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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Why Ron Paul matters more than Romney, Santorum and Obama

My astrologer predicts that Obama will win this fall
 then all hell breaks loose in the world 
You probably don't know but I have a regular annual consultation with an astrologer in Los Angeles around my birthday and

The first question I asked this year was, 'Will Ron Paul win?'.

His answer was much the same as he told me last year when I asked the same question of myself and that was 'no, but he fundamentally changes the way that people think'.

I'm still trying to make that change, to awaken people to the harsh realities now whilst there is still time to cushion oneself against what is to follow.

The funny thing about human nature is that you can tell people the truth but if it is not what they want to hear then they do not listen. Still God, the universe or whatever you wish to call it has a funny way of forcing you to hear. The sooner you get the message the less painful the lesson turns out to be.

I remember the first time I stumbled across Ron Paul on the internet and had what I can only describe as a hallelujah moment when the scales fell from my eyes, I saw the light and all the pieces of evidence that I had collected over the almost forty years of my life all fit neatly into a single philosophy. Like St Paul on the road to Damascus. I have been preaching the word ever since with all the zeal of a new convert.

Now I have never been fanatical, I don't like sport, I'm not overly bothered with music, I'm not particularly religious except for an academic interest in philosophy, but I finally can comprehend the emotions that people with deep passions for things such as these can experience. I can quite easily see myself sitting through a Caucus for twelve hours just for the chance to be a delegate to a convention to vote for the right to vote for Ron Paul for president.

It's definitely not just me, it is many people in many countries around the world, probably as many outside the US and within.

Ron Paul matters much more than Newt Gingrich in this year’s Republican nomination race, according to The Washington Post. Both men trail frontrunner Mitt Romney and recently exited Rick Santorum by a wide margin in terms of primary victories.

As usual, The Washington Post was silent on the possibility that Paul may have far more delegates than most media outlets are reporting.

The thrust of The Washington Post story is that Paul has much more leverage due to his growing following and potential for a third party run. Thus, he has already influenced the Republican Party, including scrutiny of the Federal Reserve, more attention to the debt crisis and even some grudging concessions on foreign policy.

Just a few years back, none of this was part of the Republican platform.

However, the Post article misses the most important point. Ron Paul doesn’t just matter more than Newt Gingrich. He also matters more than Romney, Santorum or even President Obama. Ron Paul has already had a greater impact on America than any U.S. President in generations.

The Republicans have made unseating Obama a sacred quest in this year’s election. To listen to their rhetoric, you would think that Fidel Castro had been inaugurated in January 2009. Obama’s supporters operate under a similar delusion, although they feel differently about it.

It is apparent that both conservatives and progressives have completely lost touch with reality. Nothing has changed since Obama replaced George W. Bush. Nothing would change if Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum replaced Obama, either.

Americans elected Obama in 2008 to not be George W. Bush. Bush was reviled by voters for what they believed was an unnecessary war in Iraq, for spying on American citizens, for being too cozy with Wall Street, and for assuming executive powers not delegated to him by the Congress. Obama promised to change all of that.

Four years later, Obama has started at least three new wars while expanding the boondoggle in Afghanistan. He has continued spying on Americans and sought to expand this authority in the courts. He has filled his cabinet with Wall Street insiders and has bested George W. Bush on expanding executive powers.

Obama actually claims the right to arrest, to indefinitely detain and even to assassinate American citizens that he deems dangerous - all without due process.

Romney and Santorum both support all of this. Gingrich thinks it’s not enough. Progressives in the media who howled with righteous indignation at Bush’s depredations seem to have fallen asleep now that Obama is in.

Doesn’t anyone remember Keith Olbermann’s tirades about Bush’s dictatorial power grabs? Is there some reason that it is ok when a progressive does the same thing?

However, Obama did lead America down the path to socialism by expanding the government’s role in healthcare and imposing draconian regulations on the financial sector, right? Surely he departs from the “laissez faire” Bush here. Can you say “Medicare Part D” or “Sarbanes-Oxley?”

Nothing changes. Obama is no different than Bush. Neither Romney, Santorum, nor Gingrich would be any different than Obama. They don’t even propose to cut Obama’s spending. The spending “cuts” they propose are actually just reductions in spending increases in future years. In other words, they have no objection to Obama’s spending now. They all admit this, yet their supporters continue in their missionary zeal as if their candidates represent some sort of radical change.

Then there is Ron Paul. He doesn’t just talk about cutting spending. He published his first year budget, cutting $1 trillion dollars. He doesn’t just talk about individual liberty. He wants to end the failed drug war and repeal the Patriot Act. He promises to bring troops home from all over the world and allow young people to opt out of unsustainable entitlement programs. Ron Paul proposes real solutions to real problems, regardless of the political consequences.

Ron Paul is the first presidential candidate in my lifetime to actually use the words “role of government” as if the subject should be debated. He challenges the status quo – the whole, multi-trillion dollar monster in Washington, D.C. that purports to care for 300 million people from cradle to grave and police the entire world. Ron Paul has dared to speak the unspeakable and millions of people all over the world are listening.

That’s why Ron Paul is more important than whoever wins the Republican nomination or the presidency this year. Presidents have come and gone for decades while the federal government has continued to trample our liberties, loot our wealth, and propagate new enemies around the world, regardless of which party has been in power.

Then along came Ron Paul, an overnight sensation thirty-six years in the making. To those who understand what is happening, the presidential election seems almost irrelevant as Paul’s audiences explode into the thousands. Long after history has deemed Bush, Obama and this year’s winner indistinguishable postage stamps on the road to disaster, it will remember the man who planted new seeds during the election of 2012.

As George Washington once said, “Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.

The truth is that Ron Paul has won, he will have a more lasting effect on the world than any of his peers.