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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A Free Man on the Island of Jersey

After due research, study and understanding I am now ready to set forth the terms and conditions upon which I will act on behalf of the unincorporated person DARIUS JAMES PEARCE and that the unincorporated person DARIUS JAMES PEARCE will contract with the States of Jersey. I also issue the policy for the trustees/employees of the unincorporated person which includes all executives, employees and agents of the States of Jersey, its subsidiaries or associated persons, incorporated or otherwise.


I hereby state the presumptions under which I operate in the context of the Civil Society in which I live. I have notified the government (THE STATES OF JERSEY) of these and they have not been responded to. That in the absence of any proven claim to the contrary, they stand as fact.

That I, the man commonly known as Darius/James(Pearce (and derivations thereof), was endowed by my Creator with certain inalienable rights, that the testament of my Creator as given by his son or prophet, Jesus, provides that I have complete freedom of thought and action so long as I respect the inalienable rights of my fellow man.

That the freedoms given to me and my fellow men by our Creator are codified within the Common Law - And it harm none do as you will. That in order to protect our inalienable rights, my fellow man has caused governments to be formed.

That as a free man, I am unable to enter into any contract with any thing other than a fellow free man, and thus in order to allow the government to act upon my behalf, a 'person' was created shortly after my birth by agreement between the persons of my parents and the government. The record of the formation of this person and the contract with the government is found in my birth certificate. Such contract being formed at a time when I was too young to enter into contractual obligations knowingly or willingly, no obligation to me whatsoever, can extend from it.

That I am the sole beneficiary of this unincorporated person, that as sole beneficiary I appoint myself as sole executive officer of this unincorporated person and that any minister, employee or agent of the government is also a trustee and/or employee of this unincorporated person and has a duty to work within the policy, rules and regulations dictated by the executive officer in matters relating to the unincorporated person.

It is the policy of this unincorporated person that no contract shall be entered into with any party except through the express written consent of the executive officer, such consent shall apply only to the specific action at a specific time and shall at no point be construed as implying consent for any other matter.

On the application of Statute to the unincorporated person

The Interpretation Law (Jersey) 1954 (relevant extracts re-produced below) holds that statute can only apply to persons
“person” shall include any body of persons corporate or unincorporated;
It shall therefore be incumbent on any other person wishing to bring a claim against the unincorporated person to prove that, I, the man, was acting in my capacity as the executive officer of the unincorporated person, and not simply as the man.

It shall further be incumbent on any person wishing to bring a claim to prove that the unincorporated person had freely and willingly entered into a contract which had given rise to the claim.

Policies applying to the Trustees of the Unincorporated Person
  • As the sole executive officer of the unincorporated person that any attempt to enter the unincorporated person into a contract without the express written permission of the executive officer shall be deemed a BREACH OF TRUST, such actions shall include but are not limited to: affixing a 'parking ticket' to any vehicle bearing the number plates registered to the unincorporated person; communicating with the executive officer in a form which does not recognise the executive officer as such and/or the trustee as such. Such actions shall be deemed as accepting that a consideration of two troy ounces of fine gold is payable on demand to the executive officer.
  • That the executive officer should not be made to suffer any indignity including but not limited to arrest  and/or incarcertation in respect of the unincorporated person. Any and each indignity suffered shall give rise to an immediate consideration, payable on demand, in the sum of ten troy ounces of fine gold. That the executive officer alone, and exclusively, determines which actions constitute an indignity.
  • Should any trustee request that the executive officer complete any work on behalf of the unincorporated person then such work shall be in return for a consideration of one quarter of a troy ounce of fine gold per hour or part thereof. Such work shall include but is not limited to: the filling in of any form supplied by the trustee, replying to correspondence, or making or receiving telephone calls. Such considerations shall be payable on demand and in advance of the completion of the requested task(s).
Such fees shall NOT apply to any work arising from the orders of the executive officer of the unincorporated person.

Power to vary

As the sole executive officer I retain the power to alter, amend, delete or add to any part of this statement at any time.