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Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Golden Jackass is back

After four weeks of silence, and what a four weeks it has been, Jim Willie has published his latest research and thoughts on the ongoing destruction of the Western financial system and the long awaited return to a gold backed currency.

"Since the Lehman Brother scuttle and the Fannie Mae adoption and the AIG black hole admission, the financial crisis that began with the housing bubble and subprime mortgage bust has turned virulent. The global financial crisis is better described as a global monetary war to defend the toxic USDollar, whose sunset can be seen. In the last 12 to 18 months, the monetary war has again morphed, this time into a far more serious and financially violent global Gold War. Nations are fast realizing that their only true liquid assets of value are their gold reserves, and even they have been tampered with or stolen in a vast re-hypothecation scheme."
Interestingly enough I noted in the latest investment plan that the States of Jersey is to invest make a new type of investment not previously held, this is described as 'Alternative Investments Classes' and top of the list of what exactly an alternative investment might be is 'commodities'. It seems that one candidates campaigning at the last election has been listened to by someone and the States of Jersey may follow the rest of the world into GOLD.

"The Gold War is on, having moved to a higher gear, but nowhere near a climax gear. The true value of gold is being realized. The strength of gold during insolvency crisis is being observed. The resistance and rescue from the plague of insolvency is being made clear on a global stage. The new important part of the Gold War comes with the Allocated Gold Account scandal which will dwarf the LIBOR and MFGlobal scandals. The demands for repatriated gold accounts, primarily from the criminal bank sectors in London and New York, have amplified. Germany has finally joined with demands for gold repatriation. The demands will continue to grow even as tampered gold bars add to the motivation to repatriate. If only Chavez of Venezuela knew that he was to start a global trend to call gold home, in a Gran Aletazo de Mariposas. The grand butterfly flapping has caused a whirlwind that will turn into a tornado to wreck the central banks in a final death blow."
In a series of Laws, the road map for the next six months is painted clearly
"The law can be stated: The Gold Standard will return from a sheer standpoint of value, stability, and resistance to storms based in failed bond auctions, debt writedowns, and insolvency consequences. Only a hard asset backed new currency can replace a fiat paper currency reserve.
The law can be stated: The Gold Bull continues unbounded with the Zero Percent Interest Policy (ZIRP) as its primary cylinder, while the artificial 0% distorts all financial markets, all assets, and all value. The Gold Bull will continue until the USGovt debt default, and until the USDollar retirement.
The law can be stated: The bond monetization known as Quantitative Easing (QE) powers the upward move in the cost structure for the global economy. The result is a shrinking profit margins imposed on the entire economies, felt in job cuts and reduced budgets for expansion, even maintenance.
The law can be stated, as a profound consequence: The combination of ZIRP & QE lead to capital destruction and systemic breakdown. Observe the fast falling Money Velocity while money supply grows at a staggering pace.
The law can be stated: The anti-Gold system continues to attempt to reinforce itself until its final implosion. Criminal means and false accounting backed by media propaganda are their tools that reinforce the current power structure. It will yield to foreign designed trade settlement systems, to the forced Gold Standard return, and to vast liquidation.
Criminal deeds have become the norm. The established norm has been for outsized naked short positions for the Big Four US Banks. They are an everyday fixture. No laws are enforced for selling enormous supply without metal. Why on November 15th, my colleague Turd Ferguson reported the following gold ambush. In the TFMetals Report, he summarized the ambush as he wrote, "Over the course of about 5 minutes, one single order was filled. This massive dump of about 25,000 gold contracts managed to move the price of gold down by nearly $20. To give you an appreciation of the size and scale of this deliberately criminal act, 25,000 contracts is the paper equivalent of 2.5 million ounces of gold, or roughly 77 metric tonnes, the paper equivalent to the alleged physical holdings of Australia or Indonesia." No end to the naked shorting. The financial press reported not a peep on order by the Syndicate, who act as advertisers on the network channels.

On November 2nd, the Silver Doctor reported a similar silver ambush. NetDania provides a service, to estimate volume from five separate market sources. It is not an exact indicator of volume data, but does shed much accurate light on the deeply corrupted market. According to NetDania, a total volume of 38,400 contracts, equal to 191.99 million ounces of paper silver were dumped on the market in only ten minutes between 8:30am and 8:40am EST. The volume for those ten minutes corresponds to nearly one quarter of annual global silver production! No response by market regulators, business as usual.
Criminal deeds have become the norm. Money laundering has kept the entire major US banks afloat, the money laced with narcotics. Overnight satisfaction of loans is sometimes done with heroin paper packets the size of bricks. For the last 20 years, the New York and London bankers have illicitly (nicer word than illegally) leased official gold accounts. Those nations are one by one demanding their gold repatriation. Hot war has been justified in order to win the release of official gold held in accounts. Plenty of Arab despots sit in power, but the Libyan seat was targeted as special for its 144 tons of gold. The London bankers pilfered the Libyan gold account in the Qaddafi name, offering flimsy requirements for its return to their people, demands which will never be met. The stolen private accounts at MFGlobal waiting for silver delivery served as another criminal deed. The crime scene was protected by the US regulators and the courts. Apparently, the wrong interpretation of bankruptcy law matters little. MFGlobal was a brokerage firm, not a financial firm. Therefore, the private accounts should have been held first in line for redemption, not last.
The most prominent criminal practice has been challenged, the illicit usage for leasing of official gold accounts in the name of sovereign governments. The challenge will make for the grandest banker scandal in modern history. My source estimates that over 40 thousand metric tons have been vacated from the official accounts over the last two decades. Clearly, the volume indicates a lot of unofficial unaccounted gold, which nonetheless exists. The pressure has finally come to the London bankers largely responsible for the happy fingers. The New York and Swiss banks have been working overtime, often in midnight emergency shipments, to avoid a direct default. That would be both embarrassing and an invitation for prosecution which would be difficult to prevent, given the public outcry. As the London bankers struggle to meet the repatriation demands, the pressure will not relent. They must replace the leased gold or see their crime scene exposed.
The law can be stated: With Gold goes the geopolitical power. As huge amounts of Gold are shipped Eastward, with huge tonnage leaving London for points East like China, so goes the important shift in geopolitical power. A Paradigm Shift is in progress, at work.
Since the Lehman bust in September 2008, the global financial crisis has been a fixture, without solution. My preference is to call it the Global Monetary War, whose unspoken main objective by the powers in control is to maintain power, to preserve the big banks as fortresses of power, and to protect the USTBond & USDollar in their primary perches. Two important events have altered the crisis. The first was the breakdown of the Southern European sovereign debt structure. The Greek Govt Bond went into crisis mode in late 2009, which spread to Ireland, Portugal, and lately to Spain, Italy, and France. It will consume the Euro currency, despite all their best efforts NOT to fix anything, despite their best efforts to alter the bond subordination in new bond issuance. The Europeans are guilty of kicking the debt can down the road, just like the Americans. The victims that topple the system will be the big national banks in the affected nations of Europe, even the German banks. Their flagship Deutsche Bank has been dead for years, full of hollowed corridors. 
The second important event was the widening demands for repatriation of official gold accounts. It might have begun with Chavez in Venezuela, but it has continued. The Ghana Govt made their gold account repatriation demand, but a mysterious death of their leader halted the process. The Germans are spearheading this revolt. The Dutch will follow. The Austrians are next. Even little Ecuador wants one third of their gold account returned. Others will join.
An extreme wild card has surfaced. It began to be in play when Saudi Prince Bandar was assassinated a couple months ago, at the hands of HezBollah. Of course, the event was kept secret, but the Saudi Minister of Security was killed as revenge for the Saudi role in the high level Syrian assassinations. Phony photographs and other doctored official accounts have been produced by the Riyadh crowd to conceal the damage. The House of Saud, so the Jackass has claimed for two months, is in danger of falling, along with the Petro-Dollar. Well this week, reports have come out that King Abdullah faces death. He underwent a mid-November back surgery but has not recovered, or even come into consciousness. His entire set of organs has shut down, no longer functioning. The risk to the Petro-Dollar was high with the Bandar killing. The risk just went double acute with a succession to the throne imminent. Domestic challenges by an increasingly aware population, beset by higher cost of living, will come. The great Saudi oil surplus is slowly dwindling, what with higher domestic usage in a higher standard of living. The foreign challenge will remain from HezBollah, with roots from the radical and very powerful Shiite sect. Expect the Petro-Dollar defacto standard to fall in the coming months, as only weak successors remain in the line of surviving brothers. Think bottom of the family barrel (of oil). The teetering USTBond and confronted USDollar make for a poor foundation on which to keep the Petro-Dollar in place. Imagine the impact if the Saudis announce that Euros, Pounds, Swiss Francs, and Yen, even Gold are accepted for crude oil transactions. The Petro-Dollar is walking dead. 

For the past few days I have been looking at why the Jersey Finance Industry will move to Singapore, well here is on further reason... as the hegemonic power shifts to China, where better to be based than Singapore, a jurisdiction with a history of banking, that yet protects the identities and actions of its clients from those desperate Western governments eager to rob what little wealth remains to their citizens. A jurisdiction largely ethnically Chinese which speaks mandarin fluently.

As the wealth flees the City of London so it will flow from Jersey to the welcoming arms of Hong Kong and Singapore and the protections of the new global superpower China.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Nicking Tom Gruchy's hard work again!

Money Week reports that the British Pound is headed for a fall, Max Keiser goes into greater detail on this. Given that treasury yields are at a 300 year high there will follow an inevitable decline and when that happens interest rates WILL GO UP.

Whilst mortgage rates are set by the government at 10% below the market rate (if I want to borrow for my business the rates on offer are between 10 and 12.5%).

Banks are just not lending as the Daily Mail reports:
The failure of high street banks to lend to consumers is highlighted by the fact that 82pc of net mortgage lending in the six months to the end of September was accounted for by one institution – the Nationwide.
The reason is that the UK is up to its eyeballs in debt over 700% of GDP taking government, banking and private debt altogether, only Ireland and Japan are more endebted.

The new Chief at the Bank of England has been appointed and he is a graduate of Goldman Sachs (as even reported by the BBC) this is the very Goldman Sachs who are operating the vulture funds over Greece and many other European nations. On the basis that the worse it is going to be the better we are told it is going to be then this new appointment is going to be awful. Expect a ramping up of 'quantative easing' otherwise known as money printing.

Money printing devalues your pensions, investments and savings whilst giving free money to banks to lend out or rather to fill black holes in their balance sheets with.

It is no surprise that the UK is now looking to Jersey amongst other places to squeeze every last penny it can, as we have previously reported, just two days ago in a sort of prophetic posting, all this will achieve is an end to the finance industry in Jersey.

So with the new Work and Housing (Jersey) Law due to come in Tom Gruchy interviews David Warr of the Chamber of Commerce

What is missed out is that there is a vast unproductive pool of labour which, instead of acting as a parasite on the backs of the hard working people of Jersey, could be used in productive employment instead, to fuel future economic growth: the whole Civil Service, Parish staff and Quango staff which employ 50% of 'workers' in Jersey, but not in a productive manner. This would have a double effect on productivity as it would reduce the administrative burden caused by the over-regulation from the private sector.

When the finance industry leaves (or gradually drifts off) to Singapore we will have no choice (finally) but to re-examine the profligate waste that is our government, with hyper-inflation leading to higher interest rates and a property crash just around the corner the future liabilities of the both state and public sector pensions will be reduced in real terms, (States pensions are no longer index-linked).

Jersey can of course get itself out of this, slash landing fees, remove GST, decimate government several times over... basically undo everything that has been done under Bailhache, Walker and Le Sueur and go back to being a duty free shopping destination. Which of your elected representatives are up to the challenge? I suspect that Senator Farnham may be on the same song sheet.

My prevailing memories of those times is that everyone was happier than they are now, what's your priority? A happy society or an enslaved society beholden to a small rich persons club?

I think that rather than have to make a decision the majority will simply continue with head in the sand, things can only get better mentality because the voters prefer the delusion to embracing the necessary changes whilst others will beat the 'tax the rich and spend more on bigger government' drum.

Being able to say I told you so, as I have for the past seven years, gets very boring, very quickly. There is a better way and there can be a happier society in Jersey.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

They have told you the game is over, are you listening?

Where the money is moving to
The First Director of the JFSC has told us that Caesar was ambitious, I mean that we are too dependent on the Finance Industry. If it is so then it is a grevious fault, and like Caesar, greviously shall we answer for it.

At a meeting hosted by the Guernsey FSC the delegates were told there is too much regulation, (I remember one candidate saying that at the last Senatorial election in Jersey but was ridiculed for doing so).

Meanwhile Baroness Williams proven her age by proclaiming us as one of the most secretive jurisdictions in the world the JEP reported

"JERSEY has been labelled ‘one of the most secretive tax havens in the world’ in the House of Lords after it was revealed that UK citizens hold some £19 billion in Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man accounts.
In an exchange between Baroness Williams of Crosby – former Labour and SDP MP Shirley Williams – and deputy government chief whip Lord Newby, it was also revealed that the UK tax department is setting up a new unit to specifically look into money held offshore. 
Baroness Williams, a former UK Education Minister who sat in the House of Commons for 17 years, had asked the original question on Monday about how much money British citizens held in Channel Island accounts, and what was being done to investigate them. She also claimed that ‘Jersey is one of the most secretive tax havens in the world’."
Whilst I applaud Baroness Williams for trying her best to get us some new customers, the rich really do know where the most secretive jurisdictions in the world are and they know that both Jersey and even Switzerland will do nothing to keep the prying eye of governments out from where they do not belong.

In a recent poll Singapore was voted the most favoured jurisdiction for the world's rich to berth their wealth and Jersey's financial institutions are keen to move their client base there.

The rich do not want governments knowing what they are doing. When I am asked by government what my business is, my natural response is 'NOT YOURS'.

Switzerland, long held to be a finance centre of choice, is losing business fast as they open up their banks to foreign scrutiny, just as Jersey has done as fast as possible. The writing is on the wall and even the JEP is telling you this now, as long as you are listening to what is being said.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

If they can do that to a child then...

A Gazan missile is launched at Tel Aviv
and below the Israelis respond
“Since mankind's dawn, a handful of oppressors have accepted the responsibility over our lives that we should have accepted for ourselves. By doing so, they took our power. By doing nothing, we gave it away. We've seen where their way leads, through camps and wars, towards the slaughterhouse.”

in·no·cence [in-uh-suhns]

  1. the quality or state of being innocent; freedom from sin or moral wrong.
  2. freedom from legal or specific wrong; guiltlessness.
  3. simplicity; absence of guile or cunning; naiveté.
  4. lack of knowledge or understanding.
  5. harmlessness; innocuousness.

It has been a long time since I was an innocent. My own innocence was ended in 2007 at the tender age of 35 by being dragged from my house at 3:30 am and locked in police cell denied sleep then interrogated for three hours, locked in a prison cell on Christmas Eve and held for 31 days until I was proven innocent at trial. It was in being proved innocent that in fact all innocence was lost.

If you still believe that justice is more important than law to the Courts, that lawyers are more interested in representing you than in appropriating your funds, that the bank is looking after your money for you rather than risking it to make money for themselves, that politicians are interested in more than their next re-election and how much they can stuff into their pockets in the mean time, then you are as innocent as any child.

What then are the lessons that you might draw from the ongoing unveiling of the previously hidden atrocities which have been inflicted on the most innocent members of society? Perhaps it is that you, yourself, in your innocence, that is being abused, you probably don't even realise it yet, or are too ashamed to admit it to yourself but it does not mean it is not happening.

The latest fraud going on is that being perpetrated by the mainstream media to persuade you that the moral right to kill and maim rests with the Israelis.

Price challenge to Senator Ozouf

Well it seems that Phil Ozouf has decided NOT to run for election in 2014 and has alienated what one would consider to be his natural constituency, the small to medium sized businessman (there are no big businesses in Jersey).

The fundamental assumption upon which he has erred is that the tax component of the price of goods in Jersey is limited to GST and impots, this of course is not the case.

We could of course respond with our own question, how come government in Jersey is so much more expensive than in either the UK or in Guernsey and, of course, in asking that question we also answer Senator Ozouf's.

So let us examine in great detail why the difference between £1.22 and £2.34 (being the quoted cost of a packet of cigarettes in the UK and Jersey respectively) actually demonstrates that profits in Jersey are lower than in the United Kingdom.

We will assume that the production costs are the same up to the point that they leave the factory, we will also assume that the distribution costs are the same to either a) the point of sale in the UK or b) the harbour in Portsmouth from where the goods are shipped to Jersey.

Therefore the cost of shipping from Portsmouth to Jersey is a cost which must be borne above and beyond the UK retailers.

There are two key points to note here; firstly that Jersey has the highest landing charges anywhere in the United Kingdom (for example EasyJet have stated that they could fly a person from the UK to Jersey for £15 in the summer months (with a full plane) and yet the cheapest deal you will find is £52.00 and that is not available for every seat on the plane. The reason is because the taxes on landing are levied at over £40 per person. Who sets this charge? The government and it is only set to rise as the Harbours and Airports are soon to become a company which is determined to make a profit. Compare this with the height of the Tourism industry when the States recognised that in making a loss on the operation of the harbour and airport they at least encouraged people to come and spend their money here.

The second point is that the States of Jersey deliberately chose to build a harbour which would limit the competition that Condor would face (i.e. one with a shallow draft). This of course means that much less cargo can be carried in on each boat which of course raises the cost of importing goods, and Jersey is never going to be self-sufficient economically.

Two decisions made by the States which mean that the cost of the goods you buy is greatly increased.

Next there is the simple size of the market in Jersey compared to the UK, the administrative cost of importing the goods into Jersey is no cheaper than it is in the UK but the number of cigarettes is far lower. Therefore the administrative cost must be split between far fewer items, making the cost per item far higher.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Some free e-books that are worth a read

For those of you with download capability there are some rather interesting books available as a free downloads from Amazon via your kindle or such modern contraptions.

The judgement is handed down

Well the judgement has been finalised, I did not win (yet), but I have to say that the Royal Commissioner has once again given a fair judgement which I cannot really argue with, other than to say that the Law is wrong to limit appeals simply to points of law but allow erroneous conclusions to stand simply because they can be arrived at.

It is this matter which will be the point of appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.

To sum up the judgement the Commissioner basically says, "it is your own fault for refusing to turn up to the hearing".

The highlights of the judgement are as follows (name of applicant has been changed to Miss Z, as a courtesy):

3. Article 94 of the Employment (Jersey) Law 2003 (“the Employment Law”) provides that an appeal  on a question of law only shall lie from a decision of the Tribunal to the Court with the leave of the Tribunal or of the Court. The Tribunal denied leave in this case. 
4. It was held in Voisin v Brown [2007] JLR 141 at page 143 that an appeal on a question of law will arise where it can be shown that (a) the Tribunal had misdirected itself in law or misunderstood or misapplied the law; (b) there was no evidence to support a particular conclusion or finding of fact; or (c) the decision was either perverse, in that it was one which no reasonable tribunal directing itself properly on the law could have reached, or was obviously wrong.
24. Mr Pearce seeks leave to appeal against the decision of the Tribunal on the grounds as set out in his document e-mailed to the Assistant Judicial Greffier on 24th October 2012 as follows: -
(ii) In order to claim jurisdiction, the Tribunal must establish “beyond all reasonable doubt” the existence of a contract. 
That is clearly incorrect – the standard of proof is that which applies in all civil proceedings, namely the balance of probabilities.

The point of contention here will be that the Tribunal must establish its own right to sit beyond reasonable doubt under Article 8 of the European Convention, even when the subsequent proceedings may be decided on the balance of probabilities.
(iv) Mr Pearce asserted that Miss Z had sworn a statement to the Social Security Department that she was employed by Nigel Pearce & Son Jewellers. 
This statement was not produced either to the Tribunal or indeed to this Court and therefore no conclusions can be drawn from it.
So it is for me to bring an action to the Royal Court against Miss Z for committing perjury or for misleading the tribunal.
29. Mr Pearce challenged the jurisdiction of the Tribunal on a number of grounds including that he was not “a member of the Island of Jersey and its dependencies” and therefore he was not subject to its rules and regulations. To become subject to such rules and regulations required, he said, a voluntary act on his part. He told me it was for this reason that he had not attended the hearings as to do so would have given the Tribunal jurisdiction over him. He had attended the application for leave as “a child of God” whose jurisdiction was the only one he recognised. At the same time he confirmed that he lived in Jersey.
30. Articles 76 and 86 of the Employment Law are clear as to the Tribunal’s jurisdiction in this matter. Article 101 (1) provides that the Employment Law shall only apply to employment “where the employee works wholly or mainly in Jersey”. It was not in dispute that Miss Z worked wholly in Jersey. 
So there we have it, physical location is a determinant of jurisdiction as far as the Royal Court is concerned in the case of the Employment (Jersey) Law 2003
31. Mr Pearce informed me at the hearing that he declined to complete the form JET2 as requested by the Tribunal because, having seen the error as to the identity of the respondent in the letter from the Tribunal (there was no such error in the actual complaint which he also received), he wanted the time period for the filing of complaints to expire, thus preventing Miss Z from bringing a further complaint. Even after that time had expired, he made a conscious decision not to appear before the Tribunal or to produce any of the evidence on which he now wishes to rely. In conducting himself in this way, he cannot now complain about the decision reached by the Tribunal on the evidence that was actually before it.

Monday, 19 November 2012

The Right to Self Determination

 When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.

from the Declaration of Independence

It was in this document that the right to self determination was first assumed. It is by no accident that the rights is enshrined in modern United Nations Convenants as the Declaration of Human Rights was a joint production between the United States and the United Kingdom. Since the United States only came to be through the exercise of this right there can be little doubt that it would be included.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Free Man: A rather unusual development

In my last post in this series you may remember that judgement at the end of the hearing was reserved, well a new development took place this week, one which my legal friends assure me is never done; a draft judgement was issued and I was allowed to make comments on either typographical errors or on points of law, in advance of the handing down of the final judgement.

As this is a draft judgement I cannot disclose the contents, but I have taken the opportunity to point out the grounds upon which I will rely for the resultant appeal to the European Court of Human Rights (this being my last available domestic remedy) which number six, so far.

Whilst five are fairly standard points of law, for one of the points I finally submitted in writing the basis of my claim for non-membership of 'the Island of Jersey and its Dependencies' the jurisdiction in which all Jersey statutes operate and all administrative Courts (the Royal Court, the Magistrate etc.) operate. I therefore thought I should share it for comment (or ridicule) depending on your point of view.
The judgement does not make mention of the matter of jurisdiction in the following regard.

Nowhere does it state in the Law that physical location alone is a determinant of jurisdiction. Indeed the Interpretation (Jersey) Law 1953 refers to the jurisdiction of 'the Island of Jersey and its Dependencies'. The 'Island of Jersey' is capitalised and thus it is a proper name which refers therefore to a group of people and not to a physical place, the United States for example exercises authority of its 'citizens' no matter their physical location. What is more a lump of granite which is what the 'island of Jersey' (note lower case island) is constituted of cannot have 'dependents' as it is by our own human standards inanimate.

I live within the geo-political territory claimed by the Diocese of Winchester, that however does not make me a member of the Church of England. Likewise I live within the physical territory claimed by the Island of Jersey and its Dependencies, that does not make me a member of that group of people.

No evidence was presented to indicate that I was either a member of 'the Island of Jersey and its Dependencies' or subject to its rules and regulations. Such membership can by its very nature only be a voluntary act; and under the UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, any person whose human rights have been abused has the right to self-determination, (as mine were from 2007 to 2009 when the Island of Jersey and its Dependencies allowed itself to become and instrument of vengeance and torture under the advice and guidance of an Advocate of the Royal Court (Advocate <<name removed>> to be precise) solely for her own personal financial gain).

This is a right I have exercised as a matter of public record.

I noted before attending Court that I was attending solely as a child of God and subject to his jurisdiction alone. Clearly I am not therefore subject to the Employment (Jersey) Law 2003, nor any statute of that society, and therefore cannot be named as a party in any proceeding carried out under its auspices.

Subject, as I am, solely to the Royal Law, as affirmed by Her Majesty at her coronation as being that which is constituted within the Bible, I have only two laws to abide by; love my God above all else and love my neighbour as myself.

To submit to the rules and regulations of the 'the Island of Jersey and its Dependencies' is to worship false idols, an act for which I would have to answer to God.

A God-fearing man's conscience stands above the Law and on this matter my conscience is clear.

I have endured every torture and injustice that the Island of Jersey and its Dependencies have subjected me to and it has made me stronger, I thank the Island of Jersey and its Dependencies, I forgive the Island of Jersey and its Dependencies, but I want nothing to do with the Island of Jersey and its Dependencies other than the return of the monies fraudulently obtained under the euphemistically termed 'Social Security (Jersey) Law 1974', Ponzi scheme.

If forced to conduct a campaign of satyagraha against 'the Island of Jersey and its Dependencies' rather than live in peaceful co-existence, then so be it; I am answerable to God for my actions alone and I have no desire for Him to find me wanting.

I will not be bowed, bent or broken, by fear or by favour, I will not be turned from the path of righteousness.

I will not take advantage of the weak and slow-witted as the Island of Jersey and its Dependencies does, I will not assist the Island of Jersey and its Dependencies' protection racket, and I want nothing from the Island of Jersey and its Dependencies, but to be left alone to live out my days in praise of God and fear of His judgement to come.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Bailhache - Suffering Delusions of Mediocrity Again

The Examiner reports that 15 individual states have filed petitions with the recently re-elected President Obama to secede from the Union echoing the actions which lead to the US civil war in 1865.
"Louisiana, Texas, Montana, North Dakota, Indiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, North Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Colorado, Oregon and New York. These States have requested that the Obama Administration grant a peaceful withdrawal from the United States."
The world's only honest politician, Ron Paul, has spoken

The United Kingdom are of course facing our own form of secession in the form of a referendum on independence for Scotland (we of course face the BBC's assertion that the Scottish will vote against it which is not reflected in the opinions of the Scottish people I speak to) and the pressure on the UK to secede from the European Union continues to mount, and of course they will likely not be the first to seek greater independence.

Big government is failing around the world so Bailhache's plan would seem to be the worst possible idea and to have come at the worst possible time. Guernsey and Jersey together will still not be more than a parasite, on the world stage, the better plan, the one that we have used successfully for centuries, is simply to be overlooked, to be inconsequential, to be beneath consideration.

I do not know where Bailhache has gotten these delusions of mediocrity from, but they aren't helping.

Manipulating Property Prices and Rentals in Jersey

I last looked at The Construction Business in Jersey about a year ago and I thought I would re-visit this and see what has occurred one year on.

The first thing to note is that the income support allowance for accommodation has increased by just over 6% (from £661 to £701) which is of course significantly higher than inflation and significantly higher than the increase in average wages.

Landlords have not been slow to pass on this 6% increase to their income support funded tenants, indeed many structure the leases to expire just weeks after the increase is announced, in order to gain full benefit of this government handout. A handout which of course does not benefit those most in need in any way, shape or form whatsoever.

Housing too have not been slack in increasing their rentals which have gone up from 75% of the 'market rent' to 90% of the 'market rent'. Someone seems to have conveniently forgotten that this is caused by the increases in the accommodation component of income support and that the current rentals are far, far from the 'market rent' - if only the market were left to set rentals.

This process will of course assist our government to meet its 'growth' targets because the economy is now so much bigger; more rents are being charged by, and more rents are being paid by, the government, of course this is just an accounting trick which will mean that all those Civil Servants and States members have successfully completed their roles, met their targets and achieved the much needed growth.

I also noticed that the qualification for 1.1 (k) status now requires a property to be valued at over £1.5 million pounds a 50% increase - given that there are only a certain number of properties which will ever be deemed acceptable to those with multi-millions and given that there will likely be no restriction placed upon these people purchasing property when the new Work and Housing (Jersey) Law 201- comes into force next February perhaps this explains why the 'average house price' has not fallen but risen.

If the high end properties have experienced a 50% increase in value despite the recession  and indeed with the raising of taxes around the world it is now more attractive than ever to pay what is effectively no tax, then this will help to mask the plummeting house prices in the lower price band.

Looking through Estate Agents website there is something of a bi-polar effect occurring, those who can afford to hold out are refusing to bring the prices of their properties down to a level at which they will sell (and those that are selling are selling at around 20% below asking price) whilst people more motivated are busy slashing prices as fast as they can.

It still appears to me that there is at least two more years of decline to come, people just aren't desperate enough as yet. But with rising food and energy prices, taxation on near exponential increase and stagnant wages more and more people will be trapped in the 'safety net', become dependent on government and be forced to their knee to tug the forelock before the all mighty (and not the almighty) and they had better be grateful, or else.

Property prices are just about the only thing that the States of Jersey can control, and don't they do such a great, public minded, job of it?

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Unemployment is the highest priority for the States of Jersey

Gorst has proven that UNemployment really is the highest priority for the States of Jersey

On the Tom Gruchy blog there is a rather interesting post regarding the Housing and Work (Jersey) Law 201- and the Register of Names and Addresses (Jersey) Law 201-.

Two rather interesting points are raised; firstly that it is possible to petition the Privy Council directly on legislation passed by the States of Jersey which I only discovered thanks to Tom Gruchy the second being exactly how one should feel about these laws coming in.

Firstly we should examine the purpose of this legislation - there is the publicly stated purpose (which can be discovered from reading the Hansard of the debates which have taken place in the States) and there is the underlying purpose, the real purpose, the hidden purpose which can only be inferred but is the real reason that the Civil Service want the laws enacted.

The stated purpose is to protect the local community from migrants who put pressure on housing and may undercut the wage levels of local workers. I think of this as being little different to 'Union membership', if you are in the Union then you will be defended, your work practises and rewards will be defended and through 'collective bargaining' your wages will increase, irrespective of whether you personally merit such an increase or not. I have always felt that unions reward mediocrity and poor performance whilst punishing the most productive and best performing workers.

I have to disagree with Tom in that there are no human rights implications as far as the European Convention on Human Rights as there is a clear judgement in McGonnell vs. United Kingdom that states that the Channel Islands have every right to limit the use of their limited resources being such physically small areas.

But let us look to the real reason for these laws to be implemented - as usual you have to follow the money!

The principal income streams (other than the alms and bribes given to the beggars in the States by the finance industry) are from payroll taxes (Social Security and ITIS) and of course from taxes on rents but in recent years there has been some major concern that people were coming over and working and then leaving without paying taxes, ITIS itself was introduced to prevent people from just working a season tax free, then leaving the island.

Once these laws are in place then every worker can be taxed on their earnings at source and then the approximately 50% of their earnings which are paid in rents can also be taxed on the landlords.

26% of earned income will be taken in taxation, a further 10% of that will be taken in taxation from the landlord to whom rent is paid, that leaves 24% to live on.

The real purpose of this legislation is quite clearly to enable the States of Jersey to readily identify who owes them tax and how much tax they owe them.

So the net effect will be - to make it completely pointless to work unless the £92 you will be given by the government for doing nothing, I mean filling in a form once a week proving you are looking for work, (it is hardly your fault that when you mention your ongoing struggle with long term heroin addiction that most employers don't seem to want you), is less than 24% of the wage you qualify for and then there are the extra costs of working to consider. This means that unless you are earning £25,000 per year it is not worth your while bothering to seriously look for work.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Comparing the Decline of the US with the Decline of the UK

Britain rose to pre-eminence in the world in the wake of the Napoleonic Wars as the only major power who was not ravaged and whilst the outcome of these wars also set the seeds of its ultimate destruction, the peace deal laying the foundations for the re-unification of Germany and with the sale of the French territories in America to the United States Britain's two major economic competitors were born.

One of the key economic innovations which allowed Britain to gain supremacy was the development of banking and financial markets.

Britain's reign from 1815 to 1915 has some key points along its route, the first being the social revolutions which swept Europe around 1848, followed by the Crimean War in 1853, by the time the US Federal Government overwhelmed the Southern states who favoured a looser form of federalism in 1865 and German unification was completed in 1871 the end of Britain's reign was assured but the long lingering death took another lifetime to complete.

For this latter half of British assumed sovereignty the British set out to be not only the world's policeman but the guardian of its morals; the enlightenment of Africa bringing could Christian values and western society to the dark heart of Africa, India and seeing the end of the Chinese Imperial system.

Through the 1960's waves of social revolt swept the Western world; civil rights, student protests for a while the stability of the West seemed threatened and the ruling elites turned to the same solution that had been employed in 1848... the extension of the franchise.

This period culminated in the Vietnam war, a war which bankrupted the United States much as the Crimean war (and the two invasions of Afghanistan) exposed the weakness of the British.

Both Russia and China have undergone social reformations since then and the European Union is changing into something, what it's final design will be remains as yet uncertain, but it is definitely changing.

The US presidential elections has exposed the American belief in their own supremacy as a people who believe they hold a solemn mission to tell everyone else what to do, engaged in wars throughout the Muslim world and now staging 'war-games' with Japan in the East China Sea and backing the Philippines in their ongoing showdowns with Chinese naval vessels in the South China Sea.

So I guess that puts us at about 1895 in the British cycle, just before the Second Boer War with Dr. Jameson about to launch an attack on the gold fields of Johannesburg...

Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Golden Jackass on the escalating Gold wars

A nasty Golden Harp could soon have its cords plucked, with the resonance working to shake loose the bankster cover of improper illicit duplicitous and probably highly illegal usage of Allocated Gold Accounts.

When diverse scattered accounts are pilfered and depleted without authorization in Switzerland, resulting in several multi-$billion class action lawsuits in Zurich, all kept dutifully out of the news, that is one thing.

But when a few key official government gold accounts are ransacked in systematic fashion from established trusted locations, defying and betraying the trust of the German government and other national governments, that is quite another.

To be sure, the system can tolerate ransacking and replacing with scurried harried efforts the Venezuelan gold account like in 2011. The media told the story with creativity and aplomb, avoiding the truth, inventing a tale, but finding a credible pile of dung to feed the public, which swallowed it whole.

The global monetary war has been raging for four years, ever since the Lehman Brothers firm was targeted and destroyed with planning and motivated execution, for the benefit of Goldman Sachs full credit default swap redemptions and exploit by JPMorgan in war chest reload under cover of bankruptcy court orders.

The media prefers regularly to refer to the global financial crisis incorrectly and improperly. A crisis passes after a year or so. This war lingers like WWI and WW2 and Vietnam, with a clear emerging agenda to defend the USDollar regime from global isolation shun, to conceal the USTreasury Bond support mechanisms in derivatives, to avoid the US banking system from grotesque insolvency but kept afloat by grand money laundering channels, and to motivate an endless war to secure resource thefts and control that center on oil fields and the poppy fields. Witness the slow gradual inexorable collapse of the global monetary and financial system.

This is a global monetary war as last hurrah for the longest running fiat paper currency regime in modern history, which has run from 1971.

The current dying regime has been held up by pressure to maintain USDollar support and not diversify away from it. It has been held up by amplified usage of derivative support in the form of Interest Rate Swap contracts, thereby keeping USTBond yields ultra-low in the face of chronic $1.3 trillion USGovt deficits, and creating an illusion of a flight to safe haven.

It has been held up diverse comical USFed support in the form of a cornucopia of liquidity programs, to supply the big US banks with never ending bond redemption and carry trade aid.

The current dying USDollar regime has culminated in an admitted permanent monetary policy identified by a toxic 0% official rate and the emerging reality of limitless bond monetization. It has been held up profound distortion of economic statistics, which have become almost laughable in the abuse.

To call this a financial crisis is like calling Hurricane Sandy just a bad storm, or calling a devastating drought just a dry spell, or calling raging cancer just a growth aberration, or calling a rape violation just an unfortunate encounter, or calling a death sequence just a passing, or calling a business bankruptcy just a bad skein on its account, or calling a home foreclosure just an opportunity to clean house.

The nation and the world are undergoing a death sequence for the USDollar regime, and a vigorous corrupt defense to extend its life, in order to maintain power, to continue gigantic thefts, to perpetuate gigantic bond frauds, and to enable foreign account thefts of the traditional type and related to gold.

The hidden motive in the Libyan overthrow of Qaddafi was to steal his 144 tons of gold held in London. The banksters needed it. The action and the reporting of the events were typical distractions laced with fiction.


The global monetary war has escalated. It began with a profound bond fraud backed by mortgages, often with duplicate usage of income streams. It extended to sovereign bond wreckage, from deep government deficits, from wasteful bank aid to ward off insolvency, and lost trust of heretofore sacrosanct bonds. The war continues.

It extended to the desperation by big Western banks to redeem their bonds by USFed and EuroCB largesse, even if illegal, even if unsterilized, even if the averted liquidations wreck the national economies, even if the actions directly result in a higher cost structure, even if bank runs are inevitable.

It extended to destabilize further the fragile Middle East nations already beset by rising food prices, so that the departing leaders could either leave with gold wealth (see Tunisia) or have their foreign accounts stolen (see Libya).

Tiny Ghana demanded its gold return from London, but suddenly its leader showed up dead. Syria does not have oil wealth, but it does possess valuable ports (see Russian naval port in Tartus). The global monetary war extended to collateral grabs and seizures, like in Greece, but with an entire table full of similar attachments being done in Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, and elsewhere, mostly in deep secrecy. It extended to exert extreme pressures on the European Commission to bend the rules, and to European Central Bank to bend the rules, and on the German High Court to bend the rules.

The banker elite require rule changes in order to perpetuate the redemption of their busted portfolios at public expense from additional government deficits. One must be a billionaire to receive public aid, as the commoners need not apply.


The absence of solutions offered has forced the major central banks into heretic caustic and destructive policies that are stuck in place. The nations involved are all uniformly subjected to the 0% corner, with their monetary spew reaching all corners of the world. The US Federal Reserve leads the way in justifying the highly destructive ZIRP and QE, the powerful 0% free money clarion call joined by endless bond monetization to pay for the wide stream of federal deficits.

The Weimar America has produced a Pied Piper effect among the major central banks, coerced by a powerful Competing Currency War factor, where all must join or see their currencies rise to dangerous levels, sufficient to render deep economic damage in the vaunted export trade.

Wealth is under heavy attack. The impact has caused an undercurrent by the US and UK bankers in pursuit of gold supply to satisfy demands, like from Venezuela.

The principal sources of gold continue to be the Bank of England, the Bank For Intl Settlements, and the Roman catacombs. The elite are having their gold vaults raided, done as loans to the major central banks and bullion bank centres. Resentment builds.

Alternative supply sources have been urgently needed, thus the project in Libya. Thus the MFGlobal thefts. The list goes on, but the need is rising far faster than the channels can be supplied. Desperation has set in with the major bullion bankers and their clever craftsmen who manage markets with leverage, derivatives, and propaganda.

The Gold War is escalating, as the insolvent bankrupt and desperate Western bankers are resorting to whatever means to locate gold assets. They have a two-fold double whammy at work. They must find new gold supply in order to shore up their own insolvent systems based upon gigantic flawed paper structures built atop debt structures.

They must also find new gold supply in order to satisfy gold demands within the LBMA and COMEX, or else face market defaults that expose the acute shortage of Gold & Silver. The MFGlobal theft of private accounts was a direct assault and crime scene designed to satisfy a Silver market demand delivery schedule. Investors awaiting silver delivery had their accounts stolen.

While permitted by regulators and the courts, the warning was given for a call to arms to protect and preserve true wealth held in gold accounts. It must be located and secured before it is stolen by the London and New York bankers.


The bond fraud and gold market fraud and futures brokerage fraud and central bank bond monetizations, and desperate reactions to insolvent broken national banking systems, and continued flow of government red ink in deficits, all these activities have motivated nations to check their gold bank accounts. What they see scares them witless, but it pushes them into action.

The demand by Chavez in Venezuela over a year ago served as a stark wakeup call. Imagine mature experienced savvy German bank officials observing a socialist backwater Latino renegade like Chavez leading the way in defense from Western banker corruption and colossal thefts.

Finally, the Germans are taking action. They tried in September to view their gold account in the New York Fed, but were turned away with insults and disdain. Word has come that the shun event in the Big Apple was probably the fifth time in the last few years that a German delegation has been turned away. The situation is as complex as it is dicey.

The Germans under the Deutsche Bank flagship had been a principal accomplice and cooperative partner in the great gold game, where as a large collusive group they leased national gold, dumped it on the market, supported their paper currencies, while the banking elite speculated and profited in the $trillions on leveraged bets that were basic betrayals of their nation. The Jackass prefers the words financial treason.

To use the metaphor, the Golden Harp will be busy causing deep damage to the global financial structures, from its broken bond foundation to its uncollateralized major currencies. The Golden Harp will act as a great destroyer from the financial tectonic plates that stand as the faulty bond foundation, to the stormy ether in which the baseless currencies float in infinite volumes.


Some historical research reveals that the infamous Brown Folly had a basis in aiding Deutsche Bank. The Bank of England was directed to sell a huge lot of its national gold treasure between 1999 and 2002 to mark the Gold market bottom. It was not sold, but rather handed to D-Bank in order to satisfy a big margin call. They aided both D-Bank and Goldman Sachs, each heavily short and at risk. The Gordon Brown action was done with two unusual signpost markings. The sale was announced in advance, thus permitting front running by London and New York bank buddies. It was done in auction, to assure the lowest possible price. The actions set the low. But the actions bailed out D-Bank secretly.

The aid to GSax was one of a string of ugly pearls, which the arrogant elite firm never seems to mind and never bothers to cover up too effectively. They benefited from the TARP Funds as #1 son in the family. They did work feverishly in 2009 to conceal their Unix box for tapping into the NYSE for peeking at trades, front running them, and skimming pennies on billions of trades. They enlisted the help of the FBI to arrest the Russian rogue, painting him as a villain, even prosecuting him, despite the clear legal violations from the GSax tool. He tried to show the world what scum GSax was, how they were common criminals in white collar crime. Back to Germany.

In the summer 2012 months, a significant sequence of events took place. The CEO Josef Ackerman was ousted finally. Few realized that his removal was a key event in the change of tide against the Western banker elite. The story went largely unreported. As leader of D-Bank during many years of solid cooperation with London and New York banker games and gimmicks, he knew too much. My best info source reported last spring that several Interpol agents and high level investigators occupied Ackerman's office while he was present. They obtained files, downloaded documents, and had their way. The shocked CEO made a phone call to an attorney, and was frustrated at the lack of pull. He made another phone call to a ranking judge, but again was frustrated at the lack of pull. He was told that the raid was done from a higher level than the German Govt. The Jackass was told that the raid was the work of a powerful new sheriff in town, with Eastern entity connections, hell-bent on justice, with a no nonsense attitude, with staggering wealth at their disposal.

The global monetary war extended in March, April, May, and June to a profound powerful run of gold bullion by Eastern entities against London banks. Margin calls of unusual type prevailed, where cash cannot satisfy the margin calls, where wrecked leveraged bets on currencies and bonds demand action taken to fortify the margin. In all, approximately 6000 metric tons have departed London bank vaults since March, all headed East, in the biggest raids in modern history. The US press, London press, and Western European press have been silent. The silent spring reminds one of the missing bird chatter from DDT decades ago, chronicled by Rachel Carson. The toxic paper has a chemical parallel. These London trades have been the object of Jackass study for a couple months. My firm belief, backed up by hints of confirmation from sources, indicates the Eastern pressures on London banks could involved enormous amounts of Official Gold Accounts and private Allocated Gold Accounts, improperly used (rifled, pilfered, stolen) for the original margin placement. Satisfy the margin call with like kind asset. Conceal the gold account seizures, but in the process the owners recall their gold bullion in huge volumes, with deals cut and secrecy maintained. The London bankers find their nether onions caught in a powerful vise, and the Easterners are hardly in the mood to relieve the pressure.


The German Govt demands a full accounting of its official gold accounts held in foreign lands. They demand a careful accounting that involves inspections, weighing, assurance of gold proof, and examination of markings, perhaps even some testing of bar cores. They demand an accounting that cites locations and storage. They demand a full complete audit. The distrust is thick. James Turk, founder of Gold Money, believes the German gold is all gone, used up in the two decades of gold games that defended the fiat paper currency regime. He lives and works in London, has ties there, and probably is privy to the grapevines. The order is part of a compromise between the German central bank and the Audit Court, which has called on the Bundesbank to take stock of its gold holdings outside Germany, saying it has never verified their existence. Apparently, no longer will the word of the New York Fed or the Bank of England be sufficient. They have been caught lying too often. They have been implicated in deep bank corruption too often. They are being depleted of their gold, in regular shipments to cover the demands, the evidence for which is detailed in the October Hat Trick Letter. Call it backlash from the Quantitative Easing and infinite endless unlimited bond monetization that is an absolute guarantee of systemic currency ruin. Call it a backlash from the sequence of rogue bond redemption plans declared by King Draghi at the Euro Central Bank. The Western Governments are scurrying to locate their Gold reserves, realizing that Gold is the only wealth asset they possess, except for the buildings and edifices that house their depleted gutted central banks.

My firm belief is that the Gold Wars have reached a new level, where Germany will be disappointed when it learns the gold is gone. To be sure, big distractions and absurd excuses will be offered. The pressure is on. The Dutch have joined the movement in making demands on London and New York. The call to the corrupt fortress is plain: WHERE IS OUR GOLD?? Maybe like with Jericho, after several calls the walls will fall. The irony is thick, since for 20 years the Western leaders have proclaimed gold as a barbarous relic that pays no yield, a dead asset. So the Germans with Dutch echo want a full accounting of their prized so-called dead asset, which in the end will provide salvation when the new monetary system is put in place. That system is ready, with full trade settlement foundation. It awaits the monetary system full collapse.

The outcome will be shown soon enough. The London and New York bankers improperly used the German gold, and official gold from numerous accounts like from France and Spain, from Venezuela to Mexico, to enforce the Strong Dollar Policy and to defend against its collapse. The Mexicans this month performed a formal genuflection before the London Banker Kings, announcing no need to repatriate their gold, as full confidence was expressed. What lackeys, likely offered a bone somewhere. Allocated Gold Accounts have been pilfered with governments as the owners. They will be angry. They must walk a fine line to express outrage but to protect from revelations pointing to their own complicity and benign neglect. The flagship bank of Germany which bears the national name has been deeply involved. In recent months, D-Bank has been cooperating with the Interpol and Intl Court of Hague in pursuing the banker corruption and high crimes against currency, wealth, savings, and humanity. Delicate deals have been struck with D-Bank. It will be interesting to observe how the German demands for gold account audit are met, and how the German Govt reacts to delays and coverup. My belief is that the D-Bank flip was key to the breaking of the LIBOR bank scandal.


The Allocated Gold Account scandal is at the doorstep. The German Govt demand for full accounting of its foreign gold account is the knock at the door. They were shown extreme disrespect by the New York Fed in September. The recent demand is the consequence, in a ramped up escalation of the conflict, better described as gold war. My best gold trader source has assured that the eruption of the Allocated Gold Account scandal will come in the wake of the LIBOR scandal. They are related links in the exposure of big bank corruption. The LIBOR scandal began the process of investigation, discovery, and action, if not prosecution. Word repeats from key sources that the biggest banker criminals will never see justice. They will just vanish. An important consequence of the LIBOR followup is the lack of trust between bankers. They are all under investigation for collusion, and therefore must be silent as each is subject to indictment and lawsuit damages. The discovery process is unique, as the investigations can legally pursue and request documents, conversations, emails, and testimony that was previously not available. The strong crowbar is being used widely by strong arms and hands, with formidable bodyguards behind them. The Allocated Gold Account scandal is at the doorstep, possibly to break open by German demands.

The official in major nations are catching on. Expect more national government officials to make demands of London and New York. They suspect their national accounts are stolen, replaced by gold paper certificates, kind of an IOU left behind by the thief with defiant signature. Now a new twist. Romania has joined, as they recently demanded a full audit of their national gold account held by the Kremlin. The irony and contrast is due next. Expect the Kremlin to comply with the request from Bucharest. Their responsible response will put additional pressure on the corrupt Anglo banking centers, the site which the Jackass has long described as the center of the financial crime syndicate. The contrast will be embarrassing to the Western financial centers and their leaders, the dons to syndicate power.

The Gold price is sure to respond to the realization that the London and New York bank vaults do not contain the official gold on account. Supply is not in existence, sure to have an effect on price, as demand escalates globally. The trust has been violated. The anger will be acute. The global reaction will be recognition that the Western Governments do not possess the gold they claim to reinforce the integrity and value of their entire monetary systems. What faith remains in the fiat paper system will vanish quickly. Not only are the various sovereign bonds nearly worthless, but the collateral understood to reinforce their value is gone. The monetary system deserves to be foreclosed upon. The global currency system with the USDollar at its center deserves to be removed, replaced, and reconstructed.

Recall Jim Sinclair and his numerous calls between years 2005 and 2007 for a $1560 Gold price. Many called him crazy, but he was proved correct. The critics to the Gold Sound Money Movement still do not show respect. Rather they are loaded with contempt, clinging to failed Keynesian principles and empty beliefs that central banks can install solutions. They are best qualified to manage their gold thefts, manage the heavy narco money laundering, manage the multi-$trillion grants to banker colleagues, manage the bond shell games, and clean up after the mortgage bond frauds. Those are their best work accomplishments. The Gold bull market is entering an important second gear after a long year of consolidation. The feckless idiots who claim the Gold Bull is done seem the most ignorant in the financial classroom, the dumbest and most deficient in mental processes.

The Gold bull market has several primary cylinders.

1) Negative real rate of interest. With official interest rates stuck under 1% by all major central banks, the actual interest rate after subtracting price inflation is deeply negative. This factor has been and will continue to serve as the most important among many factors. It is the gigantic blind spot among gold critics. The long-term USTreasurys offer a mere 2% or 3% at most, far below the prevailing price inflation in the real world. Effective returns are thus negative. Investment in Gold as a hedge against the absent compensation for the erosion of money, it just makes sense.

2) Bond monetization. With unlimited bond purchases from QE1, then QE2, then Operation Twist, now QE3, and on and on until QE175, the debasement of currency is entrenched, absolute, and shocking. The movement is joined by the Euro Central Bank, the Bank of England, the Swiss National Bank, and the Bank of Japan. The debasement of money is powerful and without abatement. Investment in Gold as a hedge against the reckless production of bond supply, it just makes sense.

3) Unsterilized bond purchases. The QE3 admission of associated bond sales was a story not adequately told. In fact, it was a story told by omission. In the past, especially with the deceptive Operation Twist, the bond purchases were often made with funds derived from other bond sales. Like sell short-term USTBills in order to have funds to buy long-term USTBonds. The QE3 details indicate that Weimar Amerika has arrived, with extraordinary bond purchases using printed money. The debasement of money has turned nuclear. Investment in Gold as a hedge against the unchecked debasement of money, it just makes sense.

4) Permanence of QE. In the summer months of 2009, the Jackass was vocal and adamant, claiming that the Exit Strategy was a ruse, an impossible door to depart from the drastic desperate duplicitous central bank monetary policy. My stated forecast was that the ZIRP would remain and become permanent, and that QE would come in force. The buyers of USTBonds are long gone, except for other central banks playing the Competing Currency War games. The USFed under Bernanke announced last month that ZIRP would be extended until the end of year 2015. This is an admission that it is permanent. Every three to four months, they assure another year of permanence. The debasement of money has become a permanent fixture in a broken buggy. Investment in Gold as a hedge against the permanent debasement of money, it just makes sense.


The Quantitative Easing coupled with Zero Percent Interest Policy are dual firing chambers of a central bank shotgun aimed at destroying money. They will destroy wealth. They will destroy economies. They will destroy banking systems. They have already destroyed the central bank franchise system and bank integrity. Their actions will lead to a global rebellion against the USDollar, a movement well along. They will assure a USDollar isolation. They will bring about a replacement trade settlement system, which is actually almost in place. When combined with flat-footed Iran sanctions, the movement has accelerated to find USDollar alternatives in trade, and to diversify away from US$-based assets held in reserve.

More importantly, the QE and ZIRP assure the Gold price will rise past the $2000 mark, and that the Silver price will rise past the $60 mark. That is the direct eventual unavoidable effect of QE & ZIRP, the signal flares of central bank failure and monetary system ruin. Their permanent monetary easing is incredibly bullish for the Gold price, a guarantee of an endless bull market. As long as the bond monetization continues with the 0% official rate, the Gold bull market will be equally enduring and endless. It is that simple!!

The QE & ZIRP assure the breakout to new highs. However, the Allocated Gold Account scandal will assure the Gold price reaches $5000 and the Silver price reaches $200. The scandal has begun. The stage is set. The official Gold Accounts from foreign nations have been taken. Choose your word: improperly used, illicitly seized, illegally stolen, desperately hypothecated. The point is that national gold treasures held in London and New York have vanished over the last 20 years, a process begun with the Clinton-Rubin Admin, continued with the Bush-Paulson Admin, defended by the Obama-Geithner Admin. The names of the administrations must include the Goldman Sachs representative in charge of the USDept Treasury, the guy with the stealing rights, as my friend in Reno colorfully calls it.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Free Man - a Commissioner of the Royal Court speaks

I had the opportunity this week to attend the Royal Court to seek leave to appeal against a decision of the Jersey Employment Tribunal.

Having explored exactly how to beat a proceeding in the Magistrate's Court it was time to take on supposedly more difficult opposition; the Jersey Employment Tribunal.

It was a highly educational and informative session as usual. The case I presented was sufficiently interesting and complicated to conclude with a reserved judgement pending further research. I shan't go into the details of the case as they are sub-judice, but I hope of course to continue my winning streak against the forces of repression and hopefully see an end to the Employment (Jersey) Law 2003, a law which serves little effective purpose other than to increase unemployment in Jersey.

I submitted my paperwork, detailing the free man position that jurisdiction must first be established.

The Commissioner asked me where I had developed the theory from, to which I naturally replied from a study of the Torah (the old Testament), the Mitzvah (the 611 Commandments of the Jewish faith) and the Talmud (Rabbinical Opinions on the Torah and Mitzvah).

The follow up question was, has any lawyer ever given you an opinion on this, to which I had to state that, no they had all told me that it was not the case.

The Commissioner stated that obviously they had jurisdiction over me as I was physically in the Island of Jersey.

My attempts to prolong the discussion and question whether physical location can alone grant jurisdiction were talked over. I didn't press the point on this occasion as I believe there are sufficient grounds to win the case and because the manner in which the argument had been presented in the paperwork was incorrect and would not be upheld.

I did though point out that God would judge us all to which he replied, "Yes I agree with you, but that is in a different jurisdiction".

Well, that is entirely the point, it is that jurisdiction, God's jurisdiction, in which all free men operate, exclusively. It is that jurisdiction which grants everyone free will. When Queen Elizabeth II was crowned she indicated by oath that the Bible IS the Royal Law, the basis from which all customary law (Common Law) was developed over many centuries.

It is government's role in seeking to restrict the rights of everyone to a greater extent than the Bible suggests which is of questionable morality, to place us within the man made jurisdictions of modern nation states (and crown dependencies) and burden us with laws, which are not laws of morality, but written solely to make easier the operation of the state, to fund the state or to prevent expenditure by the state.

I have moved one step closer to fully understanding the argument however. Next time I present it, I can make it a little more complete and a little more difficult to nay-say and I dare say repeat the process of refinement, eventually the answer will be complete.

This is a long and complicated process which requires the gradual unpicking the history of how modern law has been developed, and to answer the question, 'Just how did we, our society and our government end up like this?' I am unpicking it from both ends slowly, explained, every step of the way, by the finest legal minds in Jersey today.

As to the case well, in the end the judge having agreed that the Jersey Employment Tribunal was clearly mistaken, but was unclear as to whether the Royal Court had the power to intercede at this point. Apparently the Employment Law (Jersey) 2003 is deliberately written so as to severely restrict the power of the Royal Court to intervene. We shall see what the final decision is in due course no doubt.