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Friday, 23 March 2012

Refused permission to file papers with the Court

With my trial closing in I tried today to submit papers to the Court file regarding the case. I was refused permission to do so. I therefore publish it here.

This is a matter of Public Record

I, a Trustee of unlienable rights given to me by my creator, and sole authorised representative of the legal fiction DARIUS JAMES PEARCE, with God as my witness, make OATH and SAY,

1)      That on the 27th February 2012 I attended at the Magistrate’s Court in order to represent the Legal Fiction, MR DARIUS JAMES PEARCE, but that I was unlawfully denied the opportunity to represent the aforementioned Legal Fiction, a legal fiction of which I am the sole authorised representative.
2)      That I existed before the aforementioned legal fiction MR DARIUS JAMES PEARCE and that as a result the two entities are clearly distinct and separate. We have distinct records in the form of a ‘short form birth certificate’ and a ‘long form extract from the register of births and deaths’ issued at separate times from separate locations.
3)      Whilst I can state with absolute certainty that I am not the entity referred to as MR DARIUS JAMES PEARCE I cannot adequately describe myself, as God alone knows me.
4)      I am a creation of God, (the Father).  He entrusted me with certain unlienable rights, amongst which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That as my creator, He is the sole Beneficiary of the trust. I act solely as Trustee of those rights.
5)      He as Administrator (the Son) established two rules to govern my trusteeship; that I should love my God above all things and that I should love my fellow man as I love myself.
6)      That all men are created equal in the eyes of God and invested with trusteeship of the same unalienable rights. That God alone can judge the performance of His trustees and that such judgement shall be made at the final reckoning. That to guide our daily actions he imbued each of us with His Spirit.
7)      Each man as Trustee has their own INHERENT JURISDICTION, and within this unlimited jurisdiction it is our highest duty to ensure that the sacred trust between God and ourselves is protected. Such jurisdiction takes precedent over any jurisdiction of man whatsoever.
8)      That in order to defend their mutual unlienable rights, man has caused governments to be formed with a duty to defend each man from those that would transgress God’s law and cause harm to another. It is the exclusive responsibility of God to punish any failure on the part of His trustees.
9)      That to hear pleas of restitution for harm suffered, Courts have been formed operating with the Authority of God to recompense those that have suffered harm at the hands of a man who had transgressed God’s laws. Such Courts make orders only as to restitution for the harm suffered. Such Courts operate exclusively under common or customary law. It is the duty of each of God’s trustees to submit to the jurisdiction of these Courts.
10)    That government may not seek to limit or place a lien upon the rights that God has given freely through the statutes of man. Statutes cannot automatically apply to God’s trustees as God alone may determine the rules concerning their conduct to do otherwise would be to seek to deny the exclusive rights of God as Administrator.
11)   Any man may, knowingly and willingly, enter into contract with the government to be subject to statute, such agreement is shown when any of God’s Trustees acts under the title of a legal fiction.
12)   One form of legal ficton is the trust which is created for each man shortly after birth, with the name established in the document commonly referred to as a birth certificate. This legal fiction is created by government and as such the government is the beneficiary and administrator of this trust.
13)   That in acting in the name of the legal fiction, the trustee is accepting the contract offered by the government and is subject to all rules and regulations of the government as TRUSTEE, such rules and regulations being more commonly referred to as statutory law.
14)   That the operation of statutory law is overseen by statutory courts.
15)   That as a result any proceeding in a Court of Customary Law against the Private Person must demonstrate that a harm has been caused.
16)   That despite repeated requests, the Parish of St Helier has failed to show the proofs necessary.
17)   I am unable to respond to the charge laid before the Court as there has been no disclosure as to what exactly the charge is.
18)   I believe that it is contrary to the demands of Natural Justice for a plea to be entered on my behalf prior to full disclosure. I further believe that the demands of Natural Justice have not been met in that there has been no directions hearing which would allow any witnesses required to be summoned and no hearing to jurisdiction and thus there can be no certainty that the proceedings will be conducted in a lawful manner.
19)   Finally in disallowing the sole authorised representative from representing the Legal Fiction, MR DARIUS JAMES PEARCE, there is no one who can represent that person. It seems to me that in disallowing anyone to speak for the legal fiction the demands of Natural Justice have not been met.

WHEREFORE I humbly beseech you to summarily dismiss the claims made against the Legal Fiction, Mr DARIUS JAMES PEARCE. Failing which, to order that the legal fiction the Parish of St Helier make provision of a detailed exegesis, with the requisite proofs, of the claims made within this affidavit, to which I may choose to respond further, and show that I am subject to a jurisdiction which will require me to respond to your plea, charge or whatever you wish to call it.

With God as my witness