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Friday, 16 March 2012

Becoming a Free Man in practice

Kill Me and I Die a Free Man 
Having decided to embrace the Free Man philosophy and reclaim my rights under Magna Carta and the Common Law I have taken steps necessary to make a reality of what was previously an interesting area of study.

So now in response to each letter I have received from a Government department I have simply replied stating that I will be delighted to respond to them or fill in their form for my standard fee of £250. I have been good enough to waive my fee in respect of the first response to each department. The response from departments has been different - Social Security replied to me once, Economic Development have left me alone, Treasury have left me alone. Social Security indicated that I had an obligation to comply, my reply was simply that if I do, I do not have an obligation to work for nothing.

You may recall I decided that I was no longer going to be an employer or slave-master. This has now progressed to the stage where I have informed Social Security that I have no employees, I chose not to relay the exact nature of the relationship that I have with the people with whom I share my responsibilities (note share rather than delegate) and simply indicated that such relationships did not fall within the scope of the Social Security (Jersey) Law or the Employment (Jersey) Law. I further provided the definition of a contract of employment from the Solicitor General of the United Kingdom for the purposes of defining which types of contract they may oversee.

To assist the Government I have
removed the J Plate from my vehicle 
I chose not to attend the invitation of the Constable of St Helier to attend a meeting at the Magistrate's Court on the 12th March 2012 and duly informed him that as the Assistant Magistrate had ruled that I was unable to represent Mr Darius James Pearce there seemed little point in the meeting proceeding as no one else was authorised to represent that Legal Fiction. My arrest has been duly ordered and I was very politely invited to attend in person (yes this was emboldened in the letter) at the Viscount's Department to pay £60 bail and arrange a suitable date for a hearing. I politely declined their offer, by letter, and revoked their implied right of access to my property, freehold or leasehold.

I have notified the Minister of Home Affairs and the Minister of Transport and Technical Services that I am going to use a number plate on my car which is not a J number. I have ordered the plates down and will change them on my vehicle. I felt it necessary to advise them in case anyone should wish to make a claim against me.

I have changed the name of my business to a name which is unregistered.

I am now of the opinion that it is just a matter of living and let live. I do not bother them, I do not make grand performances in their Courts or offices, I simply ignore them. I hope that they will similarly respect my rights, amongst which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

That just leaves one thorny issue... I cannot be divorced as, after all, what God has joined let no man put assunder. But I guess I'll just have to answer to God on that one.