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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Election Survey Results

As part of my election campaign I conducted a sample survey on three issues:

Three questions were asked as part of the 2011 election campaign
This first example question shows how your opinion will be surveyed on each States proposition, the link to the full proposition will be provided, then a summary of what the proposition amounts to.


SUMMARY The proposition seeks to provide an additional cold weather allowance to those who do not qualify for income support in light of the increase in GST from 3% to 5%. I personally would have supported this proposition because - The effective rate of taxation on Jersey people (considering all taxes, impots and fees as a percentage of gross income) has increased from 17.5% in 1980 to 35% in 2011, I believe that the significant rise in the level of taxation is bad for the economy as a whole and particularly affects those least well off. However, my personal opinion is less important than the views held by the wider community and I would vote in line with the majority view as recorded at the end of the survey process. 

How the States Members Voted The Council of Ministers opposed this (and largely voted against it) as it would cost £315,000 to implement. However Senator Le Gresley highlights opportunities for greater savings in other areas through the reduction of funding to quangos. How this year's Senatorial Candidates voted - Le Gresley - POUR Cohen, Gorst - CONTRE

Survey Results: 87% of respondents would have voted POUR

The Bailiff of Jersey, is paid in the region of £360,000. UK Judicial Salaries have been reviewed to compare the wages for our judges. The Lord Chief Justice (the most senior judge in the British Isles) is paid £240,000 (65% of the Bailiff's salary) A comparable judge (a district judge) is paid £102,000 per year. Should you add the salary of the Lord Chief Justice and the Speaker of the House of Commons together the total salary for the two positions is less than the Bailiff's salary of £360,000. 

Do you believe that the Bailiff's salary is too high?

Survey Results: 93% of respondents felt that the Bailiff was overpaid.

Former Senator and Deputy Jerry Dorey prepared a report on the effects of drug use in Jersey for Shadow Scrutiny The report highlights that 70% of prisoners at HMP La Moye are drug users who are victims of their addiction and not criminals for profit, and that the cost of keeping one prisoner for one year was £42,000. The proposals in the report were never put before the States of Jersey.

Would you be in favour of the de-criminalisation of cannabis?

Survey Results: 53% of respondents favoured de-criminalisation of Cannabis.

Total Number of Respondents: 473