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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Agent of the Government

This card (or the Jersey version) is one means of
identifying  yourself as an Agent of the Government.
Because you submit this card to your employer
you are liable to pay tax and social security on your earnings
Well despite having the highest ever hits in one day on a blog post there was only one comment (c'mon how am I supposed to have anything to write about!)
"So, in a nutshell what does this mean? You'll be refusing to pay (by virtue of being a "free man") tax, parking fines, licensing fees, social security etc. etc.? Or refusing to be bound by the rule of law in general? I find it interesting that you invoke religion as a specific hinge upon which to hang your "freeman-ism" because the basic sentiment appears to share a lot in common with Zen Buddhism"
It is definitely not refusing to be bound by law, no one is above the law. Law though does not include statute which only applies when a person is acting as an agent of the government. Only the government agent is entitled to receive the benefits and privileges of statute and only the government agent is liable to pay taxes, fines and statutory penalties. You cannot forego one without foregoing the other. Freedom simply means greater responsibility.

Confusingly the government agent has the same title (name) as the unincorporated person and the man. A Court will ALWAYS presume that you are acting as a government agent unless you challenge that assumption and ask them to prove it.

So in answer to your first question I am simply embracing the law - now that I more fully understand it. Find out more here (when you have an hour to spare)

The reason it is based upon religion is because all Law is based on religion, the Court motto is 'Dieu et Mon Droit' or God is my right. It is based on Christianity because this is a Christian island. In one post, Enlightenment I did look at it from a Buddhist perspective.

If you choose to go down the 'cradle to grave' abrogation of responsibility to the government then that is your choice and I respect your right to make that choice you have an inalienable right to do so. However I believe that true enlightenment can only be achieved by taking up personal responsibility and personal freedom. Libertarianism is the more enlightened form of political philosophy.

Make your own choice both sides are argued by different candidates for the Republican Nomination below who make a case against and for Libertarianism, personally Santorum scares me:

Rick Santorum Anti-Libertarian
Ron Paul Libertarian