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Last updated 14th February 2012

The Libertarian Philosophy
  1. On returning responsibility to individuals not org...
  2. Enlightenment
  3. There is no "Politics of the Centre"
  4. Statute vs. Law
  5. God is my right
On the Operation of Governments
  1. Welfare as a Means of Social Control
  2. Inflation the insidious tax on capital
  3. The illusion of Government
  4. Hope versus Economic Realit
  5. The Business of Government
  6. Government does not solve problems, it creates them
  7. Results versus intention
  8. Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
  9. Holding Politicians Accountable
Politics & The Media
  1. Politics and the media 1 - The United States of Am...
  2. Politics and the Media 2 - Jersey Evening Post
  3. The Role of the Media 3: Concerns for the future
On Constitutions
  1. Lessons for Jersey from Athens, Sparta & Soviet Un...
  2. Spartan Constitution 2: Lessons from the Soviet Un...
  3. A Spartan Constitution 3: Lessons from Modern Gree...
Global Financial Systemic Crisis
  1. The first domino has fallen - systemic collapse to...
  2. US Bank profits are 'poor quality' - Bloomberg
  3. Italy too big to bail, so why are banks too big to...
  4. Pensions, markets & the baby boomer time bomb
  5. The end of the financial system IS nigh
  6. A step back towards a gold standard
  7. Sustainable economics and the free market
  8. European Sovereign Debt 1
  9. A weak Euro is bad for the US economy
  10. The Gold Futures Market
  11. Hyper Inflation Must Follow
  12. Inevitable Greek Default
The States of Jersey
  1. The Construction Business in Jersey
  2. Defining a 'Public Authority' under the ECHR
  3. Jurats an affront to your civil liberties
  4. "Eliminate competing technologies" - Sure & Airtel...
  5. Shoppers need car parks not office blocks
  6. Golden Goose or Flying Banana
  7. Review of the 2011 Jersey budget
  8. Jersey is heavily invested in the bond 'bubble'
  9. Government Bails out Construction
  10. States Policy is fundamentally flawed
The 2011 Jersey Elections
  1. Election Survey Results
  2. Free and fair elections in Jersey?
  3. How to tell which party you would vote for
  4. The battle to be Jersey's third figurehead
  5. Same circus, same clowns...
  6. Enthusiasm for Scrutiny is underwhelming
  7. On taking Deputy Southern to Royal Court
  8. Can this Court sit in judgement on itself?
  9. Political Parties and Jersey
US Elections 2012
  1. A Libertarian as the Republican Presidential Candidate
  2. Ron Paul Profile
  3. Iowa Caucus
  4. New Hampshire Primary
  5. South Carolina Results
  6. Florida Primary
  7. Voting irregularities
  8. After Maine Caucus
UK Elections 
  1. Felton & Hesham By-election