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Sunday, 1 April 2012

2012 is 'Interesting Times'

We are at a turning point in history, in future this time will be regarded in the same manner as the Anglo-German Wars of 1914 to 1945, the Pan-European riots of the 1840's and the Revolutions of the 1780's, these are INTERESTING TIMES.

There seems to be a great convergence of endings all focusing at this point in the history of society; Democracy, Banking, The Welfare State, Law and the Union Movement all seem to be converging on their Waterloos at the same point in time.

That point being the day after the next election for President of the United States.

Each of course was a much needed innovation in its turn, but like all things they have faded, perverted from their original course and become twisted and repressive. What once was a tool of enablement has become repression. Where once there was protection of freedom there are now the chains of debt, dependence, fear, regulation and sham.

The good news is that these are breaking apart. Following every ending their is a new beginning but what is it that we the people of the world will create?

Nick Le Cornu's latest blog shows the response of those who have chosen the path of clinging to what has past, it is Sir Pip's belief that we must protect the 'institutions' of Jersey, it is my belief that they are already beyond saving, that they are on borrowed time and we must be looking not to the past but to what sort of future we as a society want. To engage in THEIR debate is to play THEIR game.

Interesting times give rise to unique opportunities and I do not wish to squander the opportunity that is presenting itself arguing about how many Deputies sit in the States and whether the Constables are in there. That is thinking too small, that is limiting the boundless opportunities which do not arise often, but have now at this time.

Look at the changes that were achieved in 1945 out of the ashes of the last 'interesting time', I want to see change on that magnitude. Don't just ask how should the States be constituted but rather should the States be constituted at all? Do we need Statutes or should we return to just the Common Law? Should we have fiat currency or should we go back to using copper, silver and gold coins? Should welfare be a career or a short term helping hand?

That I believe is the scale of change that we are looking at in the next few years and the political cleavage will be between the progressives - those who want to change things, and the conservatives - those who want to maintain the status quo. At the moment between the unions, the lawyers, the bankers, the pensioners and the bureaucrats - all those with a vested interest - the conservatives would seem to be the winners.

But I believe that we can change things...

So I want to arrange a series of events and I am looking for ideas for speakers to bring over from the UK to speak on these issues, any ideas?