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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Obama "After my election I have more flexibility"

The Latest from the Land of the Free
This year millions of Americans will be heading to the polls to cast their vote for the next US president, but many are concerned that millions of votes could be thrown away come election night skewing the results. According to reports, 2.2 million votes were lost due to voter registration problems in 2008.

Back in 2011 Hilary Clinton criticised the Russians over their lack of democratic transparency which led to Vladimir Putin installing live streaming webcams on every ballot box during his recent re-election, well the Russians have now thrown down the challenge to the United States to do the same.

But does it matter anyway, what will the winner do, will he keep his promises? Do we know who the winner will be? Well Obama has answered both those questions for us in the following clip courtesy of Russia Today.

Obama tells the Russians 'After my election, I have more flexibility'

I do not know why this has become such big news, we all know politicians lie, cheat and steal to get elected and never deliver on what they stand for, but also from the US the Ron Paul campaign continues to gain ground as the Caucus process continues...

The allegations of vote rigging have now coalesced and are widespread following a call from Ron Paul for people to publish any evidence they may have online and there is a an awful lot such as the following where a GOP representative explains to a group of people why he and the Committee decided to break the rules... this is the Caucus where one of the nominated Chairmen ended up being arrested for trespassing but was released without charge, the meeting has been re-scheduled

Further a statistical analysis of the voter tallies in Primaries where electronic voting machines were used has now revealed the likelihood that the machines were tampered with and that some degree of 'vote-flipping' has been going on. This is a process where the machine is re-programmed to set one candidates total to a negative number to begin with and a compensating positive adjustment is made to ensure that the total votes tallies.

Below is testimony under oath given by a computer programmer where he states that he was requested to program just such a procedure into the election machine.