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Thursday, 16 October 2014

They know not what they have done?

Politics is not a matter of right and left, liibertarian and authoritarian, it is a matter of right and wrong.
All these things will I give you, 
if you will fall down and worship me.

Quite unbelievably the island has voted to hasten moves to place all power in one man's hands, If all men are created equal then how can it be right that one person alone makes decisions for everyone? How can those decisions benefit everyone equally?

The corrupting influence of this absolute power, free from external UK control when we get full indpendence. Our organised religions teach that there is one all powerful god (although this is a corruption of the words ascribed to Jesus who said "we are all gods"),

I wonder if somewhere in our collective cosciousness you (because it sure was not me!)  are seriously trying to recreate that on this island. But our orgaised religions also teach us that the god of this world is satan. So who shall we set as our Prince of Darkness? Philip Bailhache and his puppet Gorst or Geoff Southern? Is that really what our elections should be about? Is either of those choices right? Are they not both wrong?

So why has our politicial narrative been forced in that direction for the past ten years? Why have all genuinely independent members now been forced out in a single day? The politics of concensus has now been replaced with the politics of diviseness. The very thing that Sir Pip said he was against, but the prince of darkness is also the prince of lies, the deceiver, the betrayer, a consummate politician.

Looking back to 1998 when the government began the destruction of the finance industry with the increase in regulation and oversight was this all part of some plan? Looking back to 1990 when taxes began to be ramped up on alcohol, petrol and cigarettes and greater regulation was implemented on hoteliers to begin the destruction of the tourism industry and house prices ratcheted up to the point where both parents had to work to pay a mortgage and leave their children in other people's care.

Was this done by design or just by (un)happy coincidence? Is it just the inevitable consequence of bureaucracy left unchecked?

As the tax rises hit you remember, this was your choice. As services are cut remember, this was your choice. When you lose your job, unable to pay your mortgage and in negative equity, whether you voted or not remember, this was your choice.

Why are you voting for it? Did you really think enough about what you were doing before you voted?