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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Gold and Silver will be used as money

Gold protects individuals from the economic
insanity of government endebtedness
Wyoming has become the latest of the States of America (about 25% so far) to enact legislation which will allow people to transact in a currency other than the US dollar. The lack of faith in the US dollar has this week seen Japan enter into international trade with China in a currency other than the dollar, joining Russia in turning away from the American currency.

Brazil has previously refused to accept US dollars in trade with the US which led to the 'cash for clunkers' program which allowed the US government to collect enough metals to meet the obligations of the import contract.

Greece's last bailout contained a provision that any default would allow its creditors to claim the gold holdings of the Greek nation. When the inevitable collapse of our fiat (unbacked by commodities, unsound) currency occurs, it will inevitably be replaced by gold and silver (see Zimbabwe for example). The unannounced war that is waging for control of the world's gold reserves continues apace.

The latest proposition from the European Union is for the European Stability Mechanism, this is a worrying treaty which will effectively remove economic control from the individual nations of the EU and place it in the hands of bureaucrats who will effectively be above the law not only as an organisation but as individuals.

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