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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Crown Advocates lose the plot

Dick Falle and Robin Morris pictured today 
So I had a great day out today in the Magistrate's Court, I had to wait a while to have my turn. Approximately three and a half hours to be precise but I am left somewhat perplexed by our legal team and I am afraid that appeals to the Royal Court of Jersey have been filed already.

I fear that Dick Falle was ill-advised by Crown Advocate Robin Morris' incorrect assertion that the keeper of the vehicle is responsible for all parking fines when the law clearly states that it is the driver.

Unlike last time MR DARIUS JAMES PEARCE was clearly able to identify the driver of the vehicle as JERSEY ONLINE TRADERS LIMITED on one occasion and NIGEL PEARCE & SON, JEWELLERS on the other, both of whom were in the Court and assured the Magistrate that this was the case and even offered to make immediate payment, but for some reason Advocate Morris seemed to forget that he served the law.

At one point he was seeking to apply the penalty to 'whomever you are when you are not those persons', I'm fairly certain that God would have something to say about this attempt to interfere with his exclusive rights as beneficiary and administrator of the trust He has placed in me.

It seems fairly obvious to me that when business car is parked in a business unloading bay with a business card showing that the driver of the car is the business, whatever person that happens to be called, but apparently the obvious is not even worthy of consideration and I was found guilty on the basis that I could appeal the decision, without even having the opportunity to present my case. So that is both Statute and the demands of Natural Justice contravened. A real kangaroo court.

By five o'clock the appeal against the conviction was filed with the Judicial Greffier. I may be seeking sworn statements from witnesses to the proceedings in due course.