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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A cheap and easy way to hedge against the coming inflation

If you cannot afford to buy and hold gold and silver then your attention should turn to the next most commonly used metal currency... copper.

For a few years now I have been looking through my loose change for pennies and tuppences which date from before 1992 and 1998/1999. Why?

Well the simple reason is that the copper value of a penny today is 1.5p the copper value of a two pence piece is 3p, with hyper-inflation still in its early stages the opportunity is there now for you to collect all these coins and you will barely notice.

Think that this is just stupidity... well those silver $1 coins are now worth $34 and the $20 dollar gold coins are now worth $1,750.

Our advantage is that whilst it is against the law for UK citizens to melt down UK pennies there is no such prohibition on melting down the coins of Jersey & Guernsey and the trade in these coins can continue unabated.

Any British bronze coin from 1806 onwards is going to contain at least 95% copper and the early ones are pure copper, the easy way to test if your coin is copper or iron coated in copper is with a magnet. Further information including on foreign coins is available here.