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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

Looking back to Nazi Germany and the support that the government had for the invasion of the various countries you have to wonder if the rhetoric and propoganda deployed to sway the sheeple of Germany was similar to that now being trotted out to justify what will be a war of agression.
The US & UK are poised to invade yet another country
Reading the Daily Mail's pronouncements as to why such a move is necessary, you get the feeling that the decision has already been made. However, we managed to co-exist quite peacefully with the Soviet Union for decades and they had and indeed Russia still has a lot more than 4 nuclear weapons.

In the United States Obama has his election promise of bringing the troops home from Iraq still to fulfil with less than one year left to go. Ron Paul, the 'peace candidate' who promises to end foreign intervention and embark on a new era of isolationism, my preferred candidate, continues to gain ground despite media blackouts.

Like Nazi Germany the western world has entered into a period of hyper-inflation. Like Napoleon the US and the UK have embarked on a series of military campaigns with the aim of looting. They have 'frozen' $65 billion of Egypt's money and $95 billion of Libya's money and placed some 343 stipulations as to what is required for the money to be repatriated, in other words they are not ever going to give it back.

It is thanks to the electoral campaign of the second best candidate in the recent Senatorial elections, Dr Mark Forskitt, that I have expanded my knowledge of the oil business. With Saudi Arabia recently having negotiated an arrangement with China to purchase oil in a currency other than the US dollar, a deal already struck between Russia and China, with Brazil refusing to accept dollars in settlement for its goods, the US economy looks set to shortly lose economic hegemonic domination, if it has not already done so.

What this means is that after decades of simply being able to print more dollars and use them to purchase goods around the world, goods are now having to be bought in raw materials, this has been achieved through such programs as 'cash for clunkers' where US citizens were paid cash for their old cars and the steel shipped to Brazil.

And yet in the same paper the Daily Mail goes on to criticise the leaders of the European Union for bullying the Greek government into denying the Greeks the democratic right to decide whether to accept the cost of remaining in the European Union.

Under the terms of the European Union’s latest bailout, VAT has been raised to 23 per cent, pensions have been cut by 20 per cent and some 30,000 public servants have been put on notice and given a whopping 60 per cent pay cut.

The Greek prime minister had suggested that it would be appropriate to seek the view of the people of Greece, the people that he was elected to represent, before committing to continued membership of the EU and the harsh austerity measures.

The EU which is of course an unelected bureaucracy reacted by threatening to remove any support from Greece until they committed to stay within the Eurozone.

The governments of the UK, the US and the EU are all determined to follow a course which is unlikely to find support with the majority of people they represent; they resort to veiled threat, misinformation and propoganda to attempt to sway public opinion to support actions which are not only immoral but are economically unsound.

Are you certain that the government of Jersey is any better than any of the governments of the world?