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Saturday, 17 March 2012

The Police do not protect YOU

The idea that the police are here to protect us is a lie. The police are here to enforce the tyranny of the State.

The Police protecting a Citizen 
Because “citizens” can start to revolt if things like murder and rape and arson aren’t dealt with, the police will make a token effort to deal with these things when they occur. Although they often complete these investigations poorly, often making no arrest, arresting the wrong person or simply mis-allocating man power depending on how politically connected the victim was.
  • The vast, vast majority of the time the police uses is spent harassing and oppressing people.
  • They break down people’s homes looking for “drugs”
  • They pull people over and harass motorists for innocuous things; fining them, despite those very motorists paying their wages
  • They spend time breaking up house parties
  • They enforce the 1000s of ludicrous regulations that local and national governments impose on people’s property
  • They confiscate your guns with the threat of imprisonment so you are powerless to defend yourself against criminals.
Gun control does not prevent crime, but rather other factors do, simply comparing gun crime between the USA and the UK won’t prove too much nut there are other factors. Firstly, gun crime in the UK has got worse since the regulation after the Dunblane massacre.

In Switzerland practically everybody owns a firearm. Yet their homicide rate from firearms is 6 times smaller than it is in the USA. And their overall homicide rate from all causes is almost identical to that of the United Kingdom. This tells us that the high homicide rate in the US is probably caused by something other than the ownership of guns.

In the USA they have a variety of different restrictions on gun ownership. Washington DC, for example, has probably the strictest gun control anywhere in the country, and yet it also has the highest homicide rates. Baltimore, Maryland, like many inner cities, has one of the highest murder rates from guns in America, it also has strict gun control laws.

The lesson is that other factors cause the crime.Police will sometimes claim they are just doing their job, that they don’t write the laws. Well this argument call is puerile.

If you accept that nobody is responsible for their actions if they are following orders, then the Nazi soldiers who gassed the Jews during WWII should not have been punished or held morally accountable. Intutively we know that the Nuremberg Defence is nonsense, don’t let the police or bureaucrats get away with it.

The police will not protect you. Think about your own life. Is there anything you do that you would feel afraid to do if it wasn’t for the police? 

If you are a girl do you walk freely around at night on your own because you know the police will protect you? Or do you take your own precautions, making sure to be with a friend, walk near street lights, or simply not go out after a certain time alone?

Do you leave your home unlocked because you know the police will make sure nobody burgles your house? Or do you make sure your home is locked? Perhaps installing your own alarm systems and private security if you live in a bad neighbourhood?

People naturally cooperate and use their common sense to stay away from dangerous situations. The police do not protect us from these dangers, but rather they actually enforce tyrannical laws, threaten and harass peaceful people and are completely unaccountable to anybody.

Many people see so many problems in the system, without understanding where the problems come from. It’s all to easy to think some new reform, or new leader, can fix the problems. They can’t. The problem is the fact people are forced to pay. 

Unlike every company in the free market who has to provide a product or service you want in order to get your money, the government just takes it. Because of this they do not have the correct incentives to provide a good quality service, free of corruption and violence. 

Government will often claim to make the police accountable by creating some new “governing body”. The problem is that this governing body is run by the same organisation (the state) as the organisation (the poilce) it claims to hold accountable. And this governing body won’t regulate fairly because its resources are also stolen through taxation.

It can sometimes seem like a trivial point but it is this crucial difference between voluntary transactions and coercion that causes all these problems in our society. Markets, and humans, naturally self-regulate. We’ve evolved over millions of years to be social animals. 

Far from Anarchy being chaos, it is actually the State that is chaos. With its monopoly on violence it continually forces itself between free people trying to trade and cooperate. It claims it will wield its dangerous monopoly on the initiation of force in a just and fair manner as a servant of the people. The tragedy is that it never does, and never can.

Private Security firms you might think offer the possibilty of oppressive dictatorship. But in a stateless system, it is infinitely harder for anybody to get into a position where they can start oppressing people, compared to our current system.

The government already has a complete monopoly on the use of force including the police, army and intelligence services. Not to mention the penal system, health, education, surveillence and law & order. The government can (and does) regularly trample on peoples rights and impose ever tighter laws and restrictions on peoples rights with relative impunity – using their irregular mandate from the electorate as their only real source of legitimacy.

In a stateless system, power and jurisdiction is spread amongst a multiude of different actors. If a private security firm became too powerful and started to use their power arbitrarily to threaten life and property, they would come into direct conflict with a multiude of other private security firms who are obligated to defend their own clients. As a private company, they can only sustain and finance their activities by the voluntary action of private individuals who employ their services. Not to mention the fact that very few people are going to want to employ the services of any firm that is going to oppress or coerce them.