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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Reality and the Official Line

You're either with us
or you are a terrorist
Whilst I do not wish to in anyway downplay the tragedy of a life lost, my ire has been raised by the powers that be who have sought to use the regrettable events to play out their political agenda.
A TEENAGE father died suddenly after taking a ‘legal high’ drug, an inquest heard yesterday. Matthew Raymond Wing (19) died on Sunday 11 March after he went into cardiac arrest at the General Hospital. Speaking at the opening of the inquest, Deputy Viscount Peter de Gruchy said that preliminary indications showed that Benzo Fury – a legal ecstasy-style drug – was ‘implicated in the case’. However, the cause of the young Islander’s death cannot be confirmed until police investigations and laboratory analysis have been completed.
Before the cause of death has even been established, the blame is laid squarely upon something which is perfectly legal, which in all likelihood was only being used by the victim because the perfectly safe and thoroughly tested illegal highs are well, illegal. Because the medically tested 3,4-Methylene Dioxy Meth Amphetamine, more commonly referred to as 'ecstasy', has been made illegal alternatives which have not been given sufficient medical trials are being used. This is irresponsible of government, they have banned the safe drugs and are putting citizens lives at risk as a result. Prohibition simply does not work.

There is very little that I have not put into my body at some point either through my mouth, my nose or my lungs  (with the notable exceptions of heroin and crack cocaine) and whilst it is quite some time since I have had the time to engage is such wasteful activities, I have had the company of police officers, politicians, journalists (including from the JEP), lawyers, accountants and all manner of 'right thinking' people to keep me company.

There are risks associated with this behaviour, as there is with any behaviour. But if people know the risks then they should be free to do as they please to their own bodies. All actions have consequences and one cannot escape the consequences of one's actions, but it is for each individual to decide what they consider to be an acceptable risk.