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Monday, 16 April 2012

President proposes ending the Drug War

I like Russia Today, but I also like Al Jazeera. They have produced a forty seven minute debate on whether the Drug War should be called to an end in advance of the meeting of the presidents of the American continent.

The President of Guatemala has bought forward a proposition for all Presidents to get together to stop spending $100 billion on fighting the drug war and make educated decisions on how the trade can be regulated. At least 80 MPs in the UK support discussions of this nature, but the US does not agree with regulation although it has agreed to come to the table.

Of course he suggests another solution - compensation for the drug crops and has faced criticism that perhaps this is just a means of getting arms and aid from the United States. The discussions were one of the key issues at the recent summit of the Americas.

'Central Americans are paying with blood for a war they did not choose'.

But Obama in an election year as expected did not move on such a big issue and his refusal to allow Cuba to attend the next summit in three years has led to a bloc of nations refusing to attend unless the US changes its position.

The US economic policy also came under fire from Brazil and other nations and many had already walked out long before including Argentina because the US refused to recognise their sovereignty over the Falkland Islands.

So Obama is looking increasingly isolated and with US personnel being sent home for trying to bring prostitutes back to the base (including Secret Service and Marines) Obama may just wish that this was one international event he had not been invited to.