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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Free Man: A rather unusual development

In my last post in this series you may remember that judgement at the end of the hearing was reserved, well a new development took place this week, one which my legal friends assure me is never done; a draft judgement was issued and I was allowed to make comments on either typographical errors or on points of law, in advance of the handing down of the final judgement.

As this is a draft judgement I cannot disclose the contents, but I have taken the opportunity to point out the grounds upon which I will rely for the resultant appeal to the European Court of Human Rights (this being my last available domestic remedy) which number six, so far.

Whilst five are fairly standard points of law, for one of the points I finally submitted in writing the basis of my claim for non-membership of 'the Island of Jersey and its Dependencies' the jurisdiction in which all Jersey statutes operate and all administrative Courts (the Royal Court, the Magistrate etc.) operate. I therefore thought I should share it for comment (or ridicule) depending on your point of view.
The judgement does not make mention of the matter of jurisdiction in the following regard.

Nowhere does it state in the Law that physical location alone is a determinant of jurisdiction. Indeed the Interpretation (Jersey) Law 1953 refers to the jurisdiction of 'the Island of Jersey and its Dependencies'. The 'Island of Jersey' is capitalised and thus it is a proper name which refers therefore to a group of people and not to a physical place, the United States for example exercises authority of its 'citizens' no matter their physical location. What is more a lump of granite which is what the 'island of Jersey' (note lower case island) is constituted of cannot have 'dependents' as it is by our own human standards inanimate.

I live within the geo-political territory claimed by the Diocese of Winchester, that however does not make me a member of the Church of England. Likewise I live within the physical territory claimed by the Island of Jersey and its Dependencies, that does not make me a member of that group of people.

No evidence was presented to indicate that I was either a member of 'the Island of Jersey and its Dependencies' or subject to its rules and regulations. Such membership can by its very nature only be a voluntary act; and under the UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, any person whose human rights have been abused has the right to self-determination, (as mine were from 2007 to 2009 when the Island of Jersey and its Dependencies allowed itself to become and instrument of vengeance and torture under the advice and guidance of an Advocate of the Royal Court (Advocate <<name removed>> to be precise) solely for her own personal financial gain).

This is a right I have exercised as a matter of public record.

I noted before attending Court that I was attending solely as a child of God and subject to his jurisdiction alone. Clearly I am not therefore subject to the Employment (Jersey) Law 2003, nor any statute of that society, and therefore cannot be named as a party in any proceeding carried out under its auspices.

Subject, as I am, solely to the Royal Law, as affirmed by Her Majesty at her coronation as being that which is constituted within the Bible, I have only two laws to abide by; love my God above all else and love my neighbour as myself.

To submit to the rules and regulations of the 'the Island of Jersey and its Dependencies' is to worship false idols, an act for which I would have to answer to God.

A God-fearing man's conscience stands above the Law and on this matter my conscience is clear.

I have endured every torture and injustice that the Island of Jersey and its Dependencies have subjected me to and it has made me stronger, I thank the Island of Jersey and its Dependencies, I forgive the Island of Jersey and its Dependencies, but I want nothing to do with the Island of Jersey and its Dependencies other than the return of the monies fraudulently obtained under the euphemistically termed 'Social Security (Jersey) Law 1974', Ponzi scheme.

If forced to conduct a campaign of satyagraha against 'the Island of Jersey and its Dependencies' rather than live in peaceful co-existence, then so be it; I am answerable to God for my actions alone and I have no desire for Him to find me wanting.

I will not be bowed, bent or broken, by fear or by favour, I will not be turned from the path of righteousness.

I will not take advantage of the weak and slow-witted as the Island of Jersey and its Dependencies does, I will not assist the Island of Jersey and its Dependencies' protection racket, and I want nothing from the Island of Jersey and its Dependencies, but to be left alone to live out my days in praise of God and fear of His judgement to come.