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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Has Philip Ozouf been nominated to fall?

The trouble with Jersey is that many people have never left the island, they are long term inmates and they have become institutionalised to the 'Jersey way'.

Philip Ozouf with
Terry Le Sueur
We must remember that nothing that happens in Jersey, happens by accident, the 'powers that be' carefully co-ordinate the media; they announce far in advance their plans and the sheeple take their instructions, which is dripped out like Chinese water torture, over a significant period of time.

We of course can learn the truth by reading between the lines...

So Has Philip Ozouf been nominated to fall? That is the question that I am asking after tonight's JEP coverage.

We know that there will be some jostling at the next election, we have 10 senators vying for 8 seats and history has shown that at least one 'establishment' politician is unseated at every election - Guy de Faye, Freddie Cohen, so who is next?

You may prefer to believe that Freddie Cohen was just blaming the JEP to excuse his loss, but I don't believe this is the case, I believe that Freddie is entirely correct, as was Guy before him who leveled the exact same accusations at the exact same source.

Now this is not a defence of Philip Ozouf, it is simply asking the question as to whether the dissatisfaction of the people of Jersey is going to be directed against Philip Ozouf, rather than more correctly against the entire government. Such is the strength of not having political parties, that the party may continue albeit with notable casualties to provide the illusion of change, but such a sacrifice is not going to be made lightly.

This leads to speculation as to what the real story is around the whole Ogley saga and his £500 thousand pound pay-off. It can only be that his silence is being bought.

He served under Jersey's first (and worst) Chief Minister and there must be something that is worth paying him £500 thousand pounds not to talk about. Something that is worth sacrificing the loyal servant Philip Ozouf for only an event of greater interest to the people of Jersey, will allow the electorate to accept the deal and move on.

What secret about Frank Walker is Bill Ogley safeguarding?