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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Growth through Social Control

Yesterday I discussed what exactly growth was, and why it was only important to governments. But because it is important to governments it has been enforced through a series of social developments implemented within legislation and enforced through the slavery of debt.

In the modern age to have a 'good job' it is mandatory to have a 'good education'. A degree of some sort is required for almost every job that leads to a good standard of living.

But now in order to have a 'good education' there is a degree of inevitability that all but the most well off will leave university with some degree of indebtedness. With the recent tripling of tuition fees it is estimated that the average student leaving university in the UK will be approximately $60,000 in debt.

Somewhere along the way the government seems to have forgotten that an education is an aim in and of itself and is not tied simply to the desire to maximise future potential earnings. However this level of indebtedness is a self fulfilling prophecy as in order to have any standard of living whatsoever a human is going to have to increase their productivity in order to have sufficient wealth left after taxes, basic necessities and servicing the debt to afford any luxuries.

With the effective rate of taxation (adding together any money which is paid to the government in any form) soon to be around 40% for the average earner in Jersey and housing costs running at between 35% and 50% of income, servicing the debt is going to make a sizeable hole in the remaining 10 to 25% of income left to the recently graduated and there is the basic necessities of life and the costs of working to consider.

The errors of the government and the good life of previous generations who now retired are expecting the next generation to give them the golden retirement that they have been promised. But the social security and health funds will be exhausted, in about ten years time.

The young of course are soft targets, they are innocent and naive, they do not vote and they are carefully mind controlled (or educated if you prefer) to submit to government authority, not to question authority unless it is their parents, and NEVER under any circumstances to become involved in the political process.

Debt is the currency of slaves, where once it was mortgages that were used to enslave people, now it is education and the opportunity to live a life off benefits.

The government when they printed off the hundred of billions of pounds could have given this money to people with mortgages to repay their loans to the banks to put the banks on a sound financial footing. Instead they gave the money directly to the banks.

The reason is simple, they want to maintain the population in a mire of endentured servitude. In Greek and Roman times a person could sell themselves as a slave to clear their debts, I wonder if Aristotle would have perceived any difference between people selling themselves as slaves or leasing themselves as slaves in order to pay off their debts.

The difference between a contract of slavery and a contract of employment is but a fine legal distinction.