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Friday, 30 March 2012

Telling the rest of the truth - Russia Today and Jersey Bloggers

I have started following the news not as reported by the British Media but by Russia Today. Just imagine how we see the news coverage of nations overseas, particularly of 'oppressive regimes'. How the poor downtrodden citizens of this country or that are brutalised by tyranny masquerading as the rule of law and then watch the following clips both dealing with UK police.

Now clearly the staff of Russia Today will have their very own bias and will be looking to cover issues which are not covered by the Western Media, but I doubt that makes their reporting any less true.

For us in Jersey it is left to those few dedicated bloggers to tell that part of the truth which the 'accredited media' deem to be inappropriate for publication, or rather anything that might reveal that the government of Jersey is actually clueless and spends most of its time desperately trying to cover up its mistakes.

So we have beaten student protesters prosecuted whilst police thugs allowed off scott free, police providing information to blacklist Union activists who have raised safety issues on building sties and a published paper dealing with the ethics of the 'after-birth' abortion (which I guess would make it murder) of disabled babies.