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Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Constitution (of the States) ignites Libertarianism in Jersey

A little bit of Libertarianism in action?
Will the people of Jersey take the power back?
Will their representatives represent them?
When I was approached and asked to add my name to a request to raise a raquet, requesting the Constable of St Helier call a parish assembly to debate the latest twist in the desperate attempts of the government to continue to rule in the absence of any tangible consent I felt it was important to offer the chance for those people who wish to be heard to speak.

There has already been a St Clement debate on the matter which has heaped pressure on the Constable and his Deputies to represent their parishioners' voice.

St Helier has always been under-represented in the States, but as a voting block there are eleven votes out of the total of 51.

The assembly will take place on Wednesday the 29th February at 7.30pm at the Town Hall and will be open to all registered voters and all ratepayers of the Parish.

I would be delighted if it were to become a common practice for the parishioners to call the Constable and Deputies to a meeting and decide how they should vote, in an open and democratic matter, seems preferable to leaving it up to the conscience of the individual States Members, who are unlikely to have put much effort into gaining the feelings of the people they are dependent on for re-election. In fact if I recall correctly, someone suggested that process, or something very similar, whilst standing as a candidate at the last election.