uncivilized.

Does money improve your life?

What is money? Money is nothing! It is a bunch of paper or numbers used to control the masses. Money can do nothing but enslave those who want it, while empowering those who have all of it. When we rid ourselves of this burden that we assume we need for everyday life, we take away the power that we alone have given to those at the top of the pyramid, we take away the scam, and we greatly reduce the consequences of this system that persist each day, and would otherwise continue to persist.

As long as we continue in the direction we are heading, we will also continue to see; crimes related to the monetary system (roughly 80%), greed, corruption, power and wealth consolidation, labor abuse, social stratification, a dictatorship based on wealth, as well as technological paralysis. These are the things that our current system provokes. If you are okay with these things, you don't need to do anything because they will continue in a monetary system. That's one thing you can count on. However, if you loathe these things such as I do, then do something about it.

It's time to wake up! We have let ourselves become burdened with this for far too long. Instead of wondering whether or not we have enough money to get something done, we could be gathering the necessary resources and technology to accomplish things; things from which our current system has held us back.