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Monday, 27 February 2012

A Free Man's first outing

I trust everyone has been following the efforts of Cyril and Ian on the matter of the Straw Man. As they advise there you have to be very careful when using it and make sure you do not fall for any of their tricks (as I did, but I shall go into that later).

I thought I would try putting the free man ideas in practice in a manner which allowed for me to make mistakes with no risk to myself and a parking fine is relatively harmless.

So I duly turned up for Court, that was my first mistake. It became abundantly apparent over the course of the hearing that the best way to deal with these parking fines is simply to return the 'Summons' and forget about it, at various stages when people did not turn up the Magistrate always asked if the Summons was returned. I shall remember this for the future.

When my name was called I stood up and said 'I appear as the authorised representative of Mr Pearce', to which the Magistrate replied, 'well we need Mr Pearce, himself'.

I then pointed out that Mr Pearce did not exist and was simply a legal fiction and that I was the only authorised representative of Mr. Pearce. The Magistrate decided to enter a not guilty plea and convene a trial. A brief discussion as to whether a plea could be entered prior to full disclosure ensued, which it cannot. I then turned to walk out of the Court at which point the Magistrate said 'Mr. Pearce do you have any recording devices?' Foolishly I answered, 'No' instead of simply leaving.

This is where I divert from Cyril and Ian, my main concern was to ensure that any judgement would be written. Until they write something down it cannot be called into question.

I will be found Not Guilty, although I shall not disclose the undeniable defense here, but in the interim a Court file will now need to be opened into which I can add an Affidavit. Everything that went on in Court today will not be recorded for the trial, unless I add this Affidavit to the file.

The Magistrate in failing to follow due process has contravened my Human Rights and those of Mr. Pearce and has contravened Natural Justice.

The game is afoot.