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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year

Have you read it yet?
Superman meets 1984, Superman wins.
Back from the Christmas madness - working so many hours without a day off, that if I did not work for myself it would be illegal.

Well we say goodbye to 2011 a rather successful year all round if I do say so myself and so now at work preparations begin for Christmas 2012.

Looking Back...

1_ Gold looks to have gained somewhere around $200 per troy ounce so a reasonable 12% gain on the year, more if you caught the bottom of the market in February. On the markets the most exciting news is that there is a global 1 million tonne cocoa shortage which explains why all the sweets have gotten so expensive this year.

2_ Mixed business results - locally trade is abysmal although we managed a record December it wasn't enough to counter the rest of the year. Internet sales up by over 50% though and strong showing from the new 'sell your stuff on eBay' and bullion and coin businesses. Still managed to end the year creditor free and with too much stock so in a good position for next year.

Looking forward...

1_ Expecting gold prices to continue to fall until sometime in February at which point gold will shoot up through the rest of the year. Now is the time to get on board and I shall be going into as much debt as they will lend me to BUY GOLD in the next six weeks or so. I am expecting at least a 25% return so borrowing money even at 10% makes sense... now if I can just catch the bottom of the market.

2_ Aiming to double international sales next year at least but expecting sales locally to continue to slump. I fully expect a 2 or 3% increase in GST at some point on top of the social security increase which hits in January. After long and agonising thought I am going to sell my collection of US comics in the New Year mind you if it is anything like my attempt to sell my role-playing games collection which occurred last year then I will end up with five times as much as I started with and still make a profit. The plan is to turn into into something more moveable like... GOLD. Maybe I am turning into a dragon who knows.

3_ Will the world end on the 21st December? Not long to find out now. I'm keeping an open mind but I figure it is safer to work on the basis that it doesn't because if it does then it doesn't matter.

4_ The US$ is as strong as it has been for a long, long time so expect some bad economic news to be coming out of the US in the not too distant future. The election season kicks off January 3rd with the first round of the Iowa Caucus. Let's hope Ron Paul makes a strong showing.

I hope all readers have had a successful 2011 and wish you all good fortune in 2012.