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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

In Brightest Day, In Darkest Night...

No evil shall escape my sight!

Super-heroes don't do committees
Their power rests with the individual
At the last election we were told that people voted for Sir Pip because they wanted change, because they wanted someone who would take the fight to the bureaucrats and solve the woes of the people.

The Pip Bailhache the People of Jersey thought they were electing

However the reality appears that Pip Bailhache is no super-hero who armed with his Green Lantern ring and the power of his will alone will successfully battle the evil forces of bureaucracy and indifference. How did anyone come to believe that he could?

Superman embodies not only superior physical perfection but the appellation 'super' applies to his morality as well. Just as he is empowered beyond ordinary human physical frailty he likewise possesses emotional stability, uses rational thought and reaches moral conclusions at each and every step, effortlessly. With great power there is great responsibility. His reign as pop icon has lasted for over seventy five years and looks in no way set to end soon. There is a lasting appeal in perfection, before Superman there was religion, all of which set out a path to spiritual enlightenment, even though the twist and turns of the road may differ.

For the origins of Superman or 'uber-mensch' we must look to Nietzsche, the German philosopher who recognised the need for humanity to be organised and led by these super men who would transcend personal drives to work for the benefit of the community they served alone. The truth is that with great power usually comes shocking irresponsibility, especially if power is held for too long.

Sir Pip has held power for far too long, lived in an ivory tower and is out of touch with the people of Jersey... nothing could be clearer to those who take the trouble to examine the facts, sadly things are not yet bad enough to make people look at the way things really are.

Appointing him Chair of an Electoral Commission is a pointless exercise, he simply does not favour any real change, and why would you when the current system is one that you can manipulate to great effect? Instead he would have us pay for a commission to discover that what we have really is the best of all available options. Some change.